Young Doctors Association (YDA) Punjab chapter's president Salman Haseeb on Friday railed against the government and health authorities after a medical professional was terminated for allegedly abusing and threatening a female doctor on social media.

Addressing a press conference in Lahore, Haseeb said that the YDA "will not allow [anyone] to steal a person's livelihood".

"There is no place for indecent, ideologically bankrupt people. They will not be allowed to attack [medical] professionals, remember that," he said.

Haseeb also criticised Azhar Mashwani, Punjab chief minister's focal person for digital media, who took notice of the tweets posted by the female doctor, Maryam, and informed her that the provincial health ministry had taken action against the professional who hurled abuse and threats.

Earlier this week, Maryam posted screenshots of multiple tweets, which she said were posted by a medical officer who worked in Lahore General Hospital and included "sexually violent remarks". The tweets were allegedly posted in response to a picture posted by Maryam of a protest against the recent gang-rape incident on Lahore-Sialkot motorway.

She said that she had filed a complaint against the officer. A day later, Mashwani responded to her tweet saying he had been "informed by Punjab Health Department that action has been taken against him!"

According to a press statement issued by YDA today, the doctor was terminated "due to a complaint by PTI social media female warrior".

The press release stated that action against the doctor was taken "without hearing him" and giving him a chance to defend himself before authorities.

"We are living in a democracy where everyone should get freedom of speech," the statement read. "However, PTI officials didn't issue any notice or didn't involve cybercrime cell and heard both parties."

The statement went on to say that the group "never accept(s) or support(s) abusive behaviour especially against females" and demanded that both parties, "a doctor of LGH and PTI social media warrior" should be heard by the cyber crime cell before a decision is made.

Following the termination of the officer, Haseeb went on a Twitter tirade against Maryam and Mashwani. Yesterday, in one of the tweets directed towards Maryam, he said: "Shame on this lady. If you cant handle social media fight why u start (sic)."

In another tweet posted today, he said: "I have not supported the abusive language of my doctor. Both the parties did wrong. Provoking heated arguments, abusing and using slang is all shameful as a society but no support for the termination of a doctor on media trend."