Pack your bags: UK's travel advisory now approves 'road trips' to northern Pakistan

Updated January 24, 2020


This is the first major update in the travel advice since 2015. — AFP/File
This is the first major update in the travel advice since 2015. — AFP/File

The United Kingdom on Friday changed its travel advice to reflect the improved security situation in Pakistan.

A press release from the British High Commission in Islamabad said that the change in the travel advice "is the result of a comprehensive review based on a wide-ranging assessment of the country’s security situation."

This is the first major update in the travel advice since 2015.

According to the press release, improved security situation has allowed for the return of British Airways to Pakistan in June 2019 and the visit by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in October 2019.

Among other changes, the advice now allows for travel by road to the north of Pakistan as well as the Kalash and Bamboret Valleys.

British High Commissioner to Pakistan Dr Christian Turner commented on the matter and said, “Following my arrival in December 2019, I made this review of the travel advice a priority. It is great credit to the hard work of the Pakistan government in delivering improved security over the past five years.

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"I am delighted that British nationals will be able to see more of what Pakistan has to offer," he concluded.

PM lauds decision

The move was welcomed by Prime Minister Imran Khan, who took to Twitter to appreciate the decision.

“This is great news as it will address two most important econ issues facing Pak today: employment & our current account deficit, by bringing in tourism & investment which in turn will provide employment opportunities esp for our youth,” the prime minister tweeted.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Shah Mahmood Qureshi also chimed in, saying the change in travel advice was encouraging. Taking to Twitter, he said: "Pakistan: Land of peace and progress with incredible natural beauty, warmth & hospitality.

This change in travel advice is encouraging, the first major update to the UK’s travel advisory to Pakistan since 2015. This will further strengthen Pak-UK relations. Welcome to Pakistan!"