Poverty in Balochistan

08 Nov 2016


ACCORDING to multidimensional poverty index statistics, 71 per cent people of Balochistan are living in multidimensional poverty. The districts which have reported an increase in poverty are Panjgur, Harnai and Kila Abdullah. It is unfortunate that despite being abundant in natural resources, the province has seen a marked escalation in relative and absolute poverty.

Despite this, the Balochistan government has allocated Rs30 billion for law and order in the 2016- 2017 budget.The apportion of such a huge amount for non-development in a province, where people are living in miserable conditions, makes us hang our head in despair.

Balochistan needs more funds to enhance human development, improve education quality and health services, besides providing shelter, food and potable drinking water to the people.

I request the provincial authorities to take measures to improve the living standard of the people of Balochistan.

Qazi Khurshid Baloch


Published in Dawn November 8th, 2016