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Open letter to Imran Khan, from a PTI voter

Updated August 21, 2014


The events of last week are compelling some of us more sensitive PTI supporters to think that perhaps all our expectations were premature or just tragically wrong. -Photo by AP
The events of last week are compelling some of us more sensitive PTI supporters to think that perhaps all our expectations were premature or just tragically wrong. -Photo by AP

Weary of the hypocrisy, corruption and incompetence of generations of politicians, we were praying for change and riddance from this unending cycle of betrayal and failure.

No one expected this from the traditional lot of dynastic politicians, which is almost entirely composed of feudal and tribal lords, mullahs, mill owners, hereditary peers and the nouveaux riches. The only policies these politicians followed, revolved around the interests of their own families, and biradaris of their respective parties.

Millions of people deemed Imran Khan to be a different leader — one who acquired his role the hard way.

For the downtrodden, it seemed Imran had that fire and dedication needed to materialise the dream of meaningful change. They trusted their celebrated captain and voted for him, hoping to see a wise and dauntless leader — a true representative of their hopes.

I was one of those people.

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On May 11, 2013, I voted for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf because among many other reasons, a movement for justice seemed so much more than the hollow, lofty chants of Roti! Kapra! Makan! and 'Asian Tiger'; or an election manifesto built around curbing obscenity and nudity.

I had thought then, that Imran may lack political acumen and cunning; and he may just be a novice; but his integrity at least, is beyond question.

I believed that Imran, having had significant international exposure, would be able to put Pakistan on the path of progress and modernity; his international standing bridging the gap between Pakistan and the rest of the world.

I hoped he would improve the education available to common Pakistanis (as opposed to children of the elite), getting rid of the elements which make them intolerant and conservative. I expected him to put his sportsman's spirit to good use in Pakistan's volatile and strife-stricken politics.

A worthy sportsman could become a worthy statesman, I thought.

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Like myself, thousands of PTI supporters were sure that the Imran Khan-led movement for justice will set a commendable example in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa; an example of good governance, planning, sensible decision-making and innovation.

But the events of last week are compelling some of us more sensitive PTI supporters to think that perhaps all expectations were premature, simplistic or just tragically wrong.

Pakistan's democratic system finds Imran Khan suddenly marching toward it on a collision course. In Khan, they now see a man making unreasonable demands while pursuing the just and reasonable cause of electoral transparency.

They question the indiscriminate blame-game initiated by our leader. People want to know why he has started to make a new demand every new day.

I personally feel that this attitude of his has raised serious questions about his motives and designs.

I'm asked, what is the difference between Imran Khan and any other power hungry politician?

In such an atmosphere of crises, and against the dwindling party position of PTI, I keep asking myself these puzzling questions:

  1. If rigging was so widespread, why was the outcome of the elections accepted in the first place?

  2. Why does PTI keep demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif - is he the sole culprit behind rigging?

  3. Why doesn't PTI have a better partner in this regime-toppling game other than a 'revolutionary' goon?

  4. Why does Imran think he can accuse anyone, any time, anywhere of rigging, without enough evidence?

  5. Why is it so that PTI is accused of U-turns and new demands everyday?

  6. And most of all, I want to know, why does Imran Khan's PTI have the clearly indefensible and hypocritical stance regarding resignations from assemblies? You are resigning from all assemblies but not from the KP assembly because you are in power there? How was the electoral process in KP different from the rest of the country?

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I can only hope that the captain will review his confrontational policies, which are accelerating the country towards chaos and uncertainty.

I consider myself an insafian, which means I stand for progress, transparency and justice; not for politics of crisis and confrontation.

The supporters of Imran Khan have the right to ask him not to fail democracy, and Pakistan.