GUJAR KHAN: The local administration locked three houses where a woman, who tested positive for coronavirus (Covid-19), visited after returning from France.

The woman was shifted to a Rawalpindi hospital on Tuesday after her tests reports confirmed her Covid-19 patient.

When a team led by assistant commissioner Gujar Khan Ms Hira Rizwan visited the houses to shift their inmates to a nearby quarantine centre but they refused to cooperate with the team.

However, their swabs have been sent to National Institute for Health for tests and their results are being awaited.

On their refusal to cooperate, the assistant commissioner reportedly locked the houses from outside.

Special magistrate Malik Amir shahzad told Dawn that the team did their best to convince the inmates but they did not budge.

He said a committee of local people would keep in touch with the inmates and provide food items to them.

Mr Amir Shahzad further said a house in Pharwaal Saroo Khan had been converted into quarantine.

Published in Dawn, April 2nd, 2020