Heavy bikes allowed on motorway

Published March 17, 2019
Permission to 600cc bikes has been granted till the decision of the SC on an appeal filed by the NHMP.— Photo courtesy of Khurram Amin
Permission to 600cc bikes has been granted till the decision of the SC on an appeal filed by the NHMP.— Photo courtesy of Khurram Amin

ISLAMABAD: The National Highway and Motorways Police (NHMP) has allowed the heavy bikes on the Motorways, a notification as well as terms and conditions for bikers have also been submitted to the Islamabad High Court (IHC).

The IHC in December last year ordered the NHMP to make arrangements for driving heavy bikes on Motorways as under existing laws all types bikes were prohibited on the Motorways.

Inspector General NHMP in response to the court’s direction issued a notification and formulated the terms and conditions for heavy bikers on Motorways which was submitted to the IHC in compliance to the said order.

According to the notification, permission to 600cc bikes has been granted till the decision of the Supreme Court on an appeal filed by the NHMP against the IHC’s decision.

As per the terms and conditions, NHMP will issue a card to the bikers which would be revoked if speed of bike would exceed 30km the prescribed limits of 110km or non-compliance of the traffic rules.

A person less than 30 years of age will not be allowed, pillion riding, one wheeling and rash driving would also result in cancellation of the bikers card.

In case a card is revoked, the biker cannot apply afresh before a six months time period.

The bikers will not be allowed to drive on third or carriageway lane and in order to ensure maximum visibility, the bikers must keep the headlights on, use good reflectors on bike and they are also required to wear the jackets with visible reflection.

NHMP has made it mandatory for the bikers to submit an undertaking in writing and duly attested and notarized on a stamp paper.

The counsel for the bikers Baber Sattar during the course of hearing before IHC argued that many countries in the world have allowed heavy bikes on motorways. He pointed out that as per Motorway Ordinance 2000, there is no restriction on the entry of bikes on the motorways.

According to the counsel, in 2011, heavy bikes were allowed on motorways for three years and not a single complaint was registered against the bikers.

NHMP on the other hand told the court that several bikers were fined and expressed apprehensions that in case of tyre burst there would be risk of fatal accidents on Motorways.

Published in Dawn, March 17th, 2019



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