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ISLAMABAD: A Pakistani student has made a new world record by passing the O-Level examination of the University of Cambridge at the age of nine years.

Rai Haris Manzoor of Rawalpindi was born on August 16, 2004. He passed the O-Level exam in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.

It may be mentioned that Rai Haris studied in a private school till 2012. Afterwards, his parents withdrew him from the school and taught him at home.

He completed the courses of seven classes in 17 months.

Rai Manzoor Nasir, the father of the student, told Dawn that the normal age for passing the O-Level exam was 17 to 18 years. It means that 14 years of schooling is needed to pass the exam.

“Haris also completed Nazra Quran and memorised Para No 30 of the holy book. His twin brother Rai Shabir is a student of class III,” he said.

Haris said he studied for hours every day to make the world record.

“I want to become a barrister London and am planning to do it from London in the next four years as three years are required to complete LLB (Hons) and one year to do Bar-at-Law,” he said.

Previously, the record of the youngest O-Level student was with Sitara Brooj Akbar of Chiniot in Punjab. She passed the exam at the age of 11.

Rai Manzoor, who is a government servant in Punjab, said after hearing the news about Sitara Akbar, he started teaching his son at home to enable him to make the world record.

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Muhammad Ali klhoja Jan 25, 2014 04:37pm

That is good but for registration in o-level system, the minimum age requirement is 11 years and maximum 14 years.

Jugnu Jan 25, 2014 04:46pm

While this boy deserves full appreciation for his achievement, this news should actually read like " O- level breaks record by letting 9 years old beat it".

Akhlesh Jan 25, 2014 05:55pm

At this rate, within a few years even embryos will pass O level exams in Pakistan. Way to go, buds!

Wajahat Hussain Jan 25, 2014 06:08pm

Probably Rai Haris's age was enhanced at the time of his O-Level Registration and that too as a private student! But this is beside the point as he made us all proud; Barakallah! Masha Allaho La Kowatta Illah Billah!

Masoud Jan 25, 2014 06:19pm

Mashallah, excellent achievement, congratulation

Aysha Jan 25, 2014 06:37pm

poor children labouring under the pressures of breaking world records. I hope this brilliant kid finds some more important purpose in life. All the best Haris, you can achieve much more.

Guest64 Jan 25, 2014 08:05pm

This is ( in mu humble opinion ) a Child Cruelty i.e depriving a child of his childhood is in humane . Even Islam does not allow its one of the basic tenants ( the compulsory Offering 5 times prayer for a child till about the age of 7 or 8 ! ) . I am surprised How a British Education System can allow a child to be registered for such exams if there is a minimum age limit ? ( some one suggesting within these notes its 11 years ! if so then either the Boy's age documents have been tempered with or his age has been falsified in the application for the exams knowing that the boy was not a regular student of any registered school but a home grown taught ..... I can remember a personal incident . When my son applied for the seat in the 6 Years Medical studies at the Royal college of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), we were perplexed of his papers being rejected cos his age was One Month less the the minimum age limit to enter the medical studies . In the end the Scrutiny board at RCSI decided to accept his application and granted him a seat because the Age was accepted from the 1st day of the term start date and not when the application was submitted And he was even given a One year Credit ( put into a 5 years class instead of usual 6 years ) for securing high grades in his bilingual IB diploma . So I am sure , If this Kid is a 9 years old , then there is a Fix some where in the process of him even being accepted for the O level exams ......

mansoor Jan 25, 2014 08:58pm

Having made the poor boy work for hours at the age of 8, when he should be in the playground playing with normal children of his age, what have we achieved. A worthless record which only matters in Pakistan, he being total misfit in A level, and God forbid, 11 years old in University. His childhood already darkened, please spare his future.

Usman Jan 25, 2014 09:04pm

O-Level exams are equivalent of matriculation. They are taken between the grades of 9th-11th. Kids are usually between 14-16 at that time and not 18 years old. That doesnt take away anything from this kid's achievement, but Dawn should at least report facts correctly.

Ishrat salim Jan 25, 2014 09:14pm

This is great...mabrook....a son of a govt servant, not a millionaires, son...not come across any such feat from a millionaire,s family.....**

tahira Jan 25, 2014 09:39pm

@Muhammad Ali klhoja: So is some one lying here? Why not ask the Cambridge Board to clarify. Personally I do not think it is such a great idea. Aim of learning should be to open ones mind to enable one to think critically about solving of real life problems and not just to to pass an exam or set a record. This boy should be advised towards the real aim of education as one can see that he has lost direction to achieve a short term stint with fame and Shabaash from various sources. He is missing out on important life experiences that come with years required to be a successful barrister in London. Parents, please do not put your children in to this type of education. Even O-level and A-level questions and answers are now available in book form and our kids, used to rote memory excel at this. This is from an over 70 year old sympathetic educationist who has taught all over the world, please take these comments in the constructive spirit in which they are given Thank you..

faheem Jan 25, 2014 09:49pm

mashallah.. great kid...home teachings are better than pvt ones

tahir Jan 25, 2014 10:26pm

My sympathies for the poor child.

SAN Jan 25, 2014 10:37pm

Pakistan has very good young talents like - Manzoor, malala and many more. It should utilize such talents to build nation and come out of poverty, instead of wasting the talents in Radicalization and terrorism.

Khalid Jan 25, 2014 10:42pm

Albeit I am happy for the kid, I don't have an ounce of respect for the parents for not letting a 9 year old live like a 9 year old. World record is one thing but when is he going to play??

Malik Jan 25, 2014 11:04pm

I would never push a kid to such an extend. Childhood is more important than this kind of achievement. One has whole life to study. But you get your childhood once in life. The kid did a great job. However, parents shouldn't push their kids for such kind of stuff.

Ali Jan 25, 2014 11:58pm

Many congratulations to Haris and his parents. It would be nice to know his grades and whether he wrote only core exams or attempted the extended papers.

Mustafa Jan 26, 2014 12:01am

Haris has done the nation proud. Shame on those pitiful people trying to belittle his great accomplishment, no doubt a vast majority of these shameful people are not Pakistanis.

Abrar-ul-Haque Jan 26, 2014 01:50am

While we are proud of Haris for his untiring hardwork, dedication and devotion that he put in to achieve his goal, and all praise for his parents for raising such an exemplary child, there remains a little question in mind as to how could Haris get admission in such an age when there is a limit of minimum age being 11. Nevertheless, every good wish to Haris achieving his ultimate objectives in life.

Supicious Jan 26, 2014 02:27am

Good for him. But I doubt, that everything is alright. There is something missing in the report. Definitely, the kid had some help or the system was bypassed. If you doubt me, let us revisit this story in - say 20 years, and see what has the kid achieved, along with the other stalwart Sitara. Did they achieve something. Are they on the cusp of glory. Are they even good human beings ?

harris Jan 26, 2014 03:12am

why put so much pressure on kids just to make world records. They are kids, let them play.

Raheel Jan 26, 2014 03:55am

It's very unfortunate that this behavior is condoned in Pakistan . He is a 9 year old kid whose father heard about a record and became obsessed with it . He was supposed to be in school playing with his friends and taking his exams on his time . Does he want to start practice before he is a teenager ??

A. Khan Jan 26, 2014 05:58am

Just goes to show how O'levels have been dumbed down over the years. This is a fact and is widely acknowledged in the UK so no point in trying to say otherwise. No wonder students can sit for 15 O'Level subjects at a time these days. Decades ago 6 subjects was about the norm.

Still a feat for this youngster to pass but how did he register given the minimum age requirements ?

Shakil Khan Jan 26, 2014 06:23am

Good effort but parents had taken away his childhood from him and that he can never have if he continue like this.

Khan Jan 26, 2014 07:36am

Great news but have mercy on the child and let him enjoy his childhood.

Hafiz Zaheer Hussain Jan 26, 2014 09:02am

excellent,Congrats Brother, its great honor for Pakistan ,,,,Best of luck

Haq Jan 26, 2014 10:49am

Yes, but why would you want to make such a record? The goal of higher education is not to make records but to gain worldliness. To spend an enriched life enjoying the process of learning, expanding the mind, growing into a mature rational thinking person who can be a productive member of society. The true purpose of education seems to be lost on such parents who just want to see perfect report cards and push their children on career tracks, all the while assuming that better grades will ensure a better future.

faraz Jan 26, 2014 10:51am

@Muhammad Ali klhoja There is no maximum age to appear in the O Level exams . You can appear in it even if you are in your 60s.

Ahmed Jan 26, 2014 12:14pm

He doesn't look like a 9-year old. looks like in mid-teens.

Rux Jan 26, 2014 12:39pm

@Muhammad Ali klhoja: So how come he appeared and passed at 9 Shocked but nice

Qurratulain Jan 26, 2014 08:41pm

He is surely the pride of Pakistan.

khan Jan 27, 2014 06:02am

This O-Level exam is conducted only Pakistan.Because all the record holders for this exam has been from Pakistan.Its a great achievement for this talented kid.But ,I am unable to understand the logic behind this,that all the records for this exam are set in Pakistan.And what happens with those record holders kids afterwards.

zakaria m virk Jan 27, 2014 06:31am

Sitara Brooj Akbar is not a resident of Chiniot, but Rabwah. Despite her minority status Sitara brought laurels to her homeland, I hope one day she will become a full fledged citizen of the country she is so proud of. Congratulations Harris Manzoor for his sterling achievement.

HADI SAKEY Jan 27, 2014 07:51am

To me he looks 90. Any sensible comment?

Danish Jan 27, 2014 09:17am

How come many people assumed that Rai Haris is deprived of childhood! At the age of 9, his result show better work/life balance than any other adult.

Rai Haris.................. Thanks for making us proud.

unaiza Jan 27, 2014 10:01am

I think its an extraordinary achievement from a very young child but education does not mean just to make records to gain popularity. everything seems good on its right time. important thing is to pursue knowledge and to serve pakistan. but i must say God bless him.

yasser Jan 27, 2014 04:53pm

OR it just goes on to show that O Levels are absolutely rubbish and need a major major overhaul...

bhatti Jan 27, 2014 07:10pm

There is no doubt in the fact that it is a very big achievement and he deserves a lot of praise but does a 13-14 year old has enough maturity to practice law? There is a lot u can achieve by hard work but this can eventually break anyone both mentally and physically.

independentthinker Jan 27, 2014 10:30pm

Congratulations on this marvelous success. It is promising to see our young Pakistanis creating world records - With his intelligence, I am sure he can excel in any field - why law? This is the profession that is mostly abused by society and there are many opportunities to compromise on your values and principles. Just a thought!

Bilal Jan 28, 2014 07:17am

Great achievement for Mr. Rai Haris and his Parents.

Muhammad Jan 28, 2014 10:22am

Mujh Koh Lotaaa doh mayraa buchpan, Woh Kagiz kee kishtii or barish kaa pani.....

Childhood is meant to play and have balance in life. Study is important but only at right time. Most important thing to remember, I am assuming he has no plan to serve his own country one day as he will live in LONDON for rest of his life..... Sorry, if someone dislike my comments, as you know I am also living in USA, and not in my country..... However, I have enjoyed my childhood as much as I could... Playing in all kind of suports you can name of in wonderful gullliaa (Streets) of Lahore. I earned my education at right time and didn't dump my childhood in the books just for father's obsession.