Putting pharmacies on the system

Published Dec 21, 2012 02:44am

ACCORDING to media reports, 20 people lost their lives after drinking toxic cough syrup in Lahore. This was the second major drug-related tragedy in Lahore. Only a few months back, more than 150 people had lost their lives after using faulty cardiac drugs.

Death of large numbers of people due to faulty heart drugs shocked the whole nation but no one was brought to justice because most of the dead were poor.

The faulty drugs factory was also caught in Karachi but the government failed to take strict measures against the faulty drugs practice in the country.

Only recently Saudi health authorities closed one big and reputable hospital in Jeddah, setting a remarkable example. They closed it after finding numerous medical errors and deaths of two patients.

Tough laws and right procedures are necessary in hospitals and pharmacies for the saving lives of ordinary people.

Unfortunately only a few countries are using strict measures. Uneducated people are running most of the pharmacies even in big cities like Karachi and Lahore. Without a doctor’s prescription, people can get any type of medicines.

A majority of the people have little knowledge about the side-effects of medicines.


Creating awareness

IN Pakistan such incidents take place frequently because of utter negligence by both professionals. Patients do not complain against such incidents as they have little access to justice or the media.

The President of Pakistan has recently signed a very comprehensive document on guiding both professionals and authorities to combat against complex issues relevant to illegal usage of medicines. The Lahore incident demands immediate action against the wrongdoers.

Doctors should protest against such cheap medicines and should not recognise or prescribe them for treatment of their patients.

We are failing in our duty to ensure good health standards. Such sad incidents should create more awareness about the various kinds of medicines. Without judicious implementation of relevant laws, we can not get rid of these heinous crimes.


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Farooq Ali
Dec 22, 2012 04:14am
Yes you can find pharmacist in every drug store but it is a Ghost pharmacist the picture is hanging in a remote corner of the shop and the pharmacist is absent doing job some where else.