Stocks fall below 30,000-level

Local players yawned all through the session due to absence of triggers that could boost sentiments. Published Sep 23, 2014 06:20am

Tax facilitation centres

The Fe­d­e­ral Board of Revenue has established 200 tax facilitation kiosks for filing of income tax returns. Updated Sep 22, 2014 08:29am


IFC to invest $67m in Bank Alfalah

It also represents a significant contribution to foreign direct investment in the country, says BAL president.

'Bring back my YouTube'

Through the efforts of local NGO Bolo Bhi, explores the impact of the two year loss of YouTube.

City Gold (24-ct) Silver
Karachi 40,628 630.00
Multan 39,950 640.00

Exchange Rates for Currency Notes

CountriesSelling (Rs.)Buying (Rs.)
U.S.A. 102.70 102.90
U.K. 167.00 167.20
Euro 131.60 131.80
Japan 0.9500 0.9600
Saudi Arabia 27.30 27.50
U.A.E. 27.90 28.10