An early post-mortem

What will come out of this is the same old discourse around civilian politicians — that they’re corrupt and prone to


Continuing impunity

HRCP observed that while disappearances have decreased in Balochistan, incidents in KP and Sindh have gone up.

Thar drought

The Thar region is once again in the news for the drought and starvation that are taking their toll on the inhabitants.

Army’s questionable decisions

The carefully constructed veneer of neutrality that the army leadership had constructed has been torn apart.

Rock and a hard place

The reason why the police turned their ire on journalists as Islamabad descended into chaos is not hard to understand.

Endangered temple

The white stripe on the national flag designed to represent Pakistan’s numerous minority-religion groups is ignored.

Hard choices for the PML-N

Having survived a tumultuous, disastrous weekend, the govt still has the opportunity to try and salvage the situation


Fascism versus democracy

DESPITE many parties asking the government to hold dialogue with Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri to resolve the present...

‘Army’s decision’

Compliments on the extremely incisive and timely lead editorial published on Sept 2 titled “Army’s questionable...

LEAs and armed forces

WHAT a poor show of their capability and performance! If they cannot handle a peaceful crowd of a few thousand...

Need of the hour

Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri have highlighted the flaws in our democracy whether one supports or opposes all their...

Hashmi’s revelations

JAVED Hashmi’s revelations about the military backing Imran have strengthened my doubts about how a new entrant in...

Déjà vu for Pakistan?

PAKISTANIS demanding the imposition of martial law are being naive and seem ignorant of the past. They seem to ...

Taliban threat

The government has invoked Article 245 to call upon the army to protect the capital from a perceived threat from the...