Message versus speech

The two dharnas in Islamabad have been a study in contrast between the speaking prowess of the two leaders Imran Khan

Falling exports

While the government must reach out to exporters it would do well to evaluate what they say about their declining


Attacks in Quetta

Balochistan appears to be slipping back towards outright anarchy and the state seems utterly clueless and impotent.

PTI’s new dilemma

Mr Khan is now alone on Constitution Avenue, and more and more it appears that the PTI chief has miscalculated.

Measures against Ebola

Round-the-clock health staff has been appointed at all international airports to screen passengers.

Education in a shambles

Pakistan will have no future unless it invests heavily in the young.

Power fumble

The government is struggling to formulate a response to the power crisis in the same manner as its predecessor.

Confused priorities

It seems that the learned doctors of religion that serve on the council have an obsession with marriage laws.

Tensions on Pak-Iran border

WHILE certain sections of the geostrategic community in Pakistan have always touted the geographic importance of the...


Ingenious Pakistanis

PAKISTANIS have a knack for coming up with unique solutions every time they are faced with difficulties. During the...

Musharraf’s order

A VIDEO has gone viral on the Internet wherein dignified residents of Islamabad are seen protesting against a road...

Protecting heritage

THIS refers to the illegal occupation, destruction and demolition by the land mafia of a cultural property — Sir...

PPP rally

THE PPP displayed its political might in Karachi on Oct 18. The public rally venue was Bagh-i-jinnah, Karachi. This...

K-Electric’s version

THE allegations made by State Minister for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali are baseless. The minister should first get...

Cellphone hazards

WE are all using mobile phones but don’t know about the precautions. The cellphones and their tower-based antennas...

VIP culture

IMRAN Khan came all over from Islamabad for a public meeting, but not a single shop was closed on the plea of...