20 September, 2014 / Ziqa'ad 24, 1435

The day Srinagar sank

The story ceased to be about the victims, or the breakdown of official machinery. Instead, it became a stream of...

Floods of misery

A disaster of epic proportions is unfolding for the 325 million people that will inhabit Pakistan by 2050.

Consuming kilometres

If consumers made their decisions on purely rational, cost-benefit calculations, things might be simpler for


Flood warning fiasco

This is the fourth major flood to have hit Pakistan since 2010, and in each case the cause has been heavy rains.

Murdered professor

Despite the authorities’ tall claims, the near daily dose of killings in the metropolis exposes such rhetoric.

Protecting women’s vote

Punishment for “undue influence” is imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years, or a fine of up to Rs5,000.

Talking to the military

The CCNS stands almost forgotten and only the fate of Gen (r) Musharraf that is talked about when it comes to debate.

No sign of the census

Going by the Election Commission of Pakistan, the decision on a new census rests with the Council of Common Interests.

Debt market pendulum

Debt market watchers have been warning that maturity profile of the govt’s domestic debt is getting dangerously short.

The distrust continues

Pakistan blames Afghanistan. Afghanistan blames Pakistan. Violence on both sides of the Pak-Afghan border continues.


Aboard PK370

MOB violence, like the storming of the police prisoners van and vigilante ‘justice’ like that witnessed on PIA...

‘VIP culture’

APROPOS your editorial ‘VIP culture’ (Sept 17). Delay in PIA flights caused by VIPs is quite common. It happens...

‘Ruling classes’

REFERENCE ‘VIP culture’. I object to the term ‘ruling classes’ used in the editorial. There is no concept of...

Floods in Sindh

HEAVY downpour brought devastation to Punjab and now the flood is moving towards Sindh. According to the media, 1.1m...

The silt factor

WHILE Punjab is facing floods, the Sindh chief minister, along with government departments, has been repeatedly...

Show must go on

DEMOCRACY must go on. The current opposition in parliament delivered nothing to the nation, except the exceptional...

Reformers or terrorists?

JAILBREAKS and attacks on the police in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are being led by terrorists and now attacks on the police...