Not on their watch

Cyril Almeida
The political and military leadership knows it can happen again. It knows it can’t stop it from happening again. Updated Dec 21, 2014 12:31pm

Walk the talk

Abbas Nasir
For far too long, we as individuals have learned to find comfort and solace in muted protest. Published Dec 20, 2014 01:01am

Signs of flexibility

Asha’ar Rehman
Diehard believers have been too immersed in the PTI protest to let the ending go without expresing their disappointment Published Dec 19, 2014 02:16am

A slippery slope

Troubling is a country seeking public executions and calling for deaths of militants. Updated Dec 21, 2014 10:19am

Crackdown in Turkey

BY taking arbitrary measures and showing authoritarian tendencies, Recep Tayyip Erdogan seems to be vindicating his... Published Dec 21, 2014 06:44am

Bashing K-Electric

THERE is much to hold K-Electric accountable for. But the gratuitous bashing of the power utility and its... Updated Dec 21, 2014 10:01am

A turning point?

Apologists for extremism should be held to account. Mr. Aziz even refused to condemn the massacre of students. Updated Dec 20, 2014 09:20am

Mumbai trial delays

The government has rightly acted to keep him in custody for now, but that is only a fire-fighting measure. Updated Dec 20, 2014 07:34am

Economic risks

Our economy faces several risks as the IMF board warned of “significant risks” facing the fragile recovery. Updated Dec 20, 2014 07:40am

The right decision

Khan takes a great decision to call off sit-in, now the onus of responsibility on the PML-N is greater than ever. Updated Dec 19, 2014 10:29am

Strategy for tackling terrorism

THE attack on Peshawar’s Army Public School has exposed the real face of terrorists. They are the enemies of... Published Dec 21, 2014 06:44am

Rising from the tragedy

Profound grief, extreme anger, utter disappointment, subterranean suffocation and shattered confidence, like any... Published Dec 21, 2014 06:44am

Name schools

I request the federal and provincial governments to announce the opening of schools throughout Pakistan that are... Published Dec 21, 2014 06:44am

TV coverage

DECEMBER 16 is the day when Dhaka fell. Now, it is yet a more mournful day in the history of Pakistan when ... Published Dec 21, 2014 06:44am

‘Death for terrorism’

THIS is apropos your editorial ‘Death for terrorism’ (Dec 19). While I would have liked to respond to all the... Published Dec 21, 2014 06:44am

Who are they?

HOW could the terrorists enter that high-security area? Why isn’t anybody doing something to stop this? And, most... Published Dec 21, 2014 06:44am

Fata as part of KP

THE horrific killing of children in Peshawar by terrorists has shown us that even with an ongoing army operation in... Published Dec 21, 2014 06:44am