01 September, 2014 / Ziqa'ad 5, 1435

An early post-mortem

What will come out of this is the same old discourse around civilian politicians — that they’re corrupt and prone to

Enemy at the gate

Hopefully, realisation has dawned that peace is not about to break out with India.

A day of shame

The government’s inertia has pushed matters to where they stand today.


Hard choices for the PML-N

Having survived a tumultuous, disastrous weekend, the govt still has the opportunity to try and salvage the situation

Violence must be probed

The shocking, terrible events of Saturday evening need to be urgently investigated to prevent a repeat ahead.

Cricket flop in Sri Lanka

The series proved a sort of watershed for talented youngsters such as Ahmed Shahzad, Khurram Manzoor and Umar Akmal.

A disastrous turn of events

Can Nawaz Sharif survive? The answer, in these frantic hours, must surely be a miserable, despondent no.

Modi’s PR exercise?

Kashmir is not a piece of real estate, that Islamabad and New Delhi could not alone resolve the dispute.

Ajmal Khan’s release

Much as it is a desperate situation for others held hostage by the militants, Mr Khan’s return is a sign of hope.

Blow to democracy

The army has already re-established for itself a position of political pre-eminence.


Forgotten fathers

THROUGHOUT school, students learn about the Quaid-i-Azam’s determination, Iqbal’s inspirational poetry and the...

Unending entertainment

FOR the past few days, the main source of entertainment is the sit-in that has been going on for more than 14 days ...

System setback

What is happening in Islamabad has weakened civilian rule.It shows that our politicians need to be good enough on...

Sit-ins: positive side

THE ongoing sit-in and protests in Islamabad have a positive side for our lower middle class and upper middle class...

People are supreme

THE government is slowly revealing itself: from rigging elections to killing people in Lahore. Our prime minister is...

Songs of nightingale

I USED to enjoy the melodious songs of the nightingales of Islamabad every time I visit the city. They will not only...

The misguided faction

THE display of shrouds by the Pakistan Awami Tehreek was the most harrowing and disgusting feeling I have ever...