Who’ll save the day?

It is pointless for now to examine what ails the Muslim world, but it is worthwhile keeping Pakistan in our sights.

A study in bronze

Shahid Sajjad’s work would have stood out for its originality anywhere in the world.

Countdown to Aug 14

There have been disturbing reports about the possible arrests of some PTI leaders in early August to thwart the march.

The next democratic

THE National Assembly speaker has notified the Electoral Reforms Committee. It has 22 Assembly members and 11...


Losing power

Despite a year of talk, the facts remain the same. Losses in the power sector are at the same level they were last year.

‘Case closed’

While eliminating extremists’ sanctuaries in Fata is vital, the effort to uproot terrorism cannot fully succeed.

Obama and Obamacare

While the decision of the House of Representatives to sue President Obama may be unprecedented, it is hardly surprising.

Israel’s brutality in Gaza

Minutes after its artillery had shelled a Gaza school, Israel had the audacity to say, "we don't target civilians".

Filing tax returns

The government has decided to issue taxpayer cards to all return filers starting this year.

Preventable tragedy

It is easy to blame the state, but the public also bears major responsibility for defying rules meant to save lives.

Article 245: questions remain

Everything that flows from the invocation of Article 245 will be questionable and poisoned by illegitimacy.


Allama Mashriqi & Dr Tahirul Qadri

INDIAN soldiers stationed at Meerut cantonment serving the East India Company revolted against British Raj on May ...

Warring politicians

AFTER participating in the elections, taking oath in parliament as MNA and forming government in KP, Imran Khan now...

Need for solidarity

AT this critical stage Pakistan is in dire need of unity. Unfortunately, some of our politicians are adding fuel ...

Attack on Ahmadis

THIS is apropos your editorial ‘Attack on Ahmadis’ (July 29). Brutal and inhuman incidents against the Ahmadis...

Brutal Israel

YOUR editorial regarding Israel’s brutalities (Aug 1) makes a lot of sense. Bombing a UN school, where many ...

100 eyes for an eye

I START this letter with an explanation and end with an appeal. I am not an anti-Semite, and can’t be one as...

Water shortage

I LIVE in Defence Housing Authority on Khayaban-i-Muhafiz, Phase -VI for the last 18 years. Before the water ...