01 August, 2014 / Shawwal 4, 1435

Countdown to Aug 14

There have been disturbing reports about the possible arrests of some PTI leaders in early August to thwart the march.

The next democratic

THE National Assembly speaker has notified the Electoral Reforms Committee. It has 22 Assembly members and 11...


Some in the media strive to paint Israel as the victim.


Israel’s brutality in Gaza

Minutes after its artillery had shelled a Gaza school, Israel had the audacity to say, "we don't target civilians".

Filing tax returns

The government has decided to issue taxpayer cards to all return filers starting this year.

Preventable tragedy

It is easy to blame the state, but the public also bears major responsibility for defying rules meant to save lives.

Article 245: questions remain

Everything that flows from the invocation of Article 245 will be questionable and poisoned by illegitimacy.

Attack on Ahmadis

The latest attack on Ahmadis, in Gujranwala, came complete with the usual features.

Lunar matters

In Pakistan, celebrating Eid on different days has become an annual tradition.

Shadow of political instability

Surely, it is no longer enough for the PTI to say that it only wants change and reforms within the Constitution.


Attack on Ahmadis

THIS is apropos your editorial “Attack on Ahmadis” (July 29). All non-Muslims and even Muslims belonging to...

‘Privatisation concerns’

This is apropos your editorial ‘Privatisation Concerns’ (July 24). There is a difference between the...

Sindh govt priorities

ACCORDING to the Sindh chief minister, Rs4.5billion was spent on the new Sindh Assembly building. It is supported by...

Western media

A FEW days ago the BBC gave live coverage of the ceremony held at Eindhoven airbase, the Netherlands, to receive the...

A-level students’ woes

THIS is apropos the letter ‘A-Level students’ woes’ (July 21). The writer has truly highlighted the thorny...

E-tag hassle

ENTERING Lahore cantonment is quite a hassle these days. There are long queues of motorised vehicles, except for the...

Law-breaking MPA

PML-N MPA Rana Shoaib Idrees attacked a police station along with his 50 henchmen, thrashed police personnel on duty...