The problems of polygamy

In recent years, polygamy has become more normalised in Pakistan’s marital culture, and is presented as a solution for


Counterterrorism challenges

Where then is counterterrorism policy to be debated and articulated on the civilian side?

A new approach?

Dr Malik’s oft-stated intention to reach out to the leadership of militant groups was scarcely viable.

Pak-Afghan ties: the road ahead

Ghani is seen as a pragmatist who is aware that peace and stability in the region will depend on Pak-Afghan relations.

Militant monks

RELIGIOUS zealotry mixed with xenophobic nationalism can create a toxic ideology that has the ability to tear...

Karachi operation

Rangers had conducted 3,696 raids, arrested 6,835 suspects and seized 5,214 weapons during the year of the initiative.

PTCL suspension

Telephones, landlines and some operations by mobile phone companies linked to PTCL went dead.

Apology and after

The PPP has only been reduced to a regional party, more or less confined to Sindh.


Environment concerns

MISTAKEN environmentalism and dubious concerns for ecology have brought us to the brink of disaster. A little...

‘Lessons from Scotland’

THIS refers to your editorial ‘Lessons from Scotland’ (Sept 21). The editorial contains a lot of lessons that...

‘No sign of the census’

Reference to your editorial ‘No sign of the census’ (Sept 19). Although our leaders talk about democracy, they...

G.A. Parvez

NADEEM F. Paracha’s article ‘The rise and fall of a spiritual rebel’ (Sept 21) is quite abysmal. In my ...

US vehicles

THIS refers to the news report ‘Pakistan to get 160 mine-proof vehicles’ (Sept 21). I have an objection to the...

Legalities in Pakistan

JUST read the ECP’s headline (Sept 30) that legality of ballot paper can’t be questioned. Does this announcement...