The M word

As with everything politics, there is a good way of going about things and a bad way.


A national shame

We are not so sure if the authorities will be moved by this outrage to act decisively and crack down on urban crime.

Targeting of non-Baloch

The trend has especially manifested itself in its latest iteration, triggered by Akbar Bugti’s murder in 2006.

The drop in FDI

Outflows in the form of dividends and repatriation of profits has risen, ie foreign investors prefer to take out.

The army’s view

Gen Sharif suggested that cohesive, dedicated and timely involvement of all stake holders is essential for peace.

Bilawal’s rally

The PPP speaks for the deprived, but it does not seem to be too concerned with ensuring that they do not remain poor.

Space for culture

The state can help by supporting such literary endeavours and protecting them from the threats posed by hardliners.

Power reshuffle

RECENT changes in the power sector, arguably one of the most crucial areas in need of major reform, have led to much...


Edhi robbed

ABDUL Sattar Edhi, a great social worker and philanthropist, is a most respected and sincere person of Pakistan. The...

New ‘units’

WHEN people arrived from India at the time of partition, many came to Karachi, the capital of Pakistan, and its...

Democracy within PTI

REFERENCE Afshan Saeed’s letter ‘Democracy within PTI’ (Oct 13). The writer has supported the endevours of...

Ebola: threat to Pakistan

IF the Sharifs and the Khans would take a tea break from their wrangling, we have a pressing issue: how will ...

Smoking at airports

THE other day I had to spend a few hours at the domestic lounge of Karachi airport, and during this time I suffered...

A hospital wedding

THIS is apropos your editorial ‘A hospital wedding’ (Oct 14). Holding a wedding function on the weekend when...

VIP culture

I ATTENDED the second protest meeting against VIP culture by civil society at Teen Talwar, Clifton, Karachi, on Oct...