20 September, 2014 / Ziqa'ad 24, 1435

Floods of misery

A disaster of epic proportions is unfolding for the 325 million people that will inhabit Pakistan by 2050.

Consuming kilometres

If consumers made their decisions on purely rational, cost-benefit calculations, things might be simpler for


Talking to the military

The CCNS stands almost forgotten and only the fate of Gen (r) Musharraf that is talked about when it comes to debate.

No sign of the census

Going by the Election Commission of Pakistan, the decision on a new census rests with the Council of Common Interests.

Debt market pendulum

Debt market watchers have been warning that maturity profile of the govt’s domestic debt is getting dangerously short.

The distrust continues

Pakistan blames Afghanistan. Afghanistan blames Pakistan. Violence on both sides of the Pak-Afghan border continues.

Execution moratorium

Until the death penalty is phased out in Pakistan, a moratorium on capital punishment is the best alternative.

New T20 captain

Appointment of Shahid Afridi as the new T20 skipper has been widely hailed by cricketing circles across the country.

LNG import: some questions

Is the govt thinking of sharply increasing the number of vehicles running on CNG after this decision is implemented?


Sit-ins: character assassination?

IT is time the government ordered the army to clear Constitution Avenue within a given deadline to spare the...

FIA at airport

I WAS invited to speak at a conference in Hong Kong from Aug 28 to 31. Due to the visa delays, I was issued an ‘on...

Language on the move

THIS is apropos Amar Sindhu’s column ‘For the love of the land and the language’ (Books&Authors, Sept 7)...

New Pakistan

AS Pakistanis we are fond of setting new records for Guiness Book or otherwise. Change of government at gunpoint...

President’s utility

I ALWAYS wonder in dismay and astonishment that being such a poor country, why we have a ‘president’ at all. In...

A wet cat

WHILE we are arguing about whether the election was rigged and demanding the resignations of the prime minister and...

OGDCL shares’ sale

SUCCESSIVE floatation of OGDCL’s shares in the past or so decade has left it with 75pc holding of which 10pc is...