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The golden rule

Even a single individual can make an impact on millions through preaching what he practises. Published Oct 06, 2015 03:11am

A cleaner environment

Studies show that 88pc of traffic police in Karachi develop respiratory disease after two years on the job. Published Oct 05, 2015 02:02am

A new emerging market

To make Pakistan a prime investment destination, the government must address two critical challenges. Published Oct 04, 2015 01:56am

America’s flawed military approach

US refusal to condemn MSF incident and try and shield its military from criticism is a regrettably familiar reaction. Updated Oct 06, 2015 07:56am

Raiding hospitals

Doctors must not be forced into a position where they have to judge the patient first before extending medical help. Updated Oct 06, 2015 09:39am

PIA deadlock

The state must consider the just demands of the pilots’ union, while Palpa also keep ground realities in mind. Updated Oct 06, 2015 09:49am

Constitutional courts

A constitutional court is always going to be an awkward fit for a system rooted in common law. Updated Oct 05, 2015 07:57am

Bias in textbooks

Textbook-writing should be the domain purely of subject specialists and must be free from political meddling. Updated Oct 05, 2015 07:59am

NSS returns

The govt should find other avenues to stabilise its fiscal accounts rather than targeting the voiceless community. Updated Oct 05, 2015 08:02am

Dossiers on India

FOR many years, the Pakistani state has alleged — sometimes credibly, sometimes seemingly less so — that India ... Published Oct 04, 2015 01:56am

Abbas & Netanyahu

I WAS pained to watch the helplessness and frustration of 80-year-old Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas while he... Published Oct 06, 2015 06:51am

Nandipur project

THE Punjab chief minister’s irrational haste to complete the 525 MW Nandipur power project has resulted in fiasco.... Published Oct 06, 2015 06:51am

Fall of Kunduz

THE fall of Kunduz is a major success for the Taliban. For the first time since the Taliban were routed in 2001, a... Published Oct 06, 2015 06:51am

‘62 million girls’

RECENTLY, the US launched an education campaign under the slogan of ‘62 Million Girls’. Right now, more than 62... Published Oct 06, 2015 06:51am

Tax on NSCs

IT is quite shocking that despite the explicit guarantee by the government, withholding tax on National Savings... Published Oct 06, 2015 06:51am

Property tax by SRB

PROPERTY income is already heavily burdened by different federal, provincial and local bodies’ departments such as... Published Oct 06, 2015 06:51am

Breast cancer

BREAST cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide, both in developed and developing countries. more than ... Published Oct 06, 2015 06:51am