Improved ties

Moeed Yusuf
Pak-Afghan positivity will be brief if actions don’t follow words. Published Dec 23, 2014 01:07am

Refashioning society

Umair Javed
As of this moment, political parties and their ancillary organisations are the only ones capable of carrying out a Published Dec 22, 2014 03:08am

Fade to black

Hajrah Mumtaz
The confused and conflicted mindset of the citizenry portends even more distress. Updated Dec 22, 2014 01:48pm

Not on their watch

Cyril Almeida
The political and military leadership knows it can happen again. It knows it can’t stop it from happening again. Updated Dec 21, 2014 12:31pm

Madressah reform

IN exonerating the majority of madressahs across the country from any involvement with extremism or militancy,... Published Dec 23, 2014 01:08am

Power breakdowns

TWO large power breakdowns that affected huge swathes of the country have occurred within a period of 10 days. In... Published Dec 23, 2014 01:08am

Tunisia’s example

IT is in the fitness of things that the country where the Arab Spring first blossomed should attempt to take the... Published Dec 23, 2014 01:08am

Oil price windfall

If it is true that the declines are due to geopolitical reasons, then they can reverse very quickly. Updated Dec 22, 2014 07:03am

Security threat

The death penalties in response to the Peshawar carnage triggered threats of attacks to avenge. Updated Dec 22, 2014 07:16am

Cricket defeat

Pakistan’s preparations for the upcoming World Cup received a setback of sorts with the 3-2 defeat against the Kiwis. Updated Dec 22, 2014 10:51am

A slippery slope

Troubling is a country seeking public executions and calling for deaths of militants. Updated Dec 21, 2014 10:19am

Condemn, condole… then what?

PESHAWAR saw heart-breaking mayhem. We will condemn, we will condole, we will mourn, and then what? Another ... Published Dec 22, 2014 06:21am

Every eye cries

THE attack on the school in Peshawar is an attack on humanity which cannot be forgiven or forgotten. It has shaken... Published Dec 22, 2014 06:21am

Blaming victims

A TV anchor while commenting on the Peshawar incident held that we faced this because we have been sowing the seeds... Published Dec 22, 2014 06:21am

Senseless killing

IT has been a day of great pain for us across the border to see events of the day unfold. Many among us have watched... Published Dec 22, 2014 06:21am

Palestinians’ plight

THIS refers to the report, ‘US urges caution as Palestinians bid for UN vote’ (Dec 17). The report, among other... Published Dec 22, 2014 06:21am

Whither Pakistan?

THE originator of the term Pakistan, Chaudhry Rehmat Ali, says: “I observed Chillahs and prayed for Allah’s... Published Dec 22, 2014 06:21am

Hockey: defeatist mindset

THIS refers to the report ‘Green-shirts clicked when it mattered most, says Islah’ (Dec 12). Pakistan’s chief... Published Dec 22, 2014 06:21am