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Heat and light

There is a need to focus sharply on alternatives to oil and coal. Published Dec 02, 2015 01:45am

Media sexism

Male-dominated newsrooms indulge in noisy commentary that can often perpetuate discriminatory attitudes towards women. Updated Nov 30, 2015 10:54am

Nawaz-Modi interaction in Paris

Surely, it is time now for the leaderships of Pakistan and India to put the bilateral relationship back on track. Updated Dec 02, 2015 07:35am

Digital rights

The case with Blackberry might be the first time the govt has been refused its demand for backdoor access to the system. Updated Dec 02, 2015 07:37am

HIV/AIDS and stigma

AIDS so far claims 34 million lives worldwide and remains a major global health concern. Updated Dec 02, 2015 07:39am

Role of television during polls

The problem here is clearly one of regulation but by an impartial, independent and empowered media regulator. Published Dec 01, 2015 06:52am

Oil trickles up

The stingy declines at the pump compared to the steep falls in international prices must be addressed. Published Dec 01, 2015 06:19am

Farooq Abdullah’s view

The will of the people of Kashmir cannot be crushed by brute force. Published Dec 01, 2015 06:19am

Karachi strategy

Spurts of intensive action are followed by periods of relative inaction. Updated Nov 30, 2015 03:36am

Gender disparity: why sarcasm?

DAWN’s policy of fostering gender disparity is quite visible in articles printed time and again. Many women ... Published Dec 02, 2015 06:38am

Brand Pakistan

THIS is with reference to the good diction and substantive content of the subject story by Hajrah Mumtaz on (Nov... Published Dec 02, 2015 06:38am

Sifting facts from fiction

There is a common narrative that budget deficits are financed by money (currency) printing by the government. This ... Published Dec 02, 2015 06:38am

Haemophilia: an appeal

Haemophilia is a rare hereditary bleeding disorder disease. A person with haemophilia can have a bleeding episode... Published Dec 02, 2015 06:38am

PTCL woes

I APPLIED for a PTCL landline in August 2015 when I shifted my residence to Block-F in North Nazimabad. After a few... Published Dec 02, 2015 06:38am

Theatre review

THIS refers to the review (Nov 30) of the NAPA Young Director’s highly creative adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s ... Published Dec 02, 2015 06:38am

Driving licence renewal

Apropos the letter (Nov 28). I fully endorse the views. The driving licence is issued for a maximum period of five... Published Dec 02, 2015 06:38am