23 October, 2014 / 27 Zilhaj, 1435

Falling exports

While the government must reach out to exporters it would do well to evaluate what they say about their declining


Education in a shambles

Pakistan will have no future unless it invests heavily in the young.

Power fumble

The government is struggling to formulate a response to the power crisis in the same manner as its predecessor.

Confused priorities

It seems that the learned doctors of religion that serve on the council have an obsession with marriage laws.

Tensions on Pak-Iran border

WHILE certain sections of the geostrategic community in Pakistan have always touted the geographic importance of the...

Licence suspension

A MERE four months after Geo News was fined and its broadcast licence temporarily suspended by Pemra, on Monday it...

Talk of nukes

THE nuclear boast by a federal minister in the National Assembly on Monday was not required. The minister, retired...

A national shame

We are not so sure if the authorities will be moved by this outrage to act decisively and crack down on urban crime.


Mission incomplete

THIS is with reference to the two letters on Sir Syed (Oct 17 and Oct 22). The mission begun by Sir Syed must be...

Pakistan and Mars

APROPOS Dr Parvez Hoodbhoy’s article ‘Sending Pakistan to Mars’ (Oct 18), not many Pakistanis know that...

Polish officer

IT is indeed a great achievement by India that its pioneer satellite reached Mars last month. However, I would like...

Blasphemy ruling

THE Dawn editorial (Oct 18) on the above subject is pure logic and reality but these arguments do not carry any...

Census is crucial

THIS is apropos your most timely and educative editorial ‘No sign of census’ (Sept 19). It is obligatory to hold...

Iron ore

AS Pakistan Steel is enhancing its production graph, it also requires iron ore which is being imported. On the other...

Misbah as captain

IT was simply ludicrous on the part of the team management to make Misbah sit out in the final ODI. If anyone...