More, not less

Forcefully displacing one set of individuals will not automatically produce angelic democrats.

Playing both sides

If the chief takes over, he’s the reluctant dictator. If he doesn’t take over, he’s democracy’s hero.

Rotherham lessons

We carry prejudices against white women and their ‘availability’.

Havoc in Punjab

At this crucial moment, we must address issues of long-term significance.

What can wait, what can’t

Whether it is Balochistan or Karachi or any other part of Pakistan, religious extremism and intolerance are now posing


Dangerous possibilities

In certain national security circles, the renunciation of violence by Punjabi Taliban will be greeted with satisfaction.

YouTube ban

It’s been two years since the ban, and everyone seems to have forgotten.

A US-led coalition

An America-led coalition to take on the Islamic State (IS) is now a reality.

Polio emergency

Millions upon millions have been poured into the initiative and in much of the world, the virus has been eradicated.

Protesting teachers

The participants include those inducted to teachers’ posts by the Sindh government’s previous education minister.

A perilous path

Tracing the origins of the problem suggests that the military is either in denial or is unable to do much about it.


Recurring floods

AFTER every two or three years, we witness a horrific flood. These devastating floods cull hundreds, leave thousands...

Which dam?

WITH the unprecedented flood havoc going on, some people have still not shed their politicised thinking. When...

Warsak silting

ACCORDING to media reports, the power generation capacity of the Warsak dam has reduced to 150 MW as the total power...

Whither PPP?

AS a supporter of the PPP, I would like to place some of my reservations in front of the party chairman,...

Navy attack

THE recent attack on the navy dockyard should not come as a surprise if the attack was carried out by personnel...

PTI: D.J. Butt’s arrest

IT is atrocious to arrest the PTI’s D.J. Butt for the use of loudspeakers disturbing the peace of the exclusive...

Beyond democracy

KINDLY refer to Nizar Diamond Ali’s opinion ‘Beyond democracy’ (Aug 21). It is thought-provoking and...