22 August, 2014 / Shawwal 25, 1435

PTI’s empty threats

The threats being issued by the PTI, and the demands being made, show a fundamental disconnect with reality.

The last episode

The support of parliament is still the biggest strength for the prime minister provided he wakes up from his slumber.

Words of a woman

Other than Ismat Chughtai no other female Sub-continental writer can claim to have excised the myths heaped on misogyny.


Report on mass graves

The tribunal should have come down hard on the investigating authorities for failing to properly probe the case.

US journalist’s murder

The beheading of the journalist highlights the barbaric mindset that has become the hallmark of terror groups worldwide.

Déjà vu

Surely, the ouster of an elected government now will only embolden the dark forces that stalk this country.

Orphan city

Even for a city long inured to violence as Karachi, the past few days have been particularly bloody.

A disappointing move by India

But, while interconnected, international relations should not become hostage to domestic concerns.

Faltering IMF talks

A few leaks suggest the sticking points might be larger than what is being alluded to.

Death of a star

He was a whirlwind who came out of the distant Himalayan mountains and conquered the world.


Circus in Islamabad

SO Imran Khan has heard of the civil disobedience movement(CDM)! Is he also aware of the circumstances under which ...

History repeated

WHEN Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s Pakistan People’s Party won 1977 elections with a considerable majority, it was...

Mental sanity

FOR every job, medical fitness — both physical and mental — is a pre-requisite and for higher and sensitive jobs...

Tribute to Rafi

THIS refers to Parvez Rahim’s letter ‘Tribute to Rafi’ (Aug 16). The writer has mentioned that the playback...

Variational democracy

“A SAUDI Arabian appeals court today upheld a sentence of a month in jail and 50 lashes awarded to a businesswoman...

Leadership examples

ALTHOUGH leadership is a born trait, it can be rejuvenated either by going through a formal training institute or by...

Billboards galore

REFERENCE letters on mushrooming billboards (July 24, Aug 9 and Aug 16). It may be said that this activity is rather...