LNG imports

Exempting LNG imports from GST would violate the principle of neutrality in taxation.

Dog eat dog

What children play in a milieu of violence is hardly hope-affirming.

Ticking clock

The militant complex is so ubiquitous now that few even recognise it as an aberration.


Apology and after

The PPP has only been reduced to a regional party, more or less confined to Sindh.

A broken system

In fact, the data collected by the Faisalabad police serves as an eye-opener to indicate just how rotten the system is.

Confident consumers

Investor confidence might be plummeting and the country’s savings rate may be the lowest in the region.

No end in sight

Clearly, the big loser in all of this is the country and any prospect of governance taking centre stage anytime soon.

Assessing losses

Everything was going fine until the floods and the protests came along and upset the apple cart, we are being told.

Infant’s kidnapping

The hospital administration, for its part, claims that the mother herself handed the baby over to another woman.

Kashmir at the core

Kashmir is a central issue — the only way it can be dealt with is by including the Kashmiris in the discussion.


Sit-ins & ECP report

I AM neither a politician nor do I have any political affiliation but I try to find the ‘facts’ among the...

‘Not Imran’

APROPOS the letter ‘Not Imran’ (Sept 18) by Saleem Raza, I think comparing Imran Khan to Mussolini and fascists...

MPhil vs MSc

THE finance department of the Punjab government through its letter, No.FD.SR-I/9-21/2013 dated April 1, 2013,...

Signal jammers

I AM a student of International Islamic University, Islamabad. I live in Kuwait Hostel, Faisal Mosque. For more than...

HEC: degree verification

THIS refers to the difficulties being faced by a number of students in getting their degrees attested by the Higher...

Gilgit DHQ Hospital

RECENTLY, my wife got sick and we had to visit DHQ Hospital, Gilgit. The doctor advised my wife to have a CT scan....