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Art, history and artefact

Whether it is the Taliban in Bamiyan or IS in Palmyra, the wilful destruction of history has become a self-destructive Published May 27, 2015 02:00am

Women in politics

In Pakistan’s political arena, women are acceptable only as proxies or an extension of male politicians. Published May 25, 2015 01:36am

Police versus lawyers

The tragic loss of life in Daska was the unavoidable culmination of confrontations between the police and the lawyers. Updated May 27, 2015 04:58am

Capital flight

The government must show resolve at that time to not only continue its actions but also widen the scope of its efforts. Updated May 27, 2015 01:53pm

Attacks on Hazaras

The message for the Shia Hazara community in Balochistan is clear. There is no place for them outside their enclaves. Updated May 27, 2015 04:44am

Presence of IS militants

Pakistan already has its plate full dealing with the menace of militancy. It doesn't need a new player added to the mix. Updated May 26, 2015 04:15am

Parrikar’s remarks

India’s Kashmir problem is primarily because of India’s Kashmir policy. Updated May 26, 2015 04:11am

Commandos in civvies

SSU commandos look and behave like a private militia. Updated May 26, 2015 03:53am

Pumping growth

Falling inflation is a fact and there is little justification for keeping interest rates up as the CPI drops to 4.8pc. Updated May 25, 2015 04:51am

Discrimination: SBP version

APROPOS the letter (May 17) the State Bank of Pakistan would like to share its views on the issues highlighted in ... Published May 27, 2015 06:19am

Issue of new provinces

IT is interesting to note that the creation of new provinces is supported by all political parties, including the... Published May 27, 2015 06:19am

Building small dams

THIS refers to media reports (May 19) that shortfall of electricity has risen to 4,700 MW and which would further... Published May 27, 2015 06:19am

Dollar smuggling

THIS refers to news item (May 24) that Pakistanis transferred $5bn to Dubai in 2013 and 2015 annually for the... Published May 27, 2015 06:19am

Embassy in Oman

I AM a Pakistani professional working in Oman for the last more than five years. Early in the morning if you take a... Published May 27, 2015 06:19am

K-IV water supply project

The federal government has funded the Lahore Orange Line metro to the tune of Rs162 billion but failed to provide ... Published May 27, 2015 06:19am

Civic facilities

THE issue of May 23 carried two letters to the editor that highlight the pathetic condition of roads and blocked... Published May 27, 2015 06:19am