Let’s have a king

History will surely be interested in the anatomy of the Islamabad trial of democracy.

Towards madness

Thus far the economy has been a reluctant guest in the whole affair, dragged in to quench the thirst for vindication

Theatre of the absurd

It is now a game of nerves and a battle of marches as the prime minister’s supporters too are taking to the streets.


Another trying day

The resignation of Premier Sharif would effectively mean the end of the government Pakistan elected just 15 months ago.

Model Town FIR

The PAT lawyers were confronted with the same stalling tactics that were employed to deny the PAT's demand thus far.

A laudable approach

Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal and Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian met in Jeddah.

Dangerous trends

In truth, there are no guarantees in politics.

Swiss talks

The Swiss envoy to Pakistan has reportedly said the talks are “just a technical meeting” to avoid double taxation.

Need for precaution

There were over 30 dengue-related deaths in Sindh last year, while over 6,000 people tested positive.

Controversial allegations

Now it is the turn of Afzal Khan, a retired additional secretary in the ECP when the May 2013 general election was held.


Democracy and people

THE constitution must embody the well-being and aspirations of the people. Laws should be implemented to protect the...

Losing popularity

Like most of my peers I remained apolitical. This election I thought I would take a stand. I knew if I wanted ...

Bizarre proposals

WITH reference to your editorial ‘PTI’s bizarre proposals’ (Aug 25), we should no longer be surprised by...

Media & code of conduct

EVERY day one politician or another takes advantage of the current situation in the country, holds a press ...

Voting system

DIFFERENT countries have adopted the electronic voting system, with Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Finland,...

Sultan Rahi lives

Hearing the bluster and brag of Imran Khan in the afternoon and evening sessions of the PTI sit-ins, one is...