02 September, 2014 / Ziqa'ad 6, 1435

An early post-mortem

What will come out of this is the same old discourse around civilian politicians — that they’re corrupt and prone to

Enemy at the gate

Hopefully, realisation has dawned that peace is not about to break out with India.


Army’s questionable decisions

The carefully constructed veneer of neutrality that the army leadership had constructed has been torn apart.

Rock and a hard place

The reason why the police turned their ire on journalists as Islamabad descended into chaos is not hard to understand.

Endangered temple

The white stripe on the national flag designed to represent Pakistan’s numerous minority-religion groups is ignored.

Hard choices for the PML-N

Having survived a tumultuous, disastrous weekend, the govt still has the opportunity to try and salvage the situation

Violence must be probed

The shocking, terrible events of Saturday evening need to be urgently investigated to prevent a repeat ahead.

Cricket flop in Sri Lanka

The series proved a sort of watershed for talented youngsters such as Ahmed Shahzad, Khurram Manzoor and Umar Akmal.

A disastrous turn of events

Can Nawaz Sharif survive? The answer, in these frantic hours, must surely be a miserable, despondent no.


Javed Hashmi’s choice

WHAT moral authority does Imran Khan have to dismiss Javed Hashmi from the party? Wasn’t Mr Hashmi an elected...

Salute to govt

I SALUTE the patience of the government of Nawaz Sharif in dealing with the demands made by Imran Khan and Dr ...

Advice to PM

AS a citizen, my advice to the prime minister is that he should not resign just because Imran Khan and Dr Tahirul...

Our own worst enemy

FOR more than a month the country has been held hostage to the obsession of two individuals: one driven by the ...


Apropos the letter (Aug 31), the writer has rightly coined the word “democrazy,” which is an apt description of...

Sit-ins and roadblocks

THE civil administration has made it a common practise of blocking public thoroughfares the moment an unusual event...

Unwise moves

IT was sensible of the army command to advise rulers to manage the situation, but the latter seems to have missed ...