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Move for a broad gag law

The authors of cybercrime bill have tried to mislead the public by using Article 19 to cover up their gag plan. Updated Apr 23, 2015 02:11am

A resounding victory for MQM

The MQM’s share of valid votes, 74pc, was around the same in NA-246 during the last elections. Published Apr 25, 2015 04:41am

PM’s Saudi visit

It will take some time before the success or failure of Premier Nawaz Sharif’s trip to Saudi Arabia becomes apparent. Published Apr 25, 2015 04:41am

Absent lawmakers

There seems to be almost an institutionalised effort to set a tradition that encourages members to stay away from the NA Published Apr 25, 2015 04:41am

LNG muddle persists

The policy framework required to manage and transport LNG to upcountry customers requires a little bit of work. Updated Apr 24, 2015 02:48am

Corridor of politics

It would be a mistake to minimise the political controversies that grow around the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Updated Apr 24, 2015 02:39am

Kidnapping at airport

No doubt, many would be justified in describing the situation inside Pakistan as a security nightmare. Updated Apr 24, 2015 02:45am

Distressing report card

In the aftermath of the visit by the Chinese president and the optimism generated by the announcement of multiple... Updated Apr 23, 2015 02:07am

‘Karachi operation’: another view

Apropos your editorial ‘Karachi operation’ (April 19), you rightly give the operation an overall positive review... Published Apr 25, 2015 06:40am

Democrats: local govt

A LARGER bench of the Lahore High Court in its unanimous judgement on April 17 rightly held that the decision of the... Published Apr 25, 2015 06:40am

Unruly lawyers

LAWYERS in Peshawar called for a two-day strike because a bomb was defused by the police in front of a senior... Published Apr 25, 2015 06:40am

Strikes and doctors

IT is important to remember that strikes just don’t happen, they are caused. Since strikes in Pakistan are getting... Published Apr 25, 2015 06:40am

University Road

THIS refers to the pathetic condition of University Road in Karachi. It is surprising that this road is being ... Published Apr 25, 2015 06:40am

Gagging people

THIS refers to news regarding the approval of a ‘Cyber crime bill’ by a standing committee of parliament before... Published Apr 25, 2015 06:40am

Iqbal’s dream

AFTER the completion of the burial ceremony of poet-philosopher Allama Iqbal, an English officer said: “Today, you... Published Apr 25, 2015 06:40am