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The death of a hermit

Being out of the field turned Mullah Omar into a symbolic figure who kept the Taliban organisation united. Published Aug 05, 2015 01:02am

Wind power

Assuming there is political will, can there be a plan to harness 3,000MW in, say, the next three years? Published Aug 04, 2015 06:36am

Mumbai attacks trial

Dealing with the Mumbai mayhem, planned and launched from its soil, requires Pakistan to face the truth, admit mistakes. Updated Aug 03, 2015 09:43am

An anti-poor society

The removal of any settlement of more than 40 houses has to be accompanied by a resettlement plan. Published Aug 03, 2015 02:10am

Difficult, yet necessary

Does the state have the wherewithal to do what needs to be done on the crucial front of madrassah reforms ? Updated Aug 05, 2015 07:27am

Traders vs FBR

The state should stand its ground firmly and refuse to compromise further than the concessions already made. Updated Aug 05, 2015 07:31am

Altaf Hussain’s diatribe

When one politician behaves badly, others cannot seem to help but add to the tensions. Updated Aug 04, 2015 07:33am

District universities

Provision of easy available quality education is a larger enterprise than what one institution alone can manage. Updated Aug 04, 2015 07:37am

Cricket triumph

Pakistan's remarkable victory in the T20 series against Sri Lanka reaffirms their status as the most unpredictable team. Updated Aug 04, 2015 10:41am

Security advisers’ meeting

If the Pak-India relationship is to move forward, perhaps PM Sharif needs to re-think his foreign policy set-up first. Updated Aug 03, 2015 06:39am

Woes of a Balochistan schoolteacher

THE Balochistan government is legally bound to reimburse the medical expenses of its employees. I am a Senior... Published Aug 05, 2015 06:48am

LNG import

THIS is a apropos news report (July 21), referring to a statement by Mr Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Minister for Petroleum... Published Aug 05, 2015 06:48am

Liver transplant

IN Pakistan, 300,000 (35pc) patients of chronic liver disease and liver cancer need liver transplantation, according... Published Aug 05, 2015 06:48am

Scholarship & nepotism

RECENTLY the list of successful candidates for the MPA scholarship programme has been made public in Lasbela... Published Aug 05, 2015 06:48am

Nadra online

ON the interior minister’s directive, Nadra has taken steps to issue CNICs online. This decision should be... Published Aug 05, 2015 06:48am

CDA allottees

THIS is an appeal to the federal government, the minister of interior, the CDA chairman and the Supreme Court of... Published Aug 05, 2015 06:48am

Intelligentsia response

THIS is apropos the recent eviction of slum dwellers in Islamabad and the response of our intelligentsia to this... Published Aug 05, 2015 06:48am