The problems of polygamy

In recent years, polygamy has become more normalised in Pakistan’s marital culture, and is presented as a solution for


Counterterrorism challenges

THE National Counter-Terrorism Centre near Kharian, Gujrat, inaugurated by army chief Gen Raheel Sharif on Tuesday ...

A new approach?

IT could be out-of-the-box thinking, but to what end is unclear at the moment. What one can posit about the...

Pak-Afghan ties: the road ahead

Ghani is seen as a pragmatist who is aware that peace and stability in the region will depend on Pak-Afghan relations.

Militant monks

RELIGIOUS zealotry mixed with xenophobic nationalism can create a toxic ideology that has the ability to tear...

Karachi operation

Rangers had conducted 3,696 raids, arrested 6,835 suspects and seized 5,214 weapons during the year of the initiative.

PTCL suspension

Telephones, landlines and some operations by mobile phone companies linked to PTCL went dead.

Apology and after

The PPP has only been reduced to a regional party, more or less confined to Sindh.


Income tax or penal tax?

I GOT myself registered for income tax and obtained NTN in July 2014. I invested in stocks and fixed deposits when...

‘Spiritual scholar’

I was shocked to read the referred article by Nadeem Paracha in Dawn of Sept 21.There was misleading information in...

The curse of dowry

MY maid put everything she had at stake just to gather enough dowry for her daughter’s marriage. She wished to...

Tourist spots in Sindh

RECENTLY, I visited Mithi district in Sindh for some official work. It took me some hours before I realised that I...

Status quo plutocracy

THIS refers to the letter ‘Saving democracy’ (Sept 24) by Agha Zeeshan. Every concerned Pakistani like the ...

Imran vs Zardari

RECENTLY, Asif Ali Zardari, out of sheer jealousy and grudge, has ridiculed Imran Khan by saying that Mr Khan is...

‘Prof Imran’

THIS refers to the letter ‘Prof Imran’ (Sept 24) by Dr Mahnaz Fatima. This could be a coincidence but I told my...