Wednesday, April 16, 2014

PPP to be with govt against any ‘adventure’

Senator Farhatullah Babar asks political forces to join hands against undemocratic forces.

Militants attacked after soldier hurt in blast

Helicopter gunships attacked militant hideouts in North Waziristan after a security man was injured in an explosion.

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New governor suggests amnesty for militants

KP governor Sardar Mehtab says there is no harm in granting amnesty to militants if they submit to the Constitution.

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Musharraf treason trial still on hold

ISLAMABAD: Despite his indictment, the Special Court constituted to try retired general Pervez Musharraf for high...

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Sharif, Zardari meet today

The two are meeting against the backdrop of the tensions between the civilian and military leaderships.

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ECP let banned outfit contest 2013 polls

An alliance of five politico-religious parties, including a banned outfit, somehow managed to be recognised by the ECP.

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