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An air traveller’s experience


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I WOULD like to share with the readers my experience with a foreign airline which was in sharp contrast with the performance of PIA.

I have always found PIA service staff arrogant, grumpy and reluctant workers.

Recently, I travelled on a foreign airline. I suffered a severe asthma attack during flight. My wife immediately called the air hostess who rushed and within seconds came with an oxygen cylinder and put the mask on me.

It was announced if there was a doctor on board. An Iraqi surgeon came and gave me a complete checkup.

The hostess kept on standing with the cylinder till I slightly recovered and told her that I was feeling better.

As soon as the plane landed and before the passengers got down, the airport doctor rushed to attend to me and told me to go straightaway to the airport clinic where more doctors were waiting for me who put me on nebuliser.

For a short flight of four hours, isn’t it great service provided by an airline?

Can we compare the attitude of PIA staff with this service?


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Agha Ata Aug 13, 2013 08:41am

Was Hitler a peace loving person? Are Taliban full of compassion and love? Does PIA staff give good service?
What kind of questions are you asking Mr. Author?

Ali Imran Aug 13, 2013 10:40am

The irony is that PIA helped setup successful foreign airlines in its hey day. The level to which it has devolved is a tragedy, all institutions in Pakistan have so much potential its a pity that they do not strive towards it and instead are focused on an early demise.

Tahir A Aug 13, 2013 04:47pm

With PIA it would have been "Innalillah wa inna allehe raje uoon".

Ali Ahmad Aug 13, 2013 06:12pm

You should have named the airline and the route. Airline services differ by the route although not in terms of lifesaving and medical assistance. As it is there are limited choices out of Pakistan to fly internationally people will benefit from your recommendation when making a choice to fly out of Pakistan.

Nadeem (US) Aug 13, 2013 08:01pm

PIA once a trend setter. It used to be the best airline in the world. PIA was the industery, except for manufacturing planes, PIA was training crew/staff, not only for PIA, but for the neighbouring countries (except India). Instead of blameing PIA, blame PPP and PLM (N) and Punbaj. Since "Sada Girayan" and "Jayalah" inducted in PIA, organization's performance declined. If you induce matric failed in a well repute organization how come you expect that org. is going to survive? PIA had a policy that can hire just one dependent/relative of an employee, since BIG BROTHERS took over the charge of PIA there was o control and you could see a force of SADA GIRAayan. Right now PIA have only 17 planes in opreation, how could you expect those 17 planes can feed 28000 employees. NOw come to Amiruddin's point, do any one think if a person is sick or dying, cabine crew is not going to help that person? We complained about the service and food of PIA, I wish people who are complaining about the service, they would travel form New York to LA or any other destination within US, you will get only water, soft dringk and a samll back of peanuts, if you are hungry "you have to buy food during the flignht" Or bring your own food to eat during the flight.

Ramez Abid Aug 14, 2013 04:57pm

Yes u can,infact at times even better.I have always had a good experience with PIA's crew setting aside their ground services.And yes i m a regular traveller and have travelled 14 different airlines uptil now and never on any local Pakistani airline.

Nasim Aug 14, 2013 07:24pm

PIA also do that, there is lot of incident were PIA flight was diverted due to medical emergency, and it cost alot to airline to divert a flight, but everyone does that, the airline you were travelling is no better then PIA and any other airline in this regard. And nobody praises PIA for doing that only critizing is not the solution. If you seeing a positive side of some thing then u should also see the positve side of other as well, i have waited for hours in Dubai for an emirates flight which was late due to unavialbilty of aircraft, nobody make a fuss about it and it happen but if it happen with PIA all hell broke lose.

Imran Aug 14, 2013 11:53pm

Dear Writer,

I think thats a very unsided view. Are you comparing being ill on two different flights one with PIA and one with another airline? Just ground crew are rude, doesnt mean others are incompetent. Let me tell you many low level staff in PIA is inducted as "favor" or "compensation" for people of one special political party. But, there are also the merit selected top notch professionals. Rest assure PIA cabin crew is trained to high standards. PIA aircraft, like this un-named airline are equipped with medical equipment because it is international law. PIA crew are trained to assist you because it is international law. They are professional and do theire job well. But when you see sons of ministers beating pia staff, abusing them, etc. like personal property, naturally the staff is demoralized. Plz dont take personal. I am a critic of PIA but in this case I think you are unfair. Unless you can compare it to an exact case of being sick on two airlines.

Similarly, I could tell you the time I flew Jeddah -Lahore on Saudi airline. There was a security threat and we were stranded in Dammam airport for 12 hours. Then plane left for Lahore. Now I should go and start writing negative things for them? No, I wont, because that is acting like a spoilt, uneducated, "waderay ka beta" crying because daddy didnt give him candy. They got me to my destination safe and sound, thats what matters. And I understand just 1 person rude doesnt mean whole airline is rude or incompetent. In our culture and society where nepotism, bribery and favoritism reek from every recruitment into PIA, you should expect bad behavior. But remember, PIA has an impeccable record and ill passengers are given the due and possible assistance. Plus if you were on PIA flight, at least dozen doctors would have come to you :)

Safe journeys!