KISHORGANJ: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, chief of the Awami League, has called upon the people to rise against the vested interests, the traitors and the exploiters who during the last 22 years sucked the blood of the common man. The Sheikh made this call to the wayside gatherings at the railway stations between Mymensingh and Kishorganj in the afternoon [Feb 14].

He said that the only way to eliminate all these anti-people elements was the ballot scheduled on Oct 5. He said the traitors of Bengal were solely and wholly “responsible for inhuman sufferings of the people of Bengal”. He said that the ensuing election would give the people an opportunity to realise their just demands and their much cherished regional autonomy on the basis of Six-Point Programme without which he said the Bengalese could not live at par with their counterparts in West Pakistan.

He maintained that the Bengalese had suffered much during the ten years of dictatorial rule of Ayub Khan which resulted in the complete breakdown of the economic structure. “We must not allow ourselves to be exploited and oppressed anymore,” he added. The Sheikh declared that he would sacrifice his last drop of blood for the realisation of the people’s just demands and full regional autonomy on the basis of the Six-Point Programme.

Published in Dawn, February 15th, 2020