Former federal minister Sikandar Bosan clearly didn't expect this kind of a welcome when he decided to visit his home constituency of Multan for election campaigning.

The former PML-N leader was taken aback when his shiny black 4x4 was surrounded by a group of citizens demanding to know why he was seeking their votes when he (allegedly) hadn't visited the constituency in five years.

Footage of the scene shows the crowd chanting slogans of lota! lota! (turncoat) and chor! chor! (thief) against the former minister who is reportedly in talks these days to rejoin the PTI.

"The constituency is in such a bad shape, why haven't we seen you in five years?" a citizen asks Bosan.

Pointing out that Bosan didn't even have a single road paved in the area, the residents even offer to take him on a tour of the constituency to show its state. And the former minister's attempts to placate the crowd go virtually ignored.

Before the video that we received of the embarrassing episode ends, Bosan is seen wiping the sweat off his forehead...