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I would make health and education free and there will be uniform standards of these everywhere.

Fatima Imran

12, Karachi

I would like to bring about an improvement in social services, particularly related to women’s social and health issues. I would introduce a helpline for women who are in any sort of danger, and have separate parking areas for them too.

Simran Pamela Shahani

16 years, Karachi

I will build houses in every province for the poor and free food will also be provided there. I would also buy land and hire poor people to irrigate the land and grow crops on it to enhance the country’s production and improve agricultural export, thus enhance Pakistan’s economy.

Ahmad Shahzad,

13 years

Luckily, if I become the PM for one day, then I will end child labour and honour killing from every part of the country.

Iqra Yar,

13 years, Turbat

I will put all the corrupt people in prison and take all the looted money from them. I will give jobs to honest people.

Afra Riaz,

14 years, Turbat

I will end corruption by removing corrupt people working at all levels from all departments as it is the biggest issue in the country.

Gulnaz Aslam,

14 years, Turbat

I would help the poor people of Pakistan. I would order centres to be built on every road where wealthy people could donate toys, money, food, clothes and even books. All poor people could come and get anything from such centres for free.

Amna Zaidi,

11 years, Karachi

If I will be the Prime Minister of Pakistan for one day, I will not change my lifestyle. I will also not demand any luxuries and protocol. I will work for the liberation of the Kashmiris and will free them from Indian forces. If I have to sacrifice my life for them, I will gladly do that.

Afaf Nawaz,

16 years, Faisalabad

If I get the opportunity to be the leader of Pakistan, then first I would eradicate corruption and corrupt leaders of the country. Every department would be free from corruption, and honesty and justice would prevail

Shakeel Phullan,

16 years, Turbat

I would start the development of new and wider roads to control the traffic problem. I would also improve the public transport system and the rescue services of Pakistan.

Saaim Saadi,

13 years, Karachi

I would love to be the prime minister for a day. The first thing I would do is to ask all the teachers of Pakistan to help students in their studies and extracurricular activities with their whole heart.

Ten best teachers, whose students perform extraordinarily well, would be selected from all the schools in Pakistan. These selected teachers, along with their families, would be sent for a 10-day fun trip by the government.

Also, the top 10 students in Pakistan would be given a medal with Quaid-i-Azam’s picture on it and a toy of their choice. This way we can encourage good performance and appreciate both children and teachers.

Rida Pasha

7 years, Karachi

If I will be given this opportunity, I will work for 24 hours that day because I have so many plans in my mind. I will offer free medical treatment to everyone. And I would order everyone to be happy and keep each other happy so that all of us can stay happily and in peace.

Nimah Muiz,

8 years, Islamabad

I would try to eliminate the class differences created by money because of which people are divided. There would be a big feast that day. Everyone would sit together, regardless of class. They will communicate and hopefully understand each other better and in future help each other out in terms of money, education etc., and be united at all times. There would be a clean-up drive afterwards and every single citizen, including myself, will take part in it and help remove all the trash and dispose them at garbage-dump sites.

Sheza Fayaz

13 years, Karachi

I will have an online system for every office department and institute of the government so that data would be transferred to head offices fast, and I won’t let dishonest people work for Pakistan.

Sheherbano Rind

12 years, Jamshoro

I would try to end pollution from Pakistan and there would be strict rules to stop people from throwing even a single wrapper or litter. If anyone did that then they would get punished.

Mir Kazim Raza Talpur,

13 years, Karachi

As a PM, the one thing I would do would be to change Pakistan into a clean country. There will be dustbins everywhere and anyone who spits on the road will be fined. I will make sure sweepers are paid very well and that dustbins are emptied regularly.

Hasan Asif,

8 years, Karachi

I will kick out those corrupt leaders due whom our country is suffering. Corruption is the only thing which is causing all the problems in the country, so no corruption, no problems.

Sana Khan,

17 years Turbat

I will end injustice in the country. Today we are doing injustice with the poor as they are deprived of their basic rights. I will provide equal rights to the poor, they will get their share in everything, including employment, education, healthcare and much more.

Sanaullah Samad,

18 years Turbat

If I get a chance to do one thing as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, I will change the educational system and make education free for the poor and orphans, up to the postgraduate level. I think it will be more helpful than the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme.

Hasnain Ali Joyo,

17 years, Nawabshah

I will help the beggars, give jobs to the youth, remove corruption and punish the corrupt. I will do things because of which in every country there would be most respect of my country Pakistan.

Zamin Talpur,

11 years, Karachi

My first priority would be to make education accessible to all, particularly women.

Ayesha Shafi,

14 years, Lahore

Although I am young and least interested in politics, if given a chance to be the Prime Minister for one day, I will try my level best to make Pakistan a better country and my first priority would be to reduce poverty.

I would approve different programmes to reduce poverty. I will allow provision of financial help to the poor people so that they could start small businesses. Finally, I would make education and health free for the less privileged so that they can change their lives.

Laaraib Abro,

12 years, Karachi

I would make a rule that everyone should pay taxes. Those who won’t will face punishment. This way there will be more money for the state to use for making schools and universities, so more children can be educated.

Ali Bin Salman,

14 years, Islamabad

My aim would be to solve grave problems such as corruption, terrorism and corruption by politicians. I would establish more schools with better curriculum. As an exuberant teen, I would promote the sports sector, especially football because we are far behind in Fifa rankings.

Talal Ali,

16 years, Multan

I will improve the literacy rate of Pakistan. I will work to improve the neglected areas, streets and roads of Pakistan.

Ayesha Masood,

13 years, Rawalpindi

I would ensure the implementation of rules regarding cleanliness. I will order trees and flowers to be planted everywhere.

Waqar Ali Shar,

15 years, Ghotki

My topmost priority would be to eradicate corruption, because it is only then that I would be able to take further measures.

Maryam Batool,

15 years, Karachi

I would end the tax system and provide free quality education. I will give jobs to the jobless people.

Momin Zaman,

16 years, Quetta

I would develop a forum for the youth to work for the betterment of Pakistan. Empowering the youth means empowering the country and with their talent, they will bring a positive image of our country in front of the whole world.

Abeeha Jamshed,

10 years, Karachi

I will make education compulsory for everybody, regardless of their age.

I will abolish separate education boards and create only one that is ‘Pakistan Education Board’ with the latest version of textbooks.

Harendra Kumar,

18 years, Hyderabad

The first thing I’d do would be to make many boarding schools for the poor. These boarding schools will offer free food, clean clothes, good hygiene, a place to sleep and good education. These schools would not only be for children but also for adults who want to gain education. This way people will have a respectable place to have live and gain education at the same time.

Ayesha Dadabhoy,

11 years, Karachi

I will make Pakistan a prosperous country by eradicating corruption and taking measures to end poverty. Then I will provide clean drinking water and electricity to various areas of Pakistan where these necessities are missing.

Zeeshan Haider Baladi,

17 years, Karachi

Education will be my first priority, so I will build schools and colleges all over the country.

Ramsha Jatoi,

15 years, Karachi

I will ban the cutting of trees. If someone cuts one tree, he/she would have to plant two trees. I would keep dustbins everywhere and if people will not throw garbage in the bin, they will have to pay a penalty. I would also provide recycle bins in each society so that people can put things to recycle in it.

Rao M. Umer,

12 years, Karachi

I will spread education and promote budding scientists and inventors. If everyone becomes educated there will be no robberies, no corrupt, and everyone will respect women and our country will become the best in the whole world.

Zinia Rehman,

10 years, Karachi

I would be honest to my position, myself and to the people. Instead of trying to build or collect money for anyone, I would try convincing people to help others and not just think about themselves. Even if five percent of the people of Pakistan are convinced, then a single act of generosity by these five percent can change the lives of many.

Rija Qadri,

15 years Karachi

My first priority will be to eliminate illiteracy from Pakistan by building schools, and providing free and safe education to all Pakistani children.

Maryam Amjad,

10 years, Karachi

My foremost priority would be to improve services for the landowners of Pakistan. As Pakistan is an agricultural country with most of the population being rural, I would arrange water supplies for landowners, provide high-yielding seeds, farming machinery, fertilisers and pesticides. I would develop research institutes which would focus on the development of highly productive and sustainable farming technologies. I would encourage organic farming and use of modern farming techniques, instead of the old, traditional methods. These steps would boost the economy of Pakistan.

Anusha Hussain,

13 years, Hyderabad

I would work to preserve water, and build dams and artificial lakes to store water. I would also bring modern sanitation system and filtration to Pakistan. I would create all sorts of water management programmes and also pass laws for saving water. In addition, I would bring water desalination units and recycling water system to Pakistan.

Ali Asghar,

10 years, Lahore

I would start a campaign that would promote unity and education in every part of Pakistan. People, regardless of their social status and gender, would be able to get quality education and have good jobs.

Mahrukh Malik,

14 years, Lahore

I will implement rules to destroy feudalism. I will end discrimination and promote equal rights and justice so that Pakistan becomes a peaceful and prosperous land.

M. Shahmir,

12 years, Karachi

I wish to make Karachi clean and green. I would rid my city of the huge garbage dumps which are currently spoiling the city’s beauty. I would make this city lively and beautiful again.

Sadia Kiran

17 years, Karachi

I would reform the garbage dumping and collection system. I would impose fines on anyone who throws even a single wrapper on the streets.

If we can clean and polish our own homes, why not the country? I will also assign regular sweeping trucks to wash the roads daily.

Laiba Shakil,

13 years, Karachi

I would like to bring change in the country by focussing on the poor first. I would provide every poor person with free education so that in the future they are able to get good jobs. I would make sure that poverty vanishes from Pakistan forever and people get all the rights they deserve.

Maryam Rahman,

12 years, Karachi

I will allocate a large budget for education so that our educational institutes become at par with those of the best universities abroad. This way the youth will remain and study in Pakistan instead of going abroad.

Muhammad Bilal,

18 years, Rawalpindi

I’ll punish everyone who disobeys traffic rules and throws trash on the roads/streets while there are bins for it.

I’ll ask every school to give admission to at least 20 poor children every year to study free of cost. All their books, bags and other things will be provided by the government.

Kiswah Larik,

13 years, Karachi

Published in Dawn, Young World August 12th, 2017