Hussain Haqqani
Hussain Haqqani -File Photo

ISLAMABAD: Husain Haqqani, Pakistan's former ambassador to the US, has officially asked the BlackBerry company on Wednesday to issue the records of his conversations with the US businessman Mansoor Ijaz relevant to the ‘memo case’.

Haqqani signed the No Objection Certificate (NOC) which states that he will not have any objections on issuing the details regarding his BlackBerry conversations with Mansoor Ijaz, sources said.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan earlier had ordered both Haqqani and Ijaz to sign the NOC.

Ijaz complied with the SC’s orders and provided his consent in this regard.

Experts claim that, despite the consent of both parties, the BlackBerry company will not be able to retrieve the records now because the company only maintains records of the last three months.

The SC had asked Haqqani to be present in the next hearing of the memo-commission on April 12 while sources say Haqqani will not be able to attend the hearing due to his health concerns.

Haqqani has submitted a petition to the memo-commission to delay the hearing of the case.

The petition stated that the commission should wait till the court’s decision regarding his application to record the statement via video link.