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Shame covers sleaze

Published Feb 09, 2012 10:05pm


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Many connected with the university admit that "seedy affairs had been going on in the holy precincts" for some time. – File Photo

ISLAMABAD: Sex scandals have rocked the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) in recent months, with several faculty and staff members accused of preying upon the vulnerable female students or juniors.

Many connected with the university admit that "seedy affairs had been going on in the holy precincts" for some time. But they did not speak on record.

Acting president Sahabzada Sajidur Rehman of the university, however, confirmed that recently a professor and a librarian left the university after allegations of rape emerged against them.

"We did not approach the police to investigate the allegations as it would have brought bad name to the university and set parents of the 9,500 girls studying here worrying," he told Dawn on Thursday.

Sources in the university claimed that the professor of economics department used to offer his victims "good marks" in examinations in return for sex. He would even force himself upon the unwilling with threats of failing her.

It was shocking to hear the president of the University Staff Welfare Association, Chaudhry Mohammad Nazir, say "the situation is far worse than what you know".

IIUI sources said the professor's escapades came to an end after he landed his last victim on January 20, a Friday. The university asked the victim to file a formal complaint for initiating action against the accused but her family refused.

However, the students union took up her case and threatened the university administration it would go public with the evidence, the sources said.

It was claimed to be the same kind of evidence that had gone viral on the internet and forced the university's old librarian to resign a few months earlier.

That was despite the university administration's alleged attempt to make his victim - a female assistant - to resign on the charge that she was a willing partner. But she firmly refused and went on leave.

On her return, the administration assigned her to a new department, according to her colleagues.

It is not that families of the victims of coercive sex took their sufferings lying down. One father reported a senior faculty member to the Prime Minister's Secretariat which instructed the Islamabad police to investigate.

When the investigators arrived to probe, however, the university officials pleaded with them to hush up the matter as "the accused has already been punished" and a probe would only tarnish the image of the university and scare the parents.

It is a different matter that for the librarian the punishment meant retiring six months before it was due, and for the professor resigning on his own and securing a new job in the National Agriculture Research Centre, allegedly with the help of friends in the bureaucracy.


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Comments (100) Closed

Umair Khalid Feb 10, 2012 02:36pm
What a shame? If these things are happening in the Islamic University, then what can we say about the other universities with co-education? People send their daughters to Islamic University so that they can have education in Purdah and this is what happens. The Administration of IIUI should be made accountable for such incidences and concerned people should be punished! We are muslims by name only!
Sadia Mahmood Feb 10, 2012 03:18pm
If not new then IIUI has been part of the crime since many years. They MUST investigate this.
Shashwat Mishra Feb 10, 2012 03:23pm
@ Mr. Umair Khalid, Co - education does not cause sexual exploitation. I am not saying anything you don't already know. Sexual exploitation would have been unlikey (though not impossible) had the faculty members been women. But, how is that to be? Women should not work, should they? The women must live in "purdah".
Ahmed Feb 10, 2012 03:33pm
@Umair, why would "other universities with co-education" be worse? Or even the same? Our culture has a history of hiding everything behind religion. About time we stopped this hypocrisy.
Favad Feb 10, 2012 03:39pm
Actually, these things happen more in so called Single Sex Islamic inistitutions, comapared to Co-education universities out there. We often hear complains that people from opposite genders are mingling with each other but at least they are not having sex in the name of an Islamic institution nor are they getting raped or anything.
leader Feb 10, 2012 03:48pm
oh nothing specifically associated with Islamic university, the fact of the matter is it happens everywhere, in schools, colleges, offices, even families !! grow up people !!
Asma Feb 10, 2012 04:09pm
If they are studying at university they are no longer girls, they are young ladies capable of making decisions for themselves.
Ameer Feb 10, 2012 04:12pm
"If these things are happening in the Islamic University, then what can we say about the other universities with co-education?" I feel extremely offended by this statement because my school was a co-education school and is one of the best in the country; producing brilliant minds working all over the world. Be careful before you start burping out prejudice regarding things you have no knowledge of.
Shfiea Feb 10, 2012 04:26pm
Thanks Dawn for exposing this shameful state of affairs taking place at the IIUI. Exploitation of women, sexual or otherwise, is more common across the world than is reported. That’s because even in the developed world, female victims of rape hesitate to come forward because of the associated stigma and for the fear that they'll not be believed. Nonetheless, many countries have laws against these crimes and also enforce them. Sexual exploitation and degradation of women at any place and at any level is unacceptable, regardless of whether the place of crime has the word “Islam” in its name or not. The perpetrators of sexual crimes against women must be prosecuted, punished and listed as sex offenders. Because the professor and the librarian responsible for these heinous acts worked at the “Islamic” University, it is all the more important that they must be arrested and then tried according to Islamic laws. Harsh as it may sound, if found guilty, they must be hanged in public because in Islam that’s the punishment of rape committed by a married man; and THIS PENALTY FITS THE CRIME PERFECTLY!
Shfiea Feb 10, 2012 05:39pm
That they are "ladies" now, they should decide whether they should be raped or not. In other words, if they ended up getting raped, they must have allowed it to happen. Give me a break!
shankar Feb 10, 2012 06:22pm
It happens but it needs to be prevented. How is growing up ( to accept it and not do anything about it ) help?
Ayesha Feb 10, 2012 06:33pm
The "Islamic" institutions are more likely to let this kind of thing happen because if anything comes to light, they'd hush it up. It's a sad, sad thing for me to learn this because I spent 5 years in Islamic University. Still, I refuse to defend the university. The only reason that such crimes happen is because the perpetrators are protected by the administration and all the problems are swept under the rug.
Syed Feb 10, 2012 06:47pm
This is pretty sad and disgusting. Not only these people should be fired but put behind the jail.
Ayesha Feb 10, 2012 07:01pm
The only reason this happened, and continued to happen is because the morally bankrupt "educators" didn't prosecute the criminals from the start. So many victims could've been protected and so many similar crimes prevented if the people in authority didn't "hush it up". These men should be publicly punished. And by that I don't mean fired or fined, I mean publicly whipped and stoned. Where is your Islamic Law now? Where is your Hudood Ordinance??? And if anyone even thinks about blaming the victims, SHAME ON YOU! Who is the stronger party here??? Who took advantage of their strength? I say these victims deserve our respect and praise for having the strength to step forward and report this. Especially in the face of such bureaucratic covering up of this heinous crime. I am an alumnus of the Islamic University, I studied there for five years, but I refuse to defend the university. Such bullying and criminal acts should not be covered up for anything, least of all for "saving face"!
BS Murthy Feb 10, 2012 07:02pm
The wrong-doers are aware that they can go scot-free as religious taboos and social stigmas come in the way of their victims exposing their exploitations.
AHA Feb 10, 2012 07:14pm
To Shankar - I agree with you, absolutely. Leader seems to be suggesting that all this is acceptable.
Kamran Feb 10, 2012 08:27pm
am shocked by the acting president Sahabzada Sajidur Rehman remarks “We did not approach the police to investigate the allegations as it would have brought bad name to the university" this is the very same excuse the catholic church gives for not reporting the child acuse scandal.. to stop a crime it must be reported by not reporting the crime the acting president is encouraging more abuse
Shri Feb 10, 2012 08:40pm
Let us not single-out IUII for this. It is happening all over south asia. Internet and Mobile phones have contributed very heavily towards spread of this menace. There is rapid degeneration of moral values in the society and we appear to have accepted our helplessness and abondoned ourselves to our fate. I am not against technology but there must be some degree of control over for what purpose it can be used. Most of us live a dual life and have holier than you attitude. Religion or Nationality just doesn't matter.
Shri Feb 10, 2012 08:53pm
I agree with you as far as harrassment, exploitation or rape is concerned the perpetrators must be punished. There is other side of story as well. I have also seen women exploiting men and using their charms, particularly, at workplaces to get jobs, promotions and postings. That is also wrong. So it is not a one way traffic.
Adil Jadoon Feb 10, 2012 08:55pm
You keep telling yourself that. Your prejudice and narrow mindedness is very obvious.
Lahori Badshah Feb 10, 2012 09:18pm
I feel offended by the statement of the University's acting president: "We did not approach the police to investigate the allegations as it would have brought bad name to the university and set parents of the 9,500 girls studying here worrying,” A crime is a crime and we need to bring the perpetrators to justice, which would have restored some credibility to the institution and given the parents & let us not forget the victims here, a sense of justice. This makes me sick to my stomach.
Rahmat Feb 10, 2012 09:28pm
Everyone needs to understand that sexual attraction is a law of nature, and a very basic instinct. What is deplorable is when there is exploitation and resultant ruination of the less empowered. If it is mutual interaction by consent between two adults, others should simply butt out. Religious figures have got away with exploitation by claiming divinity and bestowing some kind of favour. Politicians get away through intimidation and threats. Simple folks who act on their pure instincts become innocent victims at the hands of those who think it is their 'right' to interfere. Stop this hypocrisy
Rahmar Feb 10, 2012 09:40pm
You must be kidding - Hanged? How do you know it was exploitation. If there is a place for people to be harshly punished it is for those - as you rightly pointed out, who exploit others. It is also for those who wish to impose their intolerant, barbaric and brutal views on others. Death does not befit the crime here.
The Right Left Feb 10, 2012 09:47pm
This only proves my point that religions are not guarantors of pious or civil behavior. It is the character of man not his relgion that detemines his conduct in private and public life. We are all witness to the failures of men of belief.
Mohammad Feb 10, 2012 09:54pm
This article doesn't help. Who are sex offenders and victims? Names? How it has been happening? You need to dig it out. Those considered sex offenders most likely to commit similar crimes. If you don't expose, they will get away with it.
Kashif Feb 10, 2012 10:26pm
Its very sad to see exploitation & molestation is growing in our institutes and the culprits get away easy
Jawad Feb 10, 2012 10:40pm
We need names! Can someone please name the econ prof and librarian
Ahmad Feb 10, 2012 10:45pm
Hang them. Where are you Maulvis. Do something for a change to protect the women of Pakistan. Shame on the President who concealed the crime. Had he done the same if his daughter was raped or molested.
ABCD Feb 10, 2012 11:07pm
I used to be a part of one of the universities as a Lecturer in the Women's Campus. I think we should remove the word "ISLAMIC" before the university and begin thinking n acting more pessimistically, as of these incidents happen in every domain. Islamic University was same as before. Girls did get their educations from the same university under the supervision of male and female staff. However, Question is: WHY DOES THE RATE OF THESE INCIDENTS GETTING RAISE? Answer is: Lower your head and try to look inside your neck. And search for the answer on: Am I living my life according the laws, provided by our own Creator ALLAH. Stop blaming! Start acting whatever Allah told us to do. The things will get back to it's right place. Then HE will look after for us in these kinds of incidents. HE will protect us like HE saved Hazrat Yousaf (A.S). Removing Dust from Clothes won't remove Dust from the Heart.One has to kill the desires of oneself. In that case, if it's true - getting good marks is one desire from one end while the other is............. from the other part. Stop believing in others and start believing in Allah and Yourself, No teacher or student will take advantage of your life. Opt to end with the line: Only Almighty Allah Knows the Truth.
Questioner Feb 10, 2012 11:17pm
how is rape and Co-education is even related? If by pointing out co-education you are directing your finger on possible affairs or even sex. Then please know: sex and RAPE are two different issues and should be treated like that.
farman siddiq Feb 10, 2012 11:21pm
its may all propaganda about Islamic we should not blindly believe on media..... we just investigate first from different authentic resources, then criticize on university.......
sarah Feb 11, 2012 12:08am
I understand that dawn news informs us of news events but i was disgusted by the video shown on dawn news even though it was blurred you could clearly see what was happening and i do not think the video was appropriate to be screened on a news channel which should be suitable for all ages!
Ahmed Ali Feb 11, 2012 12:11am
Extremely Shameful :(
ZK Feb 11, 2012 12:16am
'get raped' what do you mean by 'get raped'? do you honestly think 'rape' is such a trivial crime that anyone would actually want to 'get raped'? would YOU like to? Just because it's called an 'islamic' university doesn't make it heaven on earth. and again, it is no standard to judge 'non-islamic' universities by. i know of many universities where even brushing past a woman would have serious consequences, including expulsion/getting fired from a job. i wish the IIU would adopt such policies and carry out the law as necessary. please distinguish between 'abuse' and 'consent'. if the report is calling it abuse, it has to be that. not something gossip would force you to think. agreed university going females are adults. but do you honestly think everyone has the courage to say 'NO' to teachers/ seniors when our culture holds such a strong sense of respecting elders and instuctors? Strong females form emancipated backgrounds do. they've been taught from the start what to expect outside their homes. Not all parents are so 'open' about the matter with their children. that doesn't mean that there's something lacking in their kids' morals. it just means their kids haven't been made so streetwise. please ACCEPT that women who go out to study/work go out to do just that. and NOT to have sex. nobody is desperate enough to be thirsting after every opportunity offered to have a sexual experience. Women I know may be strong or timid, but both groups are totally willing to wait for a decent husband. it perhaps is hard to accept 'sexual abuse' with 'islamic' but unless soemthing isn't done about it, people will question the system. they will stand up for their rights. and if you don't feel inclined to help them, mind your own business. there is no need to point fingers and hurl accusations. after all, they are also daughters of respectable men and women, and have every right to an education in an Islamic institution devoid of sexual perverts.
adil Feb 11, 2012 12:35am
Thakur Feb 11, 2012 12:47am
While anyone remotely accused of blasphemy faces Islamic Punishments, rapists walk free to rape another day. Lets keep focusing on the periphery of the religion while totally ignoring the core..After-all arguments about the length of beards and colors of our turbans are far more important than sexual abuse aren't they..?
ghania Feb 11, 2012 12:56am
The only thing i want to say here that these things are not result of co education or single sex institution these all are because of lack of knowledge of "ISLAM". stop criticising that it is happening in islamic university just think that it is happening in islamic country.
Hayatullah Feb 11, 2012 01:05am
the reason is not of coeducation and seperate education youngsters do so but when the employes officers and respectected teachers do so they should be ridden on donkeys in the public
m h kayani Feb 11, 2012 01:24am
Hiding these action only makes it more common. The President and the acting admin should be removed and in fact tried in the court of law, appropriate punishment must be handed out. the sad fact is bloody society is stupid and uncivilised. also un-islamic freedom that makes it worst.
Azmat Feb 11, 2012 01:38am
How will you interpret last year sex scandal in Punjab University and Quaid i Azam University? Both are co-educated and scandal went on air in different TV talk shows. It has nothing to do with co or segregated institutions. We simply do not know workplace ethics.
Asma Feb 11, 2012 01:59am
Please focus when you read as you appear to have missed the point I was trying to make. At no stage was I condoning rape! Further, my comment is a general one aimed at highlighting the ability of young ladies to make decisions relating to their bodies.
Shaukat USA Feb 11, 2012 02:05am
These crimes happen in just about every society but the guilty are most often punished. There should also be awareness and education about sexual harassment in very enviroment. Institutions should have strong policies and zero tolerance against any type of sexual harassment. Please stop blaming women and I can assure you that religion has nothing to do with it. This reminds me of Penn State case. The Penn State University authorities tried to put the recent case of sexual harassment under the rug but the media in USA did not allow them to do that. Where is the Pakistani media?
Ahmed Zeeshan Feb 11, 2012 02:07am
Hi, My viewpoint is that the root cause of all this crap is not the absence of co-education thing but the frustration of few people (teacher and the librarian)and cowardliness of the victims and Truly speaking i blame them equally for all this incident since it was there duty to stand against the evil and report the incident to the management and to the media or atleast escalate it to the concerned authorities/organizations. Many Islamic organizations like Jamiat, etc are fully functional in the university and they are always looking forward to expose such incidents.
Ahmed Zeeshan Feb 11, 2012 02:21am
Man, Its not about Islamic University, its about the individual frustration which have occupied the professor and the cowardness of the victims who don't have the courage to stand against the evil since The education system in practice in HEC recognised universities is very flawless and it is not very easy for the faculty to simply ruin your career on the basis of personal grudges and threaten them. Now the victims who willingly agree to this crime either in the guilt of good marks or threat of failure, are the real culprits.
zubia Feb 11, 2012 02:32am
This is happening in Islamic International Univeristy BECAUSE it is an ISLAMIC focused University.It would NOT happen in other universities. You never hear of such things in other Universities.
Ayub Khan Feb 11, 2012 02:33am
I have been student of IIU as well as Quaid-e-Azam University. The later is very infame for such affairs. It is the semester system which should be blamed for. The teachers of these institution lure the females for higher marks, and take disadvantage of their position by entrapping the innocent victims.
Agha Ata Feb 11, 2012 03:00am
The solution is not in segregation of sexes. Solution lies in total freedom of socializing with each other, but it would not stop scandals, it will take decades to evolve into a healthy society like the ones we have here in the USA or in other modern countries.
Naeem Syed Feb 11, 2012 04:16am
“We did not approach the police to investigate the allegations as it would have brought bad name to the university and set parents of the 9,500 girls studying here worrying,” My question to Acting President. Sir if it was your daughter will you still be doing that? Shame on you that you worried about bad name. Being as head you will be answeable to Allah.
hammad Feb 11, 2012 08:13am
shame on those who condone rape and say its not ok to investigate these allegation. what if there own daughters were the one who get raped like this, only then they will call for investigation ???
Abdullah Feb 11, 2012 09:23am
This is not the only case there are lots of cases of corruption in last decade in which Administration violated all the rules n regulations and created such a moderate environment in which mingling up of male and female is not an issue. The chairpersons and Deans take their women faculty with them to please Rector and President in the name of Lunch and Dinners and get the promotions and benefits in reward. There are so many Illegal appointments due to this reason. One example is that of Dr. Riaz, who was appointed as Dean FBAS and currently serving as Director QEC after retirement on Contract, against the tuling of Supreme court. Another case is the illegal appointment of Dr. Irfan Khan Dean, FAS who has been hired by IIUI against the ruling of the Lahore High Court. LHC Dismisses Writ Petition of Dr. M. Irfan Khan Mr. Justice Sagheer Ahmed Qadri, Judge of the Lahore High Court (LHC), Rawalpindi Bench, Rawalpindi has dismissed two writ petitions filed by Dr. Muhammad Irfan Khan, terminated Professor of the Environmental Science, International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI). The services of the Professor who was on probation has been dispensed with on account of negligence and lack of professional performance. Dr. Muhammad Irfan Khan had obtained a stay order and filed a writ petition for his restoration but the learned court dismissed his applications terming them as malafide and without any strong reason. Mr. Rehan ud din Khan Golravi, Advocate pleaded IIUI in the Court.
Ahmed Saeed Feb 11, 2012 10:06am
shameful and disgracing
Atta Feb 11, 2012 11:20am
Let one thIng be clear here that these shameful incidents are acts of cruelty by so called literate persons and our beautiful religion Islam has nothing to do with it. If u ask me it is the selection procedure that never lets deserving people to come up... May Allah help us in eradicating lawlessness from our country... Long live Pakistan.
Asim Feb 11, 2012 01:16pm
LOL @ "We did not approach the police to investigate the allegations as it would have brought bad name to the university and set parents of the 9,500 girls studying here worrying,”what an idiot professor." So the reputation of any organization is more important than human dignity? Trying telling this to any western media...they will tear you apart. What an incompetent the acting president is.
Bushra Feb 11, 2012 01:30pm
A sex crime is a crime and rape is rape. International Un-Islamic University officials should not be a part of cover-up, and not be aiding and abetting rapists. FIR and criminal investigation is required in this case to protect all from sexual predators.
Hawk Feb 11, 2012 01:55pm
Doesn't matter. it is common in Pakistani Universities. Teachers always blackmail their female pupils in response of good marks. By the way the basic thing for preventing such kind of activities in universities parents should avoid to send their daughters in co-education system universities! And nothing is discussable here!
M M Ahmed Feb 11, 2012 02:03pm
An extremely shameful state of affair indeed; especially considering that this institution is supposed to impart Islamic Education and Morals. This is a serious matter; all the members of Civil Society should raise their voice and force the government for proper & impartial investigation and ensure that these criminals are tried and punished according to Islamic injunctions.
Fateh Mohammed Feb 11, 2012 02:22pm
The Vice Chancellor should have been dismissed by now after the exposure of the scandal for not taking legal action and allowing the criminals to go scot free . Its clearly an abject administrative failure on the part of the VC . Consent or no consent , is not the question , such happenings harm the academic environment of the university once the scandal surfaces and brushed under the carpet .
Nadeem Feb 11, 2012 02:56pm
The accused should be punished under Hudood as prescribed by the Sharia and administration should make them a terrifying example for those who have similar aspirations. These things have tarnished the holy relationship of teacher-student who are like father-son/daughter. Shame on the administration of this university let things go off fearing it would give bad name to the institution, did it not give bad name to anything else like ISLAMIC (International 'Islamic' University).
zeeshan ali Feb 11, 2012 03:22pm
This is real true
kashif Feb 11, 2012 04:00pm
USA has a healthy society. that is so laughable. how can a society that allows same sex marriages, where children are born out of wedlock, where institution of marriage is going out of fashion can be healthy. that in no way means that ours is a healthy society as well. we are hypocrites who do all this but do not have the courage to acknowledge it
A student sick of Ja Feb 11, 2012 04:10pm
umm .I have a different opinion here I think it's not about IIU only it's everywhere it's a propaganda by none other than the our very own "Jamiat" ,They actually don't want any male an female side other than the so called "females" (worst than males) can rule the university .the way they move ,they way the implement their laws ,nobody is able to appose them because their Maulana Bhai's would come over to pick u up .no Girl in uni is brave enough to oppose them, it's their propaganda they disrespected some teachers while accusing them of bad deeds.They have their influence over all departments and students have literally no right in this University !!! From , A student sick of Jamiat !!!
utterly nonsense Feb 11, 2012 04:26pm
What you are saying is utterly nonsense. Where there is mixing of males and females or even where there is same gender education you have this kind a escapades and sexual encounters. Your so narrow minded when you walk your earings knock together.
Shfiea Feb 11, 2012 04:34pm
Seems you want the predators 'rehabilitated'. Ask the women who were sexually victimized at IIUI, what they would like to see done to the perpetrators?
M Irfan Feb 11, 2012 05:51pm
WE people only got the grace of being a Muslim by birth. In our life we do not practice Islam as it is asked by our Allah and guided by our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad Sallalaho Alaihe Wassalam. Either a person attending the prayers 5 times a day or not., but he is involved in Sins of some kind. Some sins are small and some are big. Some sins are related to society in which we all are involved. If we are a Muslim community then first of all we are unable to stable our way of teaching which is the basic reason of every bad thing happening in our society. We have adopt the teaching methods of our Masters in past, and still now we are not serious to develop it according to Islamic Society. WE openly pass our days of life full of wrong decisions, work, caring of family and in every aspect either it is our business or our duty, we did not want to practice according to Islam. Now about this incident or incidents like this when occurs, no one think , that why is it happening? We have media in our home, which is in reach of every person who is 2 years old and big. What we are watching? Movies, Dramas, Advertisement of Feminism items, and every kind of sin is available on Media for everyone. Have we ever think that what this media is poisoning in our mind? We see a love story at night with our whole family including our parents and children both, and in the morning we want that we should live a pious life, like our muslim ancestors have practice. How is it possible.? I am not against media, but it should be under the Islamic society not under our old Masters policies. And for this we all have to struggle . The struggle will start within ourselves and then to our family and society. Always pray to Allah that Almighty Allah keeps us on our Righteous path. Ameen.
Naeem Feb 11, 2012 07:21pm
This comparison should not be made but you make me do it. Did you realize that US reports a large number of rape cases every year. Larger than many 'unhealthy' societies. And this is just the tip of the iceberg according to reports aired on NPR recently
partner Feb 11, 2012 08:40pm
Have you seen the related videos? both the cases are not of rape, both were the love-making at will. And there is no solution, 1 out of thousand of such cases is leaked and it is leaked through some carelessness of one of the partner otherwise it is happening every where. It is new Pakistan and love making is neither rare nor difficult in Schools, colleges, universities and Offices.
Asif Kiyani Feb 11, 2012 10:53pm
Being a student of international islamic university i am really feeling embarrassed that all such unethical and morally corrupt things are happening in my university.once i heard a proverb from my elders that: if wealth is lost nothing is lost if health is lost something is lost but if character is lost everything is lost. And you know that the above proverb is absolutely true. We should consider our character and do hereby our teaching and traditions.always keep one thing in your mind that greed is a curse and so lust or greed for anything is bad or could be worse even. thanks
seema anvery Feb 11, 2012 11:14pm
seema anvery Feb 11, 2012 11:21pm
Must be exposed and punished according to Islamic rules
Hussam Feb 11, 2012 11:49pm
How is your comment remotely associated with this incident?
Taimur Feb 12, 2012 12:02am
Mullahs are silent now - why - have the got the license from Allah to do all bad? Why the culprits were not punished according to Islamic laws? Seems we have Islamic laws just to persecute minorities.
M Abu ul Fazal Feb 12, 2012 12:06am
Why it's happening in public sector universities. First such news were heard from Punjab University, Peshawar University then Quaid-i-Azam University and now the Islamic University.
iiui Feb 12, 2012 12:10pm
It is the case that appears in front of us , there are so many cases that are hidden from our is very shameful for us because peoples outside consider us the guardian of Islam.Investigation is good so that in future teacher and student will take care of it and will try not to involve like in these type cases. This university was built to produce Islamic scholars to compete the non Muslim scholars but here the situation is going to opposite side....we are the proud students of Islamic University and we have to respect it in all ways....
Imran Feb 12, 2012 02:52pm
Taimur! Do you know the culprits? I am not very religious but They were not Mullahs rather had no beards.... You know black sheeps are everywhere. So why to blame Islam or Mullah.
Ayesha Feb 12, 2012 09:12pm
This is just a footnote on many of the comments, Those of you asking for "Names" ... naming the victims would further victimize them, and diminish their dignity even further. No one needs to know who they are, As far as the criminals are concerned, I would like to see them stripped of all privileges and publicly humiliated!
Enter your name... Feb 12, 2012 11:02pm
They r so many problems in IIUI regarding this, But right now its only Propaganda against Dr. Abdul Jabbar, Every one knows about Dr. Abdul Jabbar, HE was the Asset of IIUI, All teachers and Students all knows about him, Need to display Some hidden faces regarding this,
abdul latif Feb 12, 2012 11:28pm
This incident scared parents. It is universally believed that teachers are spiritual parents (ROOHANI WALDEN) but matter seems different now. I request parents and Islamic University Management to adopt legal course and only kicking out is not sufficient punishment. University professors and other staff must go for social boycott with them. They should not support them because these students are their children if they don't believe in this their kids may fall pray to such culprits. They must be prosecuted and brought to justice to eradicate such menace. I request Chief Justice Islam Abad High Court to take suo-motu notice of this incident.
Hassan Ali Feb 13, 2012 08:42am
it not good...we should give them punishment at the basic laws of Islam...its point of shame for us...
nadeem Feb 13, 2012 09:21am
non of them was mullah all were clean shave and so called enlighted moderate peoples.
asdf Feb 13, 2012 10:02am
Prof. Dr. Abdul Jabbar from IIIE & Librarian M.Rafique
maya khan Feb 13, 2012 04:27pm
it is shameful to be a student of iiui. punish the guilty person and give the punishment of rajim and 100 lashes in front of student.
tasmia Feb 14, 2012 04:07am
i mst say dat da laws of islam should b followed strictly....n da one who had commited dis shamful crime must b punished as hard as islam orders right in4nt of whole university.......
AJ Feb 14, 2012 08:57am
I HATE such teachers who exploit their students in the name of good g.p. shame on You. May all these teachers get punished in this life and here after. Ameen
aisha Feb 14, 2012 09:00am
aoa i also agree he is a great techer he is really an asset of iiui i have been tought in last smester frm him all what is written against him is fake
Maha Feb 14, 2012 05:10pm
shame on him he was not a teacher but a beast shame in him
xyz Feb 14, 2012 05:26pm
firstly, one's personal desperation has nothing to do with the separate or combine mode of education. it's one's personal greed and stupidity. secondly, two bad people cannot be the representatives of the whole university's faculty. so, stop linking once personal acts with separate education.
Rustam Khan Feb 14, 2012 11:43pm
Justice has long been done upon Abdul Jabbar. He has been thrown out of university. But head of department of mass communication, Dr. Zafar Iqbal, continues to go unpunished for sexually haressing girls and other staff members. His stories of molestation are everywhere but the administration is too afraid of him to take any action against him. Due to his haressment, some female employees have left the university. Now is the time to do justice with all molesters and it should not be limited to Abdul Jabbar only. Zafar is a bigger culprit that Jabbar.
Sadia Mahmood Feb 17, 2012 03:01pm
Unfortunately, my reply to Asma was not published by the newspaper. I am not sure if they will, now. But Asma, the kind of conscious you are demanding from the 'ladies' only comes when they have exposure to their society and unfortunately that is not the general case in our society given the 'protecting' treatment we get from our families.
Ammad Feb 17, 2012 08:49pm
Being former student of IIUI and very student of Dr. Jabbar, had two courses with him. I can't believe. He used to be so nice,cool etc.. Every student liked him. Even, he was ideal of some students. but u never know, what's in someone's heart. what is he doing behind the scenes. Totally shocked and embarrased,as every former islamian is. If this is going on in Islamic uni then what about others?? May be this is issue in Islamic uni,in other universities its no more an issue,, not defending this cruel act, but its time for a hard line like, legislation on these sort of issues
zoy Feb 19, 2012 01:17am
i am a student of dr jabbar. i taught by him in last semester. and i am telling you the truth that dr jabbar is really a nice man. and all this is propaganda by some few peoples. God knows the best that dr jabbar is innocent in this case.
waheed Feb 19, 2012 12:08pm
iiui economics graduate now working in a bank, i shocked when i heard this news from my colleague. i studied from Dr jabbar and idealize him, it was unbelievable. i contacted a friend in iiie last week to confirm this news. they told me the whole background that it is just a fake story and that's why they used library scandal just to degrade dr jabbar. shame on those who used a great man for the sake of their selfish objectives. library scandal was true but the news about economics teacher is a fake story. you can confirm it from iiie Feb 20, 2012 02:06pm
To supplement of 'Hawk rply', Yes, right question, Was the incident video recorded? if so, who recorded the video? police? or student organisation? was it rape or at will of both parties? Important questions to ask for a better picture to make a better opinion?
anaa Feb 21, 2012 02:47pm
i just can't believe this, as i know he is a very nice and innocent but if this is true that he done such crime so i would say shame on those teachers...
Dr. Ali Apr 06, 2012 04:11am
this can only be stopped if teachers are restricted to contact the female students only in the class. All assignment, marks announced in the class and hiding the name and roll number of the students.
shafqat khan Apr 26, 2012 06:35pm
hey it is said by some HOD's of fms department that uni is seprating FMS from rest of other university due to mis-management, & Female FMS & Male FMS will be at dawah center IIUI, most powerful resource has given information that President of IIUI is almost completed with its research about this topic & in june 2012 it will be announced officially, this will help Fms to be the BETTER business school in islamabad because the vice President of university wants to close the Fms department in university.
Naina Khan May 01, 2012 12:34pm
Shame on all those teachers who have tried to exploit the noble profession of teaching just because of their lust. Please remember the day of justice, if today you do this in future somebody else will do the same thing with your own daughter so kindly, this kind of teachers must be punished as the symbol of lesson for other lusty males.
Asif May 06, 2012 03:43am
Thank you for the update. please keep us posted with any new developments.
Waqar Ahmed May 22, 2012 08:09am
If Dr. Jabbar is innocent then it's ok. If not then it is the fault of his wife who is in Hawaii USA and not willing to return for last so many years. Every human has a devil in himself which is called "Khannas " in Islam. It can be active upto 95% anytime . Secondly a married person without wife has to face the attack of Khannas so man is poor and weak in nature and it can happen. One should offer prayers recite Quran as well as His wife should be with him because if wife is absent then wife has also a chance to slip somewhere else and husband can have affairs somewhere else., Beleive it or not it is a fact. I can be 50,60 r 70% right Thanks MSc Economics Finance 2008 from IIIE
Waqar Ahmed May 26, 2012 06:17am
Zubia U r saying nothing is happening in other universities. Open ur eyes and see in NUML . See the cars placed in parking areas in QAU do jerks at mid nights. See everything with open eyes. Thanks
SAD Jun 05, 2012 01:26pm
Thank GOD I read this before finalizing my decision to go back to Pakistan and be a faculty member at IIUI.