Wikileaks founder Julian Assange requests the floor during a meeting between the US State Department officials and NGO on the sideline of the first review of the United States by the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council at the UN Office in Geneva.—AFP

WASHINGTON: The WikiLeaks is expected to put 94 documents about Pakistan on its website this weekend, diplomatic sources told Dawn.

The documents mainly contain telegrams sent by the US Embassy in Islamabad to the State Department in Washington.

Some of these papers relate to US observations about Pakistan’s policy towards Afghanistan, the debate within Pakistan on the war against terror, Islamabad’s cooperation with Washington and other military and intelligence matters.

Some documents also contain US reservations about Pakistan’s nuclear programme.

The sources said that changes in the US communication system allowed an anti-war activist access to more than 400,000 secret documents who handed them over to the whistleblower website.

US officials have warned that Afghanistan, China, Russia, Central Asian Republics, Canada, Britain, France, Turkey and Nato will all be affected by this unprecedented leak.

The New York Times and The Washington Post are expected to publish some details from the leaked papers on Sunday.

In July this year, WikiLeaks published the Afghan war logs, disclosing that the US was operating a secret assassination squad in Pakistan and Afghanistan and that Pakistani intelligence service was helping the Taliban fighters, besides throwing light on alleged crimes committed by the coalition troops in Afghanistan.