(LETTER) Sir, Assam and the condemned eviction policy of its Congress Government deserve much more attention than has hitherto been paid to it. The Hindu and Muslim population of Assam approximately balances each other and the forcible eviction of Muslims from Assam [aims to] thereby [convert] it into a Hindu-majority province which it has before never been. The caste Hindu Congress cries hoarse about the Ghetto Act of South Africa and its inherent racial discrimination against the Indians but it does not hang its head in shame on its own Eviction Policy in Assam and the religious and social prejudices underlying it. An Indian is kicked out of a European inhabitation in South Africa because he is an Indian and a Muslim is evicted out of Assam’s jungles simply because he is a Muslim.

Both are equally bad but the question is how Congress has the cheek to condemn South Africa when her own party is perpetuating a similar black policy of religious and social discrimination and persecution, not to speak of Scheduled Castes who … have well-nigh been knocked out of humanity… .

Yours, etc., Ali Ahmad Fazeil, Fatehgarh.

Published in Dawn, January 23rd, 2022


A velvet glove

A velvet glove

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