Culinary powerhouse National Foods Ltd inaugurates the largest plant in Faisalabad

The Faisalabad plant serves as a launchpad for Pakistani flavours, introducing the world to the rich culinary heritage of the nation.
Published May 10, 2024

National Foods Ltd (NFL), a culinary powerhouse, has marked a significant milestone with the inauguration of its largest plant in Faisalabad. This technologically advanced facility represents a new chapter for National Foods and a pivotal moment in Pakistan’s food industry.

Established 5 decades ago, the company has woven itself into the nation’s culinary fabric. Their diverse range of high-quality food products, from recipe mixes to innovative pickles and sauces, is redefining the landscape for the food industry.

Investing in excellence: Paving the way for success

The investment of Rs7+ billion in the Faisalabad plant represents more than just a financial commitment for National Foods; it symbolises their dedication to excellence and long-term growth. This significant investment not only demonstrates their confidence in Pakistan’s future but also underscores their steadfast commitment to shaping the nation’s culinary landscape.

Mr. Abrar Hasan, Global CEO of National Foods, expressed his appreciation at the inauguration of the new production facility. “We are delighted to inaugurate our new production facility which marks a monumental milestone for us, affirming our commitment to serve the nation’s growing demand for high-quality food products while boosting employment and export opportunities,” stated Mr. Abrar Hasan.

More than just food: A catalyst for the economy

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, it equips a staggering production capacity of 6,000 tons per month and houses production of spices, recipe mixes, ketchups, mayonnaise, Chinese sauces, seasonings and Kasuri Methi.

This translates to a wider variety of products on shelves, catering to the ever-evolving palates of Pakistani consumers. National Foods’ forward-thinking investment strategy is a beacon of hope, underscoring their commitment to long-term growth.

Despite economic downturns, their substantial investments lay the foundation for a prosperous future, fostering resilience, empowering communities, and fuelling innovation. This proactive approach will shape a tomorrow where prosperity and sustainability will go hand in hand.

Beyond profits: A commitment to empowering communities

The Faisalabad plant is not just a factory; it represents a significant opportunity. By creating over 600 jobs, it has played a crucial role in reducing unemployment in the local community, thereby enhancing its overall economic well-being. National Foods recognises that success transcends mere profit margins.

Additionally, they are advocates for sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly practices through packaging and state-of-the-art waste-water treatment plant. This commitment to responsible growth safeguards a more sustainable future for both the company and the environment.

A global presence: A taste of Pakistan on the world stage

National Foods isn’t just a force within Pakistan; they’re making waves internationally. NFL’s reach extends beyond national borders, encompassing 40 countries across five continents, providing authentic Pakistani flavours that reconnect overseas Pakistanis with their vibrant heritage.

The company has subsidiaries in the UAE, UK, North America, and has recently expanded its supply chain hub in Canada to continue providing customers with high-quality products globally. Their significant market share, both locally and globally, positions them as a key player in the food industry.

Their current exports are projected to rise dramatically with increased production capacity. The Faisalabad plant serves as a launchpad for Pakistani flavours, introducing the world to the rich culinary heritage of the nation. This international success is further amplified by recent reports indicating a 40% surge in Pakistani food exports to the United Arab Emirates, a testament to the growing global appeal of National Foods’ products.

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