Music has the power to soothe one’s mind. On the other hand, drawing and painting also help bring out one’s creativity. If you like to listen to the music as you paint, there is good news for you as now both forms of art can go side by side with Google’s experimental site that turns paintings into songs — Paint With Music.

The site is part of the ‘Google Arts & Culture’ project, which offers themed and sensory screens for you to make your work of art. The project uses a unique and interactive experience with the help of Magenta’s DDSP library (Differentiable Digital Signal Processing), in which the movement of your brush strokes is translated into musical notes performed by an instrument of your choice.

The site is simple with four image backgrounds, such as ‘In the Sky’, ‘Underwater’, ‘On the streets’ and ‘On paper’, to choose from. There are four instruments such as flute, saxophone, trumpet and violin.

To start with, choose the canvas and then choose the instruments given at the bottom left side of the screen. As you start with your work of art by stroking on the canvas, the drawing generates the tune. You can pause the sound by clicking the Pause button, rewind a last move, or delete the entire work by pressing the back arrow or the trash, respectively.

For each canvas, one particular stamp is included with the instruments. For instance, for ‘In the sky’, you get birds, clicking on it will add birds’ chirping in your artwork along with the tunes. In ‘underwater’, you get a ‘Whale’ stamp; ‘On the street’ will give you two scratch stamps, and lastly ‘On paper’ will give you one scratch stamp.

The tools, like instruments and backgrounds, are very simple and fun to use, but those who have technical knowledge about music and art can use the brush in a professional way that could generate fine professional tunes.

So whether you are an art lover or music lover, the site is a good way to enjoy both at the same time.

Relax yourself for a while and visit:

Published in Dawn, Young World, October 9th, 2021



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