LONDON: Plans for the trials of war criminals are “progressing rapidly”, according to Robert Jackson, Chief War Crimes, Prosecutor for the United States, today [May 30].

In a statement issued by the American Embassy, Justice Jackson announcing his return to the United States to attend the closing session of the Supreme Court says: “Arrangements have been made so that the work of preparing our case will proceed without interruption under the direction of General William Donovan. We are pleased that the British Government has named Attorney-General Sir David Maxwell Fyfe to proceed with the preparation of the British case and hope that representatives of Russia and France may be named soon.”

[Meanwhile, as reported from Chungking,] “Jeep girls have become a problem that is neither big nor small but which might turn out big or small,” the newspaper “People’s Daily” said today [May 30] in commenting on the agitation against Chinese girls seen in the company of Allied soldiers.

In an attempt to end the antagonism, the Chinese police are displaying slides in Chungking theatres warning the public not to crowd around cars carrying Allied military personnel and promising severe punishment to anyone creating disturbances.

Published in Dawn, June 1st, 2020