Chaudhry Nisar's differences with his party's leadership have been out in the open for a while, but we might soon end up witnessing a tipping point in his political career.

The PML-N stalwart has refused to bow down to demands from other leaders that he appear before the party's parliamentary board to qualify for a party ticket (even Shahbaz Sharif, the party president, appeared before the board), even it means his parliamentary career with the PML-N might come to an end.

"I neither expect their [PML-N] ticket nor do I need it," Nisar claps back at critics.

Moreover, he has filed nomination papers for four National and Punjab Assembly seats as an independent. Does this mean he won't be contesting the election as a PML-N candidate? The answer: it's too early to say.

According to party sources, all PML-N candidates are currently filing papers as independents. By June 25, all parties have to submit final lists of their candidates to the Election Commission of Pakistan, and that will make it clear which aspirants have been awarded the party's ticket. Those not on the list can go on to contest the poll as independents.

It is therefore possible that Nisar will be allotted a ticket by the PML-N at the eleventh hour. Even then, sources close to the former interior minister says he has made up his mind about contesting the election as an independent in the wake of growing rifts with the party leadership.

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