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India pours scorn on ‘tutored’ spy video

Updated Mar 30, 2016 07:23am


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NEW DELHI: India poured scorn on the video confessions of an alleged spy shown by Pakistan on Tuesday, claiming the man was tutored and that he might have been abducted from Iran.

“We have seen a video released by Pakistani authorities of a former Indian naval officer, doing business in Iran, who is in Pakistani custody under unexplained circumstances,” the Ministry of External Affairs said in a statement.

It said the individual’s televised statements had no basis in fact. “That the individual claims to make the statements of his own free will not only challenges credulity but clearly indicates tutoring.”

The Indian statement stressed that despite New Delhi’s request, Indian consular officials were not allowed to meet him.

“We have not been given consular access to an Indian national under detention in a foreign country, as is the accepted international practice. We are naturally concerned about his wellbeing in these circumstances.” The comment appeared to deny the man was a spy, underscoring he was an ordinary citizen eligible for consular help.

“Government categorically rejects allegations that this individual was involved in subversive activities in Pakistan at our behest. Our enquiries reveal that he apparently was being harassed while operating a legitimate business from Iran,” the statement said.

“While we probe this aspect further, his presence now in Pakistan raises questions, including the possibility of his abduction from Iran. This would become clear only if we are given consular access to him and we urge the Government of Pakistan to respond immediately to our request.”

Published in Dawn, March 30th, 2016


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Comments (408) Closed

Arsalan Mirza Mar 30, 2016 06:46am

Both nations are playing games. I don't think we will see peace in our lifetime.

Rational Mar 30, 2016 06:51am

Indian State in a State of Denial. Of course you should worry about the well being of your asset after being caught and exposed.

RM Mar 30, 2016 06:53am

It clearly looked tutored. No spy talks like that. But good try.

PL Mar 30, 2016 06:56am

The fact that Indian government is not being allowed to meet him looks suspicious.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist Mar 30, 2016 07:04am

The Indian government is making mistake upon critical mistake. What else would constitute a "basis" if not his allegation of free will? India has landed itself in big trouble.

AJamal Mar 30, 2016 07:07am

Iran is not Somalia that someone can be abducted and smuggled out.

N_Saq Mar 30, 2016 07:12am

India must be given councilor access to the man, however, if he is truly a spy then the access should be given in the presence of Pak officials and media personnel so that India can not tutor the guy. Also, the councilor meeting should be allowed with a glass window in between the two and there should not be any direct contact allowed.

Rohit Singh Mar 30, 2016 07:17am

The video is dictored

Known Unknown Mar 30, 2016 07:23am

He has been framed. Poor guy.

raj Mar 30, 2016 07:23am

an innocent is been punished .......!!!

rajesh Mar 30, 2016 07:25am

No proof.... Just a cooked up story..

भारतीय Mar 30, 2016 07:27am

Release this innocent guy

Syed Mar 30, 2016 07:29am

What a spin

J Ahsan Mar 30, 2016 07:30am

The expected statement. As if india would have accepted!

Mahen Mar 30, 2016 07:30am

The video is very poorly dubbed and edited!

Mirza Mar 30, 2016 07:31am

@raj what was he doing in pakistan, Raj Ji?.ii

Just Thinking Mar 30, 2016 07:31am

An ordinary citizen does not need to forge identities.....

Pakistani Mar 30, 2016 07:33am

..and the circus continues. We did not expect India to accept anyway. Let us keep him and get more information from him but do not disclose to the media and never hand him back to India.

Shehzad Mar 30, 2016 07:33am

He will be given consular access in due time.

Crocodile tears.

Desi Dimag Mar 30, 2016 07:35am

India never abandons her citizens. Give access to consular, truth will come out.

Rohit Mar 30, 2016 07:37am

@raj what was he doing in pakistan, Raj Ji?.ii@Mirza

As the Indian FM suggested, abduction from Iran cannot be ruled out.........why no consular access as yet?

Rohit Mar 30, 2016 07:38am

it is incumbent upon GOI to ensure that the Indian Citizen gets back home nation is watching......

Omar Mar 30, 2016 07:40am

Denials by india as was expected. The cat is out of the bag. India has been busted. He will prove to be a windfall for Pakistan as far as intelligence gathering is concerned.

Steve Boston Mar 30, 2016 07:40am

Truth is coming out.

Steve Boston Mar 30, 2016 07:41am

@Mirza As the statement says he was abducted from Iran

The Reluctant Fundamentalist Mar 30, 2016 07:41am

Indians be like: "He is innocent and mentally unstable and he didn't know that he changed his name to a Muslim one and got a passport and Iranian visa and crossed into Pakistan "accidentally" and then he was only helping the Baloch separatists out of innocence. Please release him, he doesn't know what he is speaking."

PapaTango Mar 30, 2016 07:42am

At least the Indian government has acknowledged that a Indian naval officer set up and ran a business in Iran which apparently must be a norm since it does not appear to be a big deal: from the Indian navy? Want to set up a business in a remote part of Iran? Sure. Good start. Secondly the guy was abducted? Must have been right under the nose of the Iranian authorities? Have India registered a protest with Iran that a foreign nation Pakistan just waltzed in and kidnapped an Indian? The Iranian president was here did he protest the intrusion into Iran by Pakistan???? Get your counter narrative right : it is too easy to sieve. Plonkers.

Saad Mar 30, 2016 07:43am

@raj Innocent?

Did you see his confessional video? He admitted himself that he is a active spy

Zak Mar 30, 2016 07:45am

Now the indian government has gone into denial.

Ahmed USA Mar 30, 2016 07:45am

Haha... Finally caged the blue bird... No tutoring... He started tweeting everything himself...

face the truth Mar 30, 2016 07:46am

fabricated lies to fool the people here.

Just Actions Mar 30, 2016 07:47am

Let the Government of Pakistan cooperate only then the real truth will come out The Pakistan government rarely catches any Indian on their soil. They want to blame Indians for what is happening in their country. Pakistan never accepts anyone who is caught in India where as India accepted everything that he is Indian and was doing business? Got my point?

Random Indian Mar 30, 2016 07:48am

@Mirza Abducted from Iran maybe? Or induced by other means (which is my suspicion).

Zak Mar 30, 2016 07:52am

We should stop all assistance to India in terror investigations until India comes clean and dismantles its terror infrastructure inside Pakistan, pays damages which amounts to trillions of dollars due to India's act of terrorism inside Pakistan, international community should impose strict sanctions on India,isolate it completely, OPEC should stop all oil exports ,trade and other contacts with India.

Ashok Mar 30, 2016 07:52am

@Mirza He was probably abducted from Iran. To me this probably explains how he has all the documentary proofs like passport, ID card, etc with him. He wouldn't be having those if he sneaked into Pakistan illegally.

Brave Mar 30, 2016 07:52am

Game over

Desi Dimag Mar 30, 2016 07:52am

After seeing video, anyone will say the same.

ss Mar 30, 2016 07:53am

India is clearly on the defensive on this one. The denial lacks conviction.

hrishi Mar 30, 2016 07:57am

we demand consular access to this person.

Tamil Mar 30, 2016 07:57am

Shameful that we accuse Pakistan for activities that we ourselves are doing. Now we are caught red handed. Worst still we are dragging Iran into all this. BJP has been the worst government of India.

KN Mar 30, 2016 07:57am

Non issue. No one cares about this capture except for the safety of this poor man

Bipul Mar 30, 2016 07:57am

The video made me laugh a loud. This so called spy is speaking like a filmy hero. Who can ever believe it.

Erik Mar 30, 2016 07:58am

Indians are desperate to know how much he has told about RAW's network in Pakistan.

Muslim Medina Mar 30, 2016 07:59am

As expected India has labelled the video a forgery. However, the Indian statement states that the "spy" was abducted from Iran

Cavalier Mar 30, 2016 08:01am

World dont need India confessions, its a naked truth.

Cavalier Mar 30, 2016 08:04am

what a shameful act by Indian government.

RIZ Mar 30, 2016 08:05am

Doesn't matter what you say India got caught red handed. Good job Pakistan!!!

Rohit Mar 30, 2016 08:07am

what about consular access?

Khan Mar 30, 2016 08:08am

India is never going to accept even if you give them all tbe proofs in hand.

Pakistani Mar 30, 2016 08:08am

He is obviously a spy.What would an indian national be doing in the middle of balochistan..also he came illegally.This guy was probably one of top tier leaders..India has also accepted that this man was a naval officer though they say he was "retired" lol

AXH Mar 30, 2016 08:10am

The asset was caught and exposed. Now the damage control has started.

M. Ali Mar 30, 2016 08:12am

Well India playing the same card we have been playing for Years. Denial mode

Pretty much expected this coming. Both countries should interospect and stop this madness. End of proxy wars from both sides n let peace prevail.

Karachite Mar 30, 2016 08:16am

The rationale behind bringing the captured spy to public notice wasn't India, it was Iran. The armed forces wanted to inform the Iranian president that we have our eyes on you, and we will not let you sabotage CPEC.

They also informed the powers that be in the middle east that we are on your side, not Irans and you should keep this in mind when you meet with Modi.

shk Mar 30, 2016 08:19am

what is the Pakistani government going to do about it?

raheel Mar 30, 2016 08:21am

not a single leader on both sides of the divide has vision , sagacity and will to improve relations - so it boils down to aich denials from both sides . once everyone knows that both countries do their utmost to harm / destabilize the other -

they act like step sisters . pakistan and india .

PK Mar 30, 2016 08:22am

Obviously what else India can say... Trapped in its own game.

rehan Mar 30, 2016 08:23am

The arrest of RAW official has come as a huge blow to Indians and they seem to have decided that going on the offense was a much better option than being apologetic.

Desi Dimag Mar 30, 2016 08:28am

The world will believe Indian narrative.

ZAK Mar 30, 2016 08:29am

I don't believe either side.

aslam shaikh Mar 30, 2016 08:29am

He will have to tell information about all his associates and work they did.

Jawad U Rahman Mar 30, 2016 08:29am

Yeah, it sounds very logical. A senior Indian naval officer suddenly takes early retirement and opens a jewellery shop in Chahbahar, Iran. Then, makes trading trips to Balochistan. Finally, innocently wanders off into international waters where Pakistan catches him. Very believable story.

khurram Mar 30, 2016 08:31am

Well convincing indians is not our target... is it? It is the international community where we have to focus with loads of evidences substantive in nature. Obviusly such details are sensitive and should remain classified for the sake of country.

Shaukat Ali Khan Mar 30, 2016 08:31am

India doesn't accept its own spy's statement even after acknowledging that he is a retired naval officer. What was he doing in Baluchistan on false documents?

Moaz Mar 30, 2016 08:32am

My dear indian frnds, assume for a minute that he actually is a RAW operative, what kind of response do u expect from the Indian government? U believe they would have accepted it?

Abid Mar 30, 2016 08:39am

Deny Pakistan JIT team access to Pathankote, and asking access to their spy, who is caught red handed. What a joke!!

N.Sid Mar 30, 2016 08:40am

If the video is 'tutored' then Modi's confessions in Bangladesh few months back about how India was complicit and helping Mukti Bahni in the 1971 coup is also tutored and doctored. Can India deny the fact that it is not the state policy to weaken and dismember Pakistan ever since it came into being...and thousand of innocent people are killed in pursuance of this policy.

Azmeen Mar 30, 2016 08:43am

India's response is as expected.

Zaffar Mar 30, 2016 08:52am

Such a innocense of indian govt, NOT SURPRISED, doing business in iran, with altered name, earlier retired, local indian, kidnapped by officials, grant counselor access. The cat is out of beg now stop drama now, your asset is well here eventually you will get excess to him, let the world see your hypocrate dual face.

Waqas Ahmed Mar 30, 2016 08:56am

Wao what kind of business he is doing there? Why he has changed his identity? Is it is a loop hole in Indian system that anyone can live there with multiple identities. You can blame that he has been tortured but you are not making any noise about identities. There is no special procedure carried in world to recruit agents for spying. Simply agencies select them from different fields. It can be from navy or any other field.

Rehman karachi Mar 30, 2016 08:56am

Please stop this nonsense blame game to each other.We should make our house in order by derailing all types of terror infrastructures. Stop interfering in others internal matters & get better happy results.

Rajesh Mar 30, 2016 08:57am

My dear Pakistanis, assume for a moment that he is a RAW agent. Do you think he's going to walk around with an Indian passport?

stranger Mar 30, 2016 08:58am

The person has only given tip of the iceberg information. He seems to have not revealed much. It is up to Pakistan authorities to extract all that he knows. Please do not make him a media character. He is a criminal and should be treated as such.

LOVE PAKISTAN Mar 30, 2016 09:00am

Typical Indian denial mode

stranger Mar 30, 2016 09:00am

If Pakistan abducted him from Iran, then India should launch a very strong protest with Iran and hold Iran responsible. It is not fair to name another country. He was caught by Pakistani authorities because he was talking in his local language to his family.

stranger Mar 30, 2016 09:03am

@Desi Dimag Not this time. The world will half heartedly ignore Indian version because it is very weak.

Naveed Mar 30, 2016 09:04am

Whoever this gentleman is, this event has drifted the two countries further apart. Iran is not an angel, they have high interest in the unrest in Baluchistan.

aamir Mar 30, 2016 09:06am

Wonder if we ever live like good neighbors as European union and USA and Canada do.

Rahim india Mar 30, 2016 09:07am

India claimed it a tutored spy video & we have faith on our Govt.

imtiaz syed Mar 30, 2016 09:09am

If he is innocent, we are all hospitable, there are millions of legal ways to come to pakistan. And he chose the one and only illegal.

Bipul Mar 30, 2016 09:11am

The spy video is too polished to believe. Couldn't stop laughing. Someone missed a trick here.

Krana Mar 30, 2016 09:12am

A commander level was working on field alone

Ali Mar 30, 2016 09:13am

Indian should shut the door of uncertainty close as soon as possible by resolving Kashmir issue otherwise they wont be able to get the trade route, which will be beneficial for the both countries of this region.

kranti Mar 30, 2016 09:16am

@Mirza he was abducted from Iran...

Tariq Mar 30, 2016 09:16am

India's reaction is well perceived as it has been the case in past. The only respite is left with India is to make lies and more lies to make their innocence.

ALI (CA) Mar 30, 2016 09:17am

@Bipul - and I couldn't stop laughing at the Indian logic and excuses

TM Mar 30, 2016 09:17am

Funny video. Well, keep trying.

Gnanesh Mar 30, 2016 09:20am

When there is a positive development by allowing the Pak SIT team to come over and visit Pathankot and meet with NIA, this video surfaces. Whatever the reality of this video, it escapes only dumber of the dumbest that the timing of this video release is so suspect. So, there goes the goodwill and cooperation.

Sai Mar 30, 2016 09:24am

This is a tutored video very poorly dubbed.

rahat Mar 30, 2016 09:26am

The Indian media is otherwise very active. Why don't they access the heavily guarded residence of Mr. Yadav, interview his family members, neighbours and throw some more light on his background and business he was allegedly doing in Chabahar.

Alan Mar 30, 2016 09:26am

Need to arrest a few more of these kind. If they can travel from Baluchistan to India via sea what am I thinking now! Mumbai attacks staged by Indians like staging False flag attack !! Therefore ATTACK !!!!

Third Party Mar 30, 2016 09:28am

Yes , there is so many reasons to support India's apprehension.

Arun-KS Mar 30, 2016 09:29am

Each and every life of a Pakistani and Indian is precious. Let us work together to make our country beautiful and peaceful. Let us interfere in others' business with all good intentions.

Talha Mar 30, 2016 09:30am

First India accepted him as an Indian. Now it is accepting that he was in Iran. This is a huge embarrassment for India. With more pressure building up on India from the international community, I won't be surprised if it also accepts Yadav's involvement spreading terrorism in Pakistan.

Ken Mar 30, 2016 09:30am

You Indian make me laugh . If this was Pakistani was arrested in India you would make a such a hell on media

Mahen Mar 30, 2016 09:32am

So lets see the "spy "takes investigators to the local Pakistani people he was training or providing funds or the separatists he was supposed to be talking to

Arshad Abdullah Mar 30, 2016 09:34am

There are so many other evidences to link Indian RAW with subversive activities in Pakistan but it is our Government's weakness that they could not take up the issue to the international community. But now if India continues to deny the facts, more convincing evidence may be published by the media. Better India agrees to cooperate with Pakistan and end Ajit Kumar Doval's declared policy of so-called "Offensive-Defence" and stop terrorism and sabotage actions inside Pakistan before it is too late for India.

M M AMIN ( Old Ravian) Mar 30, 2016 09:36am

Dear Readers lets us lament the lack of common sense in the Indian Govt 's version of Kalboshan Yadev episode . Why do,not they understand none in the world is so stupid as to buy their predictable denial .?

Sunil Mar 30, 2016 09:36am

@LOVE PAKISTAN Typical video tutored.

Alam Mar 30, 2016 09:36am

What else India can say? If abducted then who issued his passport with fake name? Is serving Naval officer can do business in other countries?

Khan -Pakistani - USA Mar 30, 2016 09:36am

An Indian national caught in Pakistan unlawfully living in Pakistan . As claimed by Indians as he is an ex navy official . What was a ex Indian navy official doing in Baluchistan where we already claim that foreign agents are creating disturbances . Was he on vacations or like a villager he by mistake crossed the Punjab border and then went to Baluchistan . An ex navy official doing jewelry business in Iran . Went to Iran on fake passport . You can not fool us , you can fool yourself .

Shan Mar 30, 2016 09:38am

Indians love Pakistan... Trust me friends... A lot of Indians on this forum will confirm. There are bad people everywhere.

Alam Mar 30, 2016 09:38am

@kranti who was abducted? Gulbushan or Patel?

Azad Khial Mar 30, 2016 09:41am

Dear Indian Einsteins if a video is tutored, it does not also need to be dubbed. so choose. Was it tutored or was it dubbed?

Qamar Mar 30, 2016 09:49am

Indians are more diplomatic and have the world weight on their side. If Pak govt wants to assert and pursue this issue they should come with more proofs. Otherwise time is not far when Iran will claim that the guy was abducted from their territory because Iran will take Indian side. Use diplomatic channels and put it before European Union.

ABRAR KASHMIRI Mar 30, 2016 09:52am

Yes I agree with India nedia This poor fellow captured from Iran

ABRAR KASHMIRI Mar 30, 2016 09:53am

@Zak Which is true

Dhoni_mera_naam Mar 30, 2016 09:54am

The video looks strange. A spy cannot look so comfortable after being caught. What are the jokes that the Pak officials are telling which is making this person smile. How come he looks so relaxed? If he is a spy, does he not know his fate? This looks too fishy to be true.

Karachi Guy Mar 30, 2016 09:56am

If India captured that guy and he got any thing made in Pakistan like toothpaste or biscults or any things that become sold prove for India and lot of media attention reports bla bla bla.

It is the fact that both countries are doing such undercover operations and how come people of Baluchistan living on the mountains got weapons, satellite phones and some many things as if they are producing it on the mountains so it is a fact that they got the support for some where and most likely from Indian through Iranian bases

Finally good job my ISI well done, keep this spy as our guest for rest of his life and treat him nicely

Mashal Mar 30, 2016 09:58am

The whole international media has gone silent on this issue after this video came out. Pretty clear who is biased.

When even a firecracker goes off in India, they blame Pakistan and here is a man who is admitting what India does in Pakistan and Indians are still in denial.

Muhammad Saleem Mar 30, 2016 09:58am

This is a classical case where the “Truth appears to be Somewhere in Between” which is definitely not such a good news for India, considering its magnanimous aspirations. Someone really went wrong here.

Rohit Singh Mar 30, 2016 10:04am

@RM Spot on.. Pak authorities should have thought about it that this stunt may backfire which in all probability it seems as India has taken a very aggressive stance on this

Sohail Mar 30, 2016 10:05am

Why are you showing it as leading story? India Government can say anything why not highlight what our government is say and highlight that point of view more

Syed Zafar KazmiU.S.A Mar 30, 2016 10:05am

@PL How can Indian government be allowed to meet him if he is been arrested for spying and subversive activities against Pakistan.

Faisal Mar 30, 2016 10:07am

@Arsalan Mirza No more games, its a fact and reality.

indian Mar 30, 2016 10:10am

poor guy...must be framed....

Ram Mar 30, 2016 10:17am

@Mirza Mirza ji, he was not in Pakistan. The India government statement says he has been abducted from Iran. If pakistan is sure he is a spy, then why not give consular access?.

Salman Mar 30, 2016 10:18am

indians are trying so hard to hide their frustration but all in vain. Its time to negotiate with Pakistani authorities to get your asset released...

Salih Mar 30, 2016 10:19am

How a current servicemen of Indian Navy do a business in CHAHBAHAR...???

Farhan Mar 30, 2016 10:23am

@RM Can you pls explain how a spy talks?

Farhan Mar 30, 2016 10:24am

@PL Pls go and check the rules of the games. He is not any normal citizen confiscated.

Farhan Mar 30, 2016 10:28am

@Rajesh He was caught red handed? what you was thinking, he would have been having a Pakistani passport in his pocket to travel?

Vivaan Delhi Mar 30, 2016 10:31am

Provide material proof ... Not story..!!

Sonam Mar 30, 2016 10:33am

Never have I ever heard of a foreign spy being detained or caught red handed and him having his passport with himself.. Laughable!!! Lol

Sam Aurelio Mar 30, 2016 10:36am

@The Reluctant Fundamentalist really?

hasan Mar 30, 2016 10:39am

OF course India will deny it, what else do you expect !! lol

The Monkey is with us...! Mar 30, 2016 10:40am

@rajesh My dear convince international community about it. The confessional statement is so genuine that no one would believe Indian position on this issue.

Hassan Mar 30, 2016 10:41am

@RM Ok then how would a spy talk like, when u caught a pigeon its normal but when we caught a man and he himself confesses his crimes while there was no mark of torture neither his behavior was abnormal, else denial mode will soon be addressed when the same along with other proofs shall be presented to the international community. u r carrying out terrorism in Pakistan and cry everyday that u have been suffering with terrorism due to Pakistan???? u hardly have terrorists attacks in ur country if u compare it with ours but always complaining. change ur attitude things doesn't work like that among countries.

The Monkey is with us...! Mar 30, 2016 10:41am

@Desi Dimag Oh really! How innocent wish of yours.

Samad Chaudhry London Mar 30, 2016 10:42am

Usual Indian denial

भारतीय Mar 30, 2016 10:43am

@hasan this guy as abducted from Arabian sea not balochistan.

Saifullah Mar 30, 2016 10:46am

Tell me which "legitimate" business is done using a forged passport with a fake ID in a foreign country from a location that is co-incidentally very close to Pakistan border?

Obviously RAW will not depute its assets with real names and disclosing their real designation and business. The "legitimate" business ploy is a normal procedure in spy world as cover for subversive activites. Just hold on, this fellow has just started spilling the beans and this is not the only confession he's to make. Look this space for more damning revelations from your businessman terror agent.

CricketMad Mar 30, 2016 10:47am

@Arsalan Mirza Hope, that is all we are left with while our political overlords play games.

dr j tipu Mar 30, 2016 10:47am

What? Denial at its worst.....what business was this gentleman involved in that required multiple identities and passports. India must stop this nonsense denial. Once information is extracted, he should be given councilor access. However, his claims of supporting terrorism are risque, dangerous for any peace process.

M.M.Sherazi Mar 30, 2016 10:49am

India playing it dirty now, smart way of dealing this situation is needed. Army should not let any such access be granted to this guy.

CricketMad Mar 30, 2016 10:50am

@J Ahsan I agree, this was to be expected. But the video looks a bit off - I mean a spy saying that he is ratting out his country on 'his free will' sounds conky. If he really is a spy I don't think Pakistan has anything to worry about! This guy isn't convinced about his own cause, I don't think he can influence others.

Prkaash Mar 30, 2016 10:52am

He cannot be a spy because no spy can reveal secret very easily....

The End is Near Mar 30, 2016 10:54am

India is doing everything to protect its citizen. This spy is a naval officer on duty, doing business in Iran??? If spying is his part time business then be thankful he was not captured in Iran because Iran normally hangs spies without any further delay. Both Indian ministries of internal and home affairs are a big joke.

shehryar bukhari Mar 30, 2016 10:56am

It's not a big thing . Both countries have their intelligence networks across the border but it's a shameful thing for Indian intelligence agencies that a serving under cover officer has been compromised/exposed like that . It is unprecedented in Indo pak history

Citizen Mar 30, 2016 10:55am

Confession video is Undeniable evidence

Adnan Jidaker Mar 30, 2016 10:57am

@rajesh Proof??? Dear Innocent Rajesh, he has two passports issued by State of India. On both passports he got Iranian visa. Is that coincidence too ??
Its a real life not bollywood movie.

casper Mar 30, 2016 10:59am

have thief ever confessed without torture?

Come on india grow up!

and stop playing this games and mind your own business. we are already surrounded by at least being a good neighbour show some decency and maturity

Kavita Mar 30, 2016 10:59am

Indians might not be the best spies in the world but they are not idiots.

Desi Mar 30, 2016 11:01am

The entire video looks like a man reading statements off a screen. Clearly this guy's English is not very good and in normal conversation, he would never use such polished lingo ... but when such people read it off a screen, this is exactly how it sounds. Anyone with a decent understanding of English can clearly see through this.

Citizen Mar 30, 2016 11:01am

India should show Courage to accept what is done by RAW

and stop it for future

Junaid Mar 30, 2016 11:03am

@RM Please enlighten us on how spies talk and how exactly do you know their mode of talking. From movies?

ZI AHMED Mar 30, 2016 11:03am

@Steve Boston - Abduction(s) made headlines and also FIRs are raised. Also, changed and double identity !! What do you think?

Shahzad Ikhlaq Mar 30, 2016 11:03am

@Rajesh "Fake Indian Passport"

Shahzad Ikhlaq Mar 30, 2016 11:05am

@Sai If tutored then why would they dub it?? If dubbed, why would they tutor him?? you people don't make sense.

usman Mar 30, 2016 11:05am

@Kavita He was COMPROMISED... Either he accept what his is doing softly or else he need to go through from interrogation... so he choose the soft way

Maqsood Mar 30, 2016 11:06am

Indian Govt. and media make a huge issue on the capturing of dove which came from Pakistan taht it is spy dove, this a raw agent why we should not raise the issue on international level.

Shah, Canada Mar 30, 2016 11:11am

Expected reply form India.. Same drama they staged in East Pakistan and now after 45 years they confessed. Sarbijeet Singht never accepted but as soon as he was released he confessed and became a hero in India. Pakistan should go after all trails...

Zulu Mar 30, 2016 11:11am

It was expected/obvious that India would deny any involvement, as any sane state would do. The video is actually for the world. How is India going to explain this to the world?? It's own citizen caught behind enemy lines and spilling beans.

Ahsan Mar 30, 2016 11:16am

India caught in limelight 'red handed' regarding their subversive activities in Pakistan!!!

Last Word Mar 30, 2016 11:16am

A shoddy job done in tutoring as in the case of dossiers submitted to UN.

Zulu Mar 30, 2016 11:21am

BTW almost every progressive country has spies/intelligence network spread around the world. US, UK, France, Israel, Russia, Iran, China to name some. Even our own dear Pakistan. These spies and contacts are county's assets. If this guy is a genuine 'RAW' agent, the biggest worry for India shall not be his confession. There asset and network has been compromised.

aqdas Mar 30, 2016 11:21am

Now all Indians will claim it was tutored and parrot the same line

Einstein Babar Mar 30, 2016 11:21am

Don't worry Sushma G, a trail of evidences is coming up after this episode. He doesn't look tortured but even if he is tortured then what is wrong in that, he assisted to kill and harm so many people. Spies are being tortured. This is a norm across the world.

Kashif Mar 30, 2016 11:23am

@Sonam His passport is already faked with name 'Patel'

Kamran Kurd Mar 30, 2016 11:25am

I wonder why such things protrude when both countries come close to dialogues? I pose a question to both nations, like the political parties, are both armies willing to bring this to an end or are there any budget concerns of the armies?

Ahsan Mar 30, 2016 11:27am

Interrogate the guy by UN observers so that truth prevails and we have a more clear picture..... similarly other incidents such as Pathankot etc should be investigated through UN so that we have a neutral and unbiased picture... just a thought!

BN Mar 30, 2016 11:28am

spy story - when it looks too good (from a Pakistan standpoint) to be true , probably it is not. Even if you believe the story, you have to admit..the video looks heavy edited

BALUCH Mar 30, 2016 11:29am

Lols. Respected Pakistani govt nobody will believe on a video... Any govt can make any sorts of video. try to find another way to blame INDIA

Mahen Mar 30, 2016 11:30am

@Citizen Thats NOT evidence- Evidence is finding people dealing with the spy! Proving money was given by this spy! Who was he training? Proving he was receiving money and instructions from Raw! etce etc

Sohail Mar 30, 2016 11:30am

In which country of the world" Spies" are given counselor assistance".....It is understandable that while in custody he will what is he is asked to.....but what a joke, a serving Indian officer does business in Iran.....Links broken and India seem to have forged the reply hatily.....Instead of Embarrassment they would come out with such ideas.....all expected!!

Sandy Mar 30, 2016 11:31am

By playing a confession like this Pakistan authorities have a made a fool of themselves. Any one in the world would hardly believe.

Kaunjee Mar 30, 2016 11:31am

The biggest evidence of him being a raw agent is that none of the Indian media is reporting on this guy. None of the newspapers are reporting anything, that's the proof right there !!!

Adnan Mar 30, 2016 11:32am

There should be a movie like "Bridges of Spies" on India Pakistan as well.

And by the way, Indian behaviour exactly as expected. Like you really believe that india will publicly accept that 'Oh, sorry, our bad. Please return our spy to us'

Sohail Mar 30, 2016 11:32am

@Random Indian ..if he is abducted from Iran or induced by other mean.....then you Indians are really in trouble man....your officers are abducted by Pakistan at will....who will save you then....think rationally!!

Mahen Mar 30, 2016 11:33am

@Citizen Pakistan should show courage by arresting those dealing with the spy. Then after charging them,convict them in a court of law. AND then talk

Bharat Mar 30, 2016 11:33am


Just reverse the scenario, assume he. was businessman abucted from Iran ....Your prime minister talked about it to Iran which they refuses and your government looses credibility... what option is left....torture him and tutored him to make statement...

Sohail Mar 30, 2016 11:33am

@Mahen ..I know how Indian speak and it is not difficult in present world to know if it is dubbed or real......again it does not seem to be dubbed but he may be saying what he is asked to....BE rationale mate!!

Rohit Singh Mar 30, 2016 11:33am

@Ahsan yeah you saying caught red handed Indians saying tutored video. Another stalemate in the offing. And let me clear everyone on this such spy stories are there for years and international community will not sweat on this what is the truth

Frankenstein Mar 30, 2016 11:36am

To my fellow citizens look how Indians are defending their country. Even after his confession and documented evidence they are defending their country on an online News Paper's website.

UA Mar 30, 2016 11:38am

@Steve Boston According to the Indian version of events.

Mahen Mar 30, 2016 11:39am

@Ken If this was a Pakistani caught in India, all those who dealth with him would have been rounded up by now! How many Pakistani has Pakistan caught that was dealing? WHY NOT?

fkalimktk Mar 30, 2016 11:40am

Possibility of his abduction from Iran?? Height of lies after being caught red handed

anony Mar 30, 2016 11:44am

@Moaz In that case, India would have washed-off its hands straight-away; spys are told beforehand that they will be abandoned if caught. Don't you know this?

Umair Hasan Mar 30, 2016 11:45am

If he has been caught from Iran why not lodge a complaint with Iran(Your friendly Country)?And if he has been captured from Pakistan then how come he travel without a valid Visa? India is showing desperation as it should.Also how would you explain that he was doing business in Iran since 2003 and got retired in 2013? This means a serving naval officer can go to countries to do business.Whom are you fooling?

MM-India Mar 30, 2016 11:46am

Looks like he is reading from a teleprompter. Why consular access is still not being provided ?

anony Mar 30, 2016 11:46am

@imtiaz syed He was invited to come to Pak on a business deal and was abducted and he is having valid travel docs and passports. Does a spy ever carry proofrs of his real identity?

MF Mar 30, 2016 11:47am

my dear indian fellows so he was abducted from iran? . so there must be a registered FIR in iran?. Someone must have made a complaint in embassy.?Very late inidan reaction ...

Sohail Mar 30, 2016 11:48am

@RM ...they do..if he is a spy then he is caught by ISI...and you know it is matter of minute before ISI can find his HOME in India, his family and all that is require and wont be difficult to target.....when he is caught....he is not the only one in trouble, the secret agencies would do everything to know his operations and the best bet for him is to TALK!!

Now if you know how they normally talk, I will listen keenly....

SAEED MASOOD Mar 30, 2016 11:48am

Poor innocent India and the poor Indian agent...Indian Embassy has met him to the best of public knowledge...this spy guy and the Pathankot investigation will get stuck in India's throat just wait and see...

anony Mar 30, 2016 11:49am

@Alam He is not serving. He is retired and then he can do any business anywhere without having to take permission from indian govt.

mrunal Mar 30, 2016 11:51am

which spy carries passport of the country he works for? That there could be Indian spies cannot be denied but the above thing looks suspicious to say the least!

GS Mar 30, 2016 11:53am

What a spy ! Who carries his passport ?? funny !!

Abdulla Hussain Mar 30, 2016 11:55am

No one accepts the truth so easily. The spy cum terror operator may have thought it wise to disclose everything on his own in order to save save himself & pacify his family. Pakistan will have to go to the UN & with tutored person this is not possible.

Mr.T Mar 30, 2016 11:55am

It's time we should call foreign media and present him in front of them.

anony Mar 30, 2016 11:57am

@Salih He is retired and was doing business in Iran and was made to come to Pak for a business deal and was abducted and produced in Balochistan and was shown as a spy.

GS Mar 30, 2016 11:57am

@Adnan Jidaker Wow, what a stupid spy !! Carrying passports around to help people who captured him!

Arslan Mar 30, 2016 11:58am

Indians denial and reasons are becoming boring now, no substance whatsoever

Nasir Iqbal Mar 30, 2016 12:00pm

This means Iran has to answer.

Lafanga Mar 30, 2016 12:01pm

Dear Indians living in denial. Let's look at the simple facts first.

FACTS: This person is an Indian citizen. He is active duty Indian naval officer. His real name is Kulbushan Yadav. He worked in naval intelligence at some point. He was working at Chabhar port in Iran before he was captured. We all agree on this.

MYSTERY: He is in possession of a fake Indian passport with name Mubarak Hussain Patel.

Now if we believe the India narrative then please explain the fake passport. Are Indians in the habit of travelling on fake passports? Admit it. He is a RAW agent and he got caught. India is in difficult position and trying to explain this guy away as some businessman kidnapped by Pakistan. Please get real.

The Right Left Mar 30, 2016 12:03pm

Lady, we get it, you have no option but to deny and feign innocence.. But stop with the drama already pls. ! Its funny and sad at the same time !

indian Mar 30, 2016 12:07pm

@Mirza come on he does not need to carry indian passport to do spy work in pakistan

Khalid Mar 30, 2016 12:07pm

He ( the spy) is "singing like a bird" of course he expects his government to help him, but as always the Indian government will follow the same old line of "total denial" as they are doing so now, and he will spend the remaining part of his life in jail.

Ednanayub Mar 30, 2016 12:08pm

Its a check and balance for India. Pakistan Army done the due. More psychological damage to India needed.

BK Mar 30, 2016 12:10pm

How a spy carries passport, visa and other valid documents with him, in such a dangerous job ? Little doubt erupt in everybody's mind. Secondly, he talk like a spoke person, elaborating all events. It is natural doubt arouses in such cases. It is difficult to believe the theories of Pak or Indian intelligence agencies.

Changez_Khan Mar 30, 2016 12:10pm

hey India you admitted he is your spy so what the hell he was doing in Pakistan?

aryan Mar 30, 2016 12:10pm

Listen Neighbour, we are not interested in Pakistan affair at all what are interested is making India a developed nation and we are in the right direction. We have no time in playing conspiracy theory and we are not at all interested to play unlike Pakistan. lets live and let live what you gonna prove that india is playing conspiracy theory to destroy Pakistan. First build Pakistan first there is nothing to destroy in Pakistan developed first like we are doing make economy attractive first.

Pathetic Mar 30, 2016 12:11pm

I see entire RAW manpower is now deputed to comment against an "innocent Indian Naval Officer" on assignment with RAW to sell scrap in Chahbahar and destabilize a neighbouring country. Then what happened? Nightmare for RAW and Bharat.

USMAN Mar 30, 2016 12:13pm

Worlds Biggest Democracy in Denial. Indian leaders should have courage to accept their role in destabilizing Pakistan at least in private instead of blaming and giving theories in Public

Lafanga Mar 30, 2016 12:22pm

@RM "It clearly looked tutored. No spy talks like that."

Please can you tell us how a real spy talks like. Maybe in fake James Bond accent lol

Rashid Sultan Mar 30, 2016 12:25pm

The ding dong provides good entertainment - the visuals and the print. Apart from this there is little value in this.

zak Mar 30, 2016 12:26pm

India's game is up. Since the RAW spy mentioned CPEC, now Chinese have asked for more information. It is very unwise of India to get on wrong side of China, be warned.

Premsan Mar 30, 2016 12:27pm

@Frankenstein it is called stating the obvious facts. Not defending. Get that.

Kamal Pasha. Mar 30, 2016 12:27pm

@indian, Your spy came from Iran and he has to leave from Iran. Do you think he can leave Iran without passport?

AbuAli Mar 30, 2016 12:30pm

Someone in Indian Consulate didn't think well enough before releasing official statements, after getting "caught in the act".. 1) Accepted as Indian 2) Accepted as someone who was in the armed forces of India 3) Sitting in pakistan, 4) On fake ID Indian authorities think the world is full of idiots.

Spys are also probably trained to "accept" everything to avoid "bashing", and later governments can make up stories and deny everything. Not new. If India and Pakistan real want peace, first thing to be done is "confidence building meassures" clear list, exchange of info, and get rid of hate between nations through media and cross border combined projects aimed at same cause. Both nations poor people are suffering because of political agenda, more so from India.

Lafanga Mar 30, 2016 12:30pm

Dear Indians. Do you honestly think that your govt will admit he is a RAW agent? Of course not. Pakistan has presented its case in confessional video now India has to provide its reply but so far nothing of substance coming out of India e.g. What was this person doing with fake Indian passport with a Muslim sounding name. Please explain.

SiddharthaSingh Mar 30, 2016 12:31pm

Another dirty trick by Pakistan and a poor business man is victim now. India never denies its citizens like Pakistan did in Kargil war with their own solders and with Kasab. If Pakistan is honest, give the man consular access else entire world is aware about your lies.

Iqbal Bhai Mar 30, 2016 12:31pm

You find his confession funny but you don't find your own narrative funny. An ex-navy official doing business in Iran and was abducted from Iran, crossed the border and recorded a confessional statement for us? If he is not guilty, he could simply refuse. And when was he abducted? Your citizen went missing and appeared in another country with fake documents and you were not aware!

immo Mar 30, 2016 12:33pm

FYI, Your monkey is with us

S.A.H.N. Mar 30, 2016 12:34pm

@indian he was carrying indian passport with forged identity to get a decent visa for business in iran and to use it as a launch pad for his activities in Pakistan.

Guru Mar 30, 2016 12:35pm

Pretty soon Trump will be the next President and Indian will come out of their cocoons!

Pakistani Mar 30, 2016 12:36pm

Indians will never accept any evidence. They can only blame us but do not have the courage to even anything. They will accept this after 15 -20 years from now. Losers.

Mahen Mar 30, 2016 12:40pm

Since he has spilled the beans did he also spill the beans as to whom in Pakistan he was training or funding?

Indian Mar 30, 2016 12:41pm

@Rajesh Well of course cause he is an indian

Sajid Hussain Mar 30, 2016 12:42pm

Of course if india even grab a pigeon its sent by pakistan for intelligence and if Pak grab your RAW agent and he is a live and accepting he is innocent poor guy bla bla ....You Poor indians.... stop acting be real .... even we want peace but not with hypocrisy and well said by some one above look at their innocence abducted from Iran and brought to pakistan oohhh come on ..

rahat Mar 30, 2016 12:47pm

@Kavita In this case they have proved you wrong.

IMTIAZ ALI KHAN Mar 30, 2016 12:49pm

Pakistani forces did a good job compromising job of a intelligence operation of a RAW. My Indian brothers and sister this time got caught doing harmful activity in Pakistan. Blaming each other is not going to help. Indians should accept their fault this time. Pakistan is also doing the same thing India, we must stop this nonsense between each other we are brothers and sister to each other. Please Pakistan India stop this hate! Together we are strong divided we fall. Love from Pakistan to my Indian brothers and sisters.

Tarannum S Mar 30, 2016 12:54pm

Please release the poor guy. Look at the video. It is not even made to be believable. Better editing could have been done. Also spies are normally small time agents as evident from practices of most countries, not such senior retired officers. They abducted a person with the wrong profile. A fake passport was again cooked up. He had a legitimate Indian passport. Innocents get grilled due to our political animosities while politicians from both sides are enjoying their air conditioned cabins. Have some mercy, please.

Saf Mar 30, 2016 12:55pm

@RM so how do you know how a spy should speak. Take your head out of Bollwood.

aryan Mar 30, 2016 12:55pm

atleast india isn't afraid to say he is our citizen.

kasab was a pakistani but still your government refused to believe while your own newspaper dawn said he was pakistani..

he is a retired navy officer..not a spy .if pakistan is so confident why doesn't it allows counsular access as per international conventions?

Tarannum S Mar 30, 2016 12:58pm

@S.A.H.N. You cannot travel to Iran or any country with a fake passport. It is all computerized now. Also it is very easy for Indian citizens to get visas for Iran. One does not require to fake anything. It seems a fake passport was cooked up later to make the arrest or abduction look legitimate.

adeel zahid Mar 30, 2016 01:04pm

@indian yes dear he is been on spy mission for the last 14 years and have been providing assistance in various terrorist activities , for him to admit all that means he can be put for death penalty and if he is involve he should be , in the past we have Sarabjeet now this guy , please don't try to be innocent here admit that

Vikram Sood Mar 30, 2016 01:05pm

@Rational Its not denial, India immediately accepted this is our national, and its Pakistan which is denying consular access and violating international law. Why deny access, what has Pakistan to hide?

Sohail Mar 30, 2016 01:06pm

@aryan are very funny man....a separate forum can be held you judge your " economy and development" as they are not known to us!!

Algerian Mar 30, 2016 01:06pm

It seems that he was reading from the placards placed near the camera. That's why he took so much pauses

altaf Mar 30, 2016 01:07pm

@Rahim india Yes all Indian have faith in their govt only when it comes to any thing related Pakistan.

Humanity Mar 30, 2016 01:08pm

Here people question Indian genuity because their Government says so but I am not allowed to answer or to ask counter question. What's the benefit of comment section? I doubted my government and I still doubt a little but it's obvious to me now that Pak establishments have simply no interest in peace process because then, they will also have to face hard questions and be accountable. They have no dignity to admit or apologise for their wrongdoings. I can't blame my government too much in such cases even if they do choose to interfere in Pakistan. I would just ask them to do so openly. Sorry to friends here but there is no alternative.

Naxalite Mar 30, 2016 01:09pm

@Rohit Singh What else you can say other than that? LOL

Jehanzeb Idrees Mar 30, 2016 01:10pm

Perhaps he's as innocent as Kashmir Singh or Sarabjit Singh who was given a state funeral. You really think Sushma Swaraj, Manohar Parrikar or Vikas Swarup would hold a press conference and take this guy as their own?? The answer is HELL NO.

When you ask that how come a RAW spy carried an Indian passport on a foreign mission then how did you believe your government's ludicrous claims about foreign terrorists carrying Pakistani biscuits, match box and SIMs on a suicidal mission in India???

Speaking volumes of your duplicity and double standards guys.

Vectra Mar 30, 2016 01:11pm

Pakistan 1st kidnapped or abducted him them made him tutor or toe the already lines by blackmailing him and then releasing a forged or doctored video,no wonder India rejected the engineered allegations by pakistan.

Anil Mar 30, 2016 01:12pm

@zak He seems to be catch of century for Pakistan. we have day in day out infiltration from Pakistan and instances of blatant denial by your government including for the ones caught alive, only to be confirmed by your own media later on. I am not taking sides in this case, but no reason to believe your government either. Best way is to let an independent agency to carry out the investigation and find out the truth. If, he was indeed doing what he is accused of, then i would be ashamed of my nationality.

Bilal Mar 30, 2016 01:16pm

@Rohit Singh Is he Mr. Hussein or Kalbhushan ?

mohsin Mar 30, 2016 01:17pm

European sensitive agencies should also approach RAW to find the perpetrators origin grooming and funding, in the wake of Paris and Brussels Carnage.

nasir siddique Mar 30, 2016 01:17pm

Why all the fuss. Pakistan should try him on the basis of evidence and punish him accordingly. Happens around the world so not really a big deal.

Waseem Mar 30, 2016 01:18pm

For last two days, there was nothing on indian media about this guy. There was pin drop silence. Isnt it strange!

Waseem Mar 30, 2016 01:21pm

Lollll....Indian asking access to the spy for invetigation, but not giving fully access to Parhankot eye witnesses and crime scence. Dual standard like always.

Vectra Mar 30, 2016 01:21pm

GOI seems to be right as the way this individual speaks in a cool and casual style clearly shows 'Tutoring' as no person arrested will have the mental conditions to speak in so relax mind.

Rational Mar 30, 2016 01:22pm

@ All Indians, Instead of pointing out how a spy can carry his native passport? cross check with your govt the facts reported, if they are true or not. Believing everything that comes out of Indian govt is naive and stupid. By your logic think for a moment was Ajmal Qasab not framed/tutored? You want to believe every fact from the other side is fabricated but on the other hand want the world to believe when you catch a pigeon. Its time we should ask our resp govts some very tough questions, if we want peace and prosperity in the region.

Waseem Mar 30, 2016 01:23pm

@RM lollll! Then how do they talk by the way...

Usman Mar 30, 2016 01:25pm

@Bharat yes bharat let us assume you are right here, but if an Indian residing in Iran had been abducted by some foriegn state why hasnt India raised the query and protesting with Iran for retrieval of its citizen. May be they forgot to blame Iran for not keeping its citizens safe ? And seriously Iran is okay with the fact that pakistanis can come and abduct anybody from there land ? I am confused now !

Vectra Mar 30, 2016 01:27pm

Any neutral person will say that a spay arrested cannot remain so cool and casual rather than remaining under mental pressure.clearly a Doctored video and editing was poor.

Armughan Mar 30, 2016 01:30pm

@RM are you suggesting that Pakistan abducted an Indian from Iran who was somehow an ex-naval officer and tutored him so well within a week? Please grow out of Bollywood films. The guy was under surveillance for more than a year and not only him but his peers have also been arrested. The only reason for his cooperation is that he wants to avoid the gallows.

Vectra Mar 30, 2016 01:31pm

Doctored video??? frankly it look like

Arif Mar 30, 2016 01:31pm

@Rohit Two passport issued one Hindu name second Muslim name and both stamped with Iranian Visa.

Is anybody can explain why two passport issued to same person and both bearing Iranian Visa. ?

Pathetic Mar 30, 2016 01:31pm

@aryan listen Enemy, we have been through this many times. Your PM Modi admitted about such nefarious activities on Bangladesh visit. Please keep yourself current and read papers from other countries too.

Ady Mar 30, 2016 01:33pm

Why Indian authorities should be allowed to meet the their own trained terrorist until he fully confessed ,

Vectra Mar 30, 2016 01:33pm

@Muslim Medina "As expected India has labelled the video a forgery. However, the Indian statement states that the "spy" was abducted from Iran"

Read clearly it says "individual" was abducted from Iran not "spy"

Waseem Mar 30, 2016 01:34pm

@aryan lollllll! He is a serving officer meaning an state actor.

About access! As if India is giving all access to Pak investigation team visiting India for Pathankot incident.

sam Mar 30, 2016 01:34pm

@Zak Yes, I agree too with your assessment! All countries have spies but this Indian spy seems to me to be not good enough for the job. God help him!

Lafanga Mar 30, 2016 01:36pm

Look at the Indian denial carefully. First use the word "kidnapped" because spies get "caught or captured" while innocent people get "kidnapped". He was caught trying to cross the border. Even if we assume he was kidnapped then please explain the fake passport.

Secondly saying "at our behest" shows that we dont deny he was involved in some activity in Pakistan but only that he was not doing it "at our behest". Why not just deny he was involved in anything. Why add "at our behest".

Classic case of denial and absolving themselves of any wrong doing because they know who the guy is and what he was doing in Pakistan.

BIPUL HIND Mar 30, 2016 01:38pm

I can't believe our government could be involved in such esponarge, by causing terriorism in another country, distorying buildings, bridges, gas pipelines and killing innocent people. this is so sad, i am very sorry what has happened, and the recent killings in Lahore. the truth is out and i hope peace comes

Jimmy Rocks Mar 30, 2016 01:40pm


Indian government has accepted him as an ordinary Indian citizen unlike other countries who fail to recognize terrorists from their land. Indian government is saying he is an ordinary citizen, Pak is saying he is a spy. Indian government wants to bring him back and so is asking consular access, Pak is just filming and showing to the world. PPl are so excited by a so-called spy, here in India, we have caught terrorists alive.

Bikram Singh Mar 30, 2016 01:41pm

pakistani establishment has become a victim of TV shows as they were under immense pressure to give proof to the world if behind all failures is India. So it was expected from establishment to conspire like this and show it to the nation.

Sudhir Neyalasinger Mar 30, 2016 01:45pm

It's obvious the video is doctored.

inzy uk Mar 30, 2016 01:45pm

Look how our government has handled this in perfect decent way and best treatment of your spy and compare this to so called mumbai shooting, without any evidence India was so quick to open the gutter against pakistan,

Pakistani Mar 30, 2016 01:47pm


Sarai Alamgir Mar 30, 2016 01:52pm

India!!!! Wake up and realise that you have been caught.

Spooky Mar 30, 2016 01:55pm

Finally the truth come out. For long time Indian denied the RAW terror net work in Pakistan supporting terrorism. Clearly its not non state agents its current RAW employee. The spy has to be squeeze for further information before can be produce or access to consular or court. its long time away. This Indian statement is not unexpected. At least the culprit look very sound and has not been rough treated.

Bharti Mar 30, 2016 01:55pm

If this is true, then I am ashamed to be an indian today!

k k tiwari Mar 30, 2016 01:56pm

I saw the video & the so called spy was in good mood , even laughing .He was not at all in tension ,looked like enjoying hospitality there

Sachin Mar 30, 2016 01:56pm

Of course India has spies in Pakistan. Why is this such a surprise!

SK Mar 30, 2016 02:00pm

@RM - Dear Ramen, and how many spies have you seen - to favour us with your words of wisdom? - other than what you may have watched in the movies?

Shakil Ahmed Khan Mar 30, 2016 02:06pm

Video or no Video! What the hell a serving Indian Navel Officer doing in Pakistan? so spare us the innocent India yelling!

Pakistani Mar 30, 2016 02:06pm

Very Funny India.... He was walking in a park in Tehran and dont know how he got himself into Paksitan. May be a sleep walker.

Shakil Ahmed Khan Mar 30, 2016 02:08pm

@Jimmy Rocks He is an RAW and Indian Navy officer! He has done much more than a mere pawn, he orchestrated and planned terror operations in Pakistan, he is not mere spy he controlled and operated many agents and terrorists.

Shakil Ahmed Khan Mar 30, 2016 02:10pm

@भारतीय Qurban on his innocence, his actions resulted in so many Pakistanis being killed! very innocent indeed

A. Ali Mar 30, 2016 02:12pm

@RM - how many spies before this you have witnessed and how do they talk.?

Nikhil Mar 30, 2016 02:30pm

@Vectra It Won't Help. The Damage is Done :)

Sarai Alamgir Mar 30, 2016 02:31pm

@Anil This is not a debate on Pak V India, its around a RAW agent being caught, this has nothing to do with the people of the two countries. Lets hope he reveals more information and punished accordingly.

Mani Mar 30, 2016 02:36pm

Consular access? Really, you serious? How about Pakistan just hands back the guy and say sorry we caught your spy we will try not to do it again.

Raj Mar 30, 2016 02:37pm

If pakistan;s version is so genuine why is that, they are not giving consular access to India. This means that, they are hiding something and thsi will come out if india talks to the arrested indian national. Then it has to be assumed that the indian version of this man abducted from Iran and produced comulsorily in Pakistan is correct.

A. Ali Mar 30, 2016 02:38pm

how come a serving navy officer do biz in Chabahar / Iran ? ... and caught in Pak, eventually.

as per norms in sub-continent no govt officer can do biz ... how is he operating this biz.... in Pak/ Intolerant country usual govt job span is min 25 years which was to complete in 2022... ie: another 6 years.

SAEED MASOOD Mar 30, 2016 02:41pm

Come on India it's time to start behaving like a good person...Right or wrong...???

KB Mar 30, 2016 02:44pm

No country will ever accept anybody with these allegations even with concrete evidence. This is the lesson one in spy game. If you are caught, you are on your own. Simple.

Mani Mar 30, 2016 02:45pm

@Rajesh my dear Rajesh. He walked around with multiple ID's. Indian passport was the last of them.

Khadim Hussain Mar 30, 2016 02:48pm

I think that both the countries (like the international conventions and traditions) catch the spies but the intelligence bodies deal with it--by swiping such persons, or in some other way. Everyone knows that visiting groups to each other countries also consist of some agents of intelligence agencies and they safely keep coming and going.

M Sethi Mar 30, 2016 02:52pm

Should it be safely be assumed that the televised confessions of the alleged Mumbai attacker, were also tutored by the Indian's ? If he was not a spy,then, why was he using a fake Muslim identity on a genuine Indian passport ?

fahd Mar 30, 2016 02:59pm

enough of indias propaganda. India has been messing internal affairs from day 1 and this is just the proof.

Taimoor Khan Mar 30, 2016 03:05pm

Ofcourse what would one expect from Indian government after very successfully building this false narrative internationally that Pakistan is the source of terrorism, now they are caught red handed and exposed. These are of course panic statements made in utter confusion by Indian establishment.

aslam shaikh Mar 30, 2016 03:06pm

@Known Unknown multiple fake identities, entered the country illegally, military person, equipment and people caught on his revelations. Still innocent?

aslam shaikh Mar 30, 2016 03:07pm

We are not Palestine, so stop bullying us!

Frankenstein Mar 30, 2016 03:23pm

@Premsan seriously "stating the facts"

Sadaf Mar 30, 2016 03:26pm

In 2012 surjeet singh released by pakistani authorities admitted to be a spy on returning home. But India never admitted they will never accept that they are involved in destabilizing pakistan. Their prime minister admitted in bangladesh that it helped it in 1975 so what more proof do people want. Indian has always been involved in creating troubles in pak and so has been admitted by Indian pm and other officials on different times

Pak Mar 30, 2016 03:26pm

Denial... Denial... Denial....... Denial........this is lesson for india to stay away from Pakistan

Nadeem Mar 30, 2016 03:38pm

When it's about Pakistan, a dead phone number and a randomly choosen name is enough. And for you, the confession of your serving officer is not believable?? Shameless!!

Rohail Mar 30, 2016 03:38pm

Now forget your dream about getting permanent seat in UN Security Council and start thinking about cleaning this mess. ISI is leading Intel agency in the world for reason. Get it!

Farooqui Mar 30, 2016 03:40pm

Just amazed at the ignorance of our neighbors and their External Affairs ministry. Kulbhushan traveling on a visa granted to him as Hussain Mubarak, giving his navy ID numbers, the code word for RAW. What else do you want? Wake up and smell the coffee...

aslam shaikh Mar 30, 2016 03:43pm

@aslam shaikh you can try to bully us but don't test our limit.

Sri Mar 30, 2016 03:45pm

@Tamil Buddy, If at all , he has been debuted by GOI, not by BJP, as per pak, he is involving for more than 4 years. BJP came to power 2 years before. A spy can't be placed within 2 years. how do you blame BJP for this?

Iftikhar Husain Mar 30, 2016 03:50pm

India please stop interfereing in Pakistan this practice has increased and the BJP government. India does not want to live peacefully with neighbour.

sanjay Mar 30, 2016 03:53pm

It is a drama to create trouble in Pathankot investigation.

AliPasha(USA) Mar 30, 2016 03:53pm

Spies usually confess after being caught.

Usman Mar 30, 2016 03:58pm

Expected response from India. What about rest of RAW agent that caught after lead of this spy? I guess they were all businessman and they all want good will of Pakistan lol

Wajid Hussain Mar 30, 2016 04:00pm

Why should Pakistan allow consular access, this guy is a spy who was involved in terrorism, who is responsible for countless deaths of innocent Pakistanis. Once he has revealed all the secrets he will be charged and dealt with.

Nadeem Mar 30, 2016 04:02pm

@sanjay Ok, and what about countless lives lost in all the terrorist activities your 'innocent' spy was involved in??? Your country is doing drama of not letting investigation team go in and see..

Akil Akhtar Mar 30, 2016 04:02pm

The same indians who are making laughable excuses want us to believe every allegation they make against us without even an iota of evidence...we on the other hand have an indian naval officer living in Pakistan. NO need for us to try to convince idnians...... Modi himself accepted their role in Mukti Bahin.

Akil Akhtar Mar 30, 2016 04:05pm

An indian naval officer captured inside Pakistan accepts he is RAW agent and indians keep telling us he is can you build any relationship with such people.

Asmat Ullah Mar 30, 2016 04:07pm

if he is abducted ask Iran He is Indian naval officer than how come he has a valid passport with a different name How else caught agents talk ... any precedents ?? Has a formal complaint being launched by India with Iran about a missing Indian national if Indian national in Pak custody admits he is a spy forget about the counselor access .... its not a international norm to give access to self confessing spies.

Muhammad Mar 30, 2016 04:08pm

Definitely it is a shame for India. They won't accept it. But their plan to attack Pak China economic corridor shows their lack of ethics and humanity. We are already weak. Oit intelligence and army is fighting internal threat. These activities might bring further disaster to us.

Asmat Ullah Mar 30, 2016 04:09pm

For benefit of our neighbor on our east can you draw a comparision on evidence against Mumbai attackers and this case. Do apply the same logic and determine who has a stronger case

Janjuah Mar 30, 2016 04:09pm

Natural respnose by India. No country publicly owns its spies after their apprehension

Desi Bhai Mar 30, 2016 04:11pm

@Desi agree 100. This is exactly what I wrote as well.

Pakistani Mar 30, 2016 04:15pm

Just keep him in Pakistan. Extract all the information from him and in 20 years relese him as a gesture of goodwill if he is still alive.

Imtiaz khan Mar 30, 2016 04:17pm

What further proof would be required ?The issue is fit to be raised at all fora with full force bringing him to justice. Media should play vital role spreading it unabated.

Usman Mar 30, 2016 04:21pm

Pakistan ISI caught Mr Mubarak Hussain Patel according to his passport not Mr Kulbhusan yadav. India should explain 1st, how he changed is ID? Name? Role and get business in Iran as fake documents...?

NAB Mar 30, 2016 04:31pm

What is the value of these spies, risking their lives and in return they get reward in shape of disowning from their own nations! Helpless creatures

Waqas Mar 30, 2016 04:31pm

@Steve Boston so an Indian naval officer who works for the Indian intelligence agency was on a private business trip to Iran under a false identity. Was then abducted from Iran.... May be an Alien ship picked him up and dropped him in Pakistan..... Anyhow, Pakistan must not give him up until all information is received and RAW activities smashed in Pakistan.... Interrogate him under terrorist act just as India would do and the US as national security takes precedence over all other issues.

mani Mar 30, 2016 04:44pm

Its not a surprise its a catch, a big one though. I am assuming its not important what he has already told to the agencies to show, but I am more curious what he's hiding to tell.

parmod Mar 30, 2016 04:50pm

Pakistan should allow India for counselor access

Mohammad Mar 30, 2016 04:59pm

@Rohit consular access will be given at least after 5 years. If he is given access now, he will feel safe and will not give further helpful information.

farhan b Mar 30, 2016 05:00pm

@Arsalan Mirza Kindly let us know what games have we played?

Dont try to play this down my friend. India has been at it since 1947. How can we forget india's role in East Pakistan... their own prime minister has admitted to this a few months ago in a public speech.

farhan b Mar 30, 2016 05:02pm

@Pakistani Sure... india takes any and all opportunity to blame Pakistan and put up a show in-front of the whole world. I say we take this to the UN and initiate same tactics as india.

Akil Akhtar Mar 30, 2016 05:12pm

Indian attitude tail I win heads you loose...

Homie Mar 30, 2016 05:16pm

Topi drama from Indian govt why would they accept they r not naive.

The guy has a genuine passport not a fake one and has Muslim name on it why did he keep Muslim name?

In Dubai Iran and other middle eastern countries Hindus are allowed rather well respected for their business. He had some other agenda to keep Muslim name.

M. Siddique Mar 30, 2016 05:18pm

At least Pakistan caught the culprit and presented. So India needs to change its blame Pakistan policy on anything happens in India.

NeutraView Mar 30, 2016 05:19pm

It is state sponsored terrorism by India.

M. Siddique Mar 30, 2016 05:20pm

@Arsalan Mirza, It is NOT game. Pakistan and caught a guy who India owns up. Did India ever present a person on TV? NO.

AD Mar 30, 2016 05:26pm

Why is an Indian delegate or a neutral third party denied access to this individual? Let the truth come out.

Mujtaba Mar 30, 2016 05:30pm

A moment of silence for those who "think" he was abducted from Iran by Pakistani intelligence personnel!!

Aadil Latif Mar 30, 2016 05:37pm

India it is true we do not trust your version and here is the reason why.

Gopal Das was released in April 2011 after 27 years in jail in Pakistan. On his return, he admitted to spying and accused India of doing little to secure his release

Kashmir Singh, sentenced to death in Pakistan in 1973 for spying, was released in March 2008. He later admitted to spying and said India had done nothing for him or his family.

Sarabjit Singh returned to his country after spending more than 30 years in jail in Pakistan for spying. Upon return mr. Singh admitted to reporters: "I had gone there for spying."

Uzair Mar 30, 2016 05:39pm

He was doing business on fake identity. With multiple passports. What kind of business is this mam?

Shahzad Ikhlaq Mar 30, 2016 05:41pm

@Tarannum S Do u remember kashmir singh, sarabjeet singh etc etc?? you people repeated the same mantra for them as well.

GAK Wazir Mar 30, 2016 05:44pm

The government of Pakistan must produce the evidence before the UNSC to make the world understand what our traditional rival (India) is doing to destabilise Pakistan. India is in collusion with the regional spy agencies to aggravate insurgency like situation in Balochistan. India is crying over a minor incident why not Pakistan?

smash Mar 30, 2016 05:45pm

@Zak international community should impose strict sanctions on India,isolate it completely, OPEC should stop all oil exports ,trade and other contacts with India. Wishful thinking man. None of these things is ever going to happen and i mean EVER !!

Zak Mar 30, 2016 06:11pm

grow up India show some dignity and maturity.

Ghaznavi Mar 30, 2016 06:20pm

The tables have turned! Did India allow access to Ajmal Kasab? Were Ajmals confessions not done under police custody?

Nitin Mar 30, 2016 06:23pm

@RIZ Unless and until the caught person has given consular access there will be speculation that he might have been abducted and threatened for his life.

Wazir Mar 30, 2016 06:27pm

Instead of blamegame, we should spy exchange treaty just like americans and russians has. Its foolish expect any country will accept their spy.

Kal Mar 30, 2016 06:33pm

Stop engaging with them. We don't need to bow to external pressure for talks.

Khurram Awan Mar 30, 2016 06:51pm

@PL really!!! ... you think that a American embassy officials in USSR or vice versa we allowed to meet with individuals captured as alleged spies ? they were not, and you know why, because that does not happen... the apprehension is so comprehensive that Indian government could not totally deny him being one of their own, and this is their cover trick, to claim that he could be abducted from Iran and the Indian diplomats be given access to him ...

Shah Mar 30, 2016 06:58pm

What a joke story by Indian. This man was an Indian navy commissioned officer, who took early retirement and went to Chahabahar Iran do some shaddy business and leave his family back in India. Pakistani authorities abducted him from Iran and brought him to Pakistan, tortured him to make these confessional statements. I do not see any torture on his face, actually he looks quite comfortable. INDIAN'S come up with some better story.

Ali Mar 30, 2016 07:17pm

Indian Navy Commander was arrested with fake name and forged Indian passport. He "confessed" working for Indian Naval intelligence. Indian intelligence agency RAW acquired his services, due to his expertise in maritime matters. He was deployed as an undercover businessman in Iran's Chabahar Port area, to target Pakistan's Gwadar Port and other installations.

He confessed to working with anti-state elements. He transported them to India by sea for training. He funded their subversive operations to unleash death and destruction in Pakistan. Thousands of men, women and children were killed. He gave the names of other RAW agents involved in terrorism who were also arrested. The world is shocked to learn about India's state-sponsored terrorism.

zaffar Mar 30, 2016 07:39pm

@Mirza I think this guy was on a holiday trip,

Reality Mar 30, 2016 07:41pm

If these two nations (India & Pakistan) were allowed to maintain peace and harmony. If they were allowed to maintain business relation with each other to make this region prosper. If they were allowed to just focus on providing food, drinking water, health facility, education, electricity, gas and security....! What will the other's do and how will they run their business to earn such things for themselves....!

Gul Hasan Mar 30, 2016 07:41pm


You are saying this simply because India is practicing the same for the last 50 years specially when it is against Pakistan.

Kashmiri Nationalist Mar 30, 2016 08:03pm

Even by Indias own admission he's a navy officer. What was he doing on Iran and then in Pakistan? India exposed and humiliated,

Kashmiri Nationalist Mar 30, 2016 08:05pm

@PL why would Pakistan allow you access to an Indian spy when an investigation is ongoing? Indians never will get access to him,

PakiForum Mar 30, 2016 08:13pm

IT is a statement from Indian government that no one was allowed to meet with him. Has the Indian government tried and used proper channels, that my friend is a big question.

DR Yousuf Mar 30, 2016 08:19pm

This event should be an eye opener for the rest of the Indian agent roaming around in the world, especially in Pakistan.

star cruise Mar 30, 2016 08:31pm

He was doing business with fake id issued by indian govt. nice try

khalid baloch Mar 30, 2016 08:32pm

Great work by Pakistan's army spy wing. Let me assure you he was not the only one - so keep digging. Also, why are you not catching these Uzbecks in Pakistan. Long Live PAKSITAN.

Np Mar 30, 2016 08:45pm

@Ali India has already found an alternative trade route through Chabahar. You cannot blackmail India on Kashmir.

SAEED MASOOD Mar 30, 2016 08:48pm

If he was kidnaped from Iran then was he reported to the Iran police missing or India did not care for their Naval Commander...

Nadeem, USA Mar 30, 2016 08:50pm

@PL, was Pakistani authorities allowed to meet Bombay attacker?

zak Mar 30, 2016 08:51pm

@Anil India has agreed to a third neutral party to hold UN Kashmir plebiscite, 69 years on , the world is still waiting. Instead of resolving the Kashmir issue, the source of all the problems, India goes into denial.

Np Mar 30, 2016 08:51pm

@Syed Zafar KazmiU.S.A He is an Indian citizen and so per international conventions he should be given consular access. Please note that India did offer consular access to Kasab. At that time though Pakistan government was denying his identity and declined consular access.

Samir Desai Mar 30, 2016 08:51pm

@raj Innocent man with fake passport and fake identity?

zak Mar 30, 2016 08:53pm

@Reality Thats what Pakistan has been saying, resolve the Kashmir UN Plebiscite and live in peace. No need for all these antics.

Arslan Mirza Mar 30, 2016 08:57pm

@Arsalan Mirza. Well I wouldn't be that pessimistic. If sanity prevails and peace rather than jealousy is supported by the educated and privileged masses from both sides, there is no reason for governments to not listen to its people's voice. But it has to be from both sides. Amidst the race to gain power and occupy more land, what's always forgotten is that life of an innocent soul whether in Lahore, Peshawar, Delhi or Kashmir is equally precious. If people from both sides could start appreciating this basic idea, slowly but surely religious bigotry and popular media narrative can be changed, forcing govts to reconsider their stance.

Nadeem, USA Mar 30, 2016 08:57pm

@Just Actions, Doing business with fake name? Got my point?

Abdulla Hussain Mar 30, 2016 09:06pm

FOR THE KIND ATTENTION OF Mrs. Sushma Swaraj, I re quote the following that appeared in these column...

AHMEDABAD: Top Indian intelligence officials suspect Kulbushan Yadav’s phone had been under surveillance by Pakistani intelligence and believe Yadav’s complacency led to his capture, revealed the Ahmedabad Mirror.

According to the Ahmedabad Mirror, Indian intelligence officials suspect that many of Yadav’s habits and mannerisms gave him away and his phone calls in Marathi to his family did not add up with his assumed identity.

“His passport identifies him as Hussein Mubarak Patel; but his mannerisms were nothing like that of a Muslim Patel,” an Indian official told the Ahmedabad Mirror.

Nadeem, USA Mar 30, 2016 09:07pm

@Alan Agree with you Alan. When access was not granted to Pak authorities to meet Bombay suspect. In initial pictures he was wearing ornage color thread, which only hindus wear as religious reason.

Nadeem, USA Mar 30, 2016 09:09pm

@Tamil Thank you Sir for your honesty and boldness.

Np Mar 30, 2016 09:13pm

@Lafanga It is NOT a fact that he is an active duty officer. He retired in 2013 when your facts are wrong of course your conclusion will be wrong.

Nadeem, USA Mar 30, 2016 09:23pm

What a funny statement, "He was doing Business in Iran." Iran was under US/UN sanctions. No one can do import and export business with Iran for last 30 years, if someone is allowed to do business form Iran, what are the chances of the success? If he was doing business within Iran, why his passport, visa and name fake?

Abid Hafeez Mar 30, 2016 09:27pm

Rather than being ashamed of what India has done with us, they are blaming us of abduction of their nation. They are accusing us of taming and presenting their national against them. What a mockery.

Pakistan has done its best to restore its relationship with India but India has stabbed Pakistan from the back. Pakistan informed its counterpart beforehand the terrorists had crossed the border into their territory. We were hoping that our long derailed relations would get better with them but this act of treachery has lost all the hope.

Satyam Vada Mar 30, 2016 09:59pm

@Tamil you can hate BJP government as much as you want. where is the proof he is spy! where is the proof that he did something wrong? Where is the proof he works for RAW?

M.Saeed Mar 30, 2016 10:16pm

What else do they have to say?

Talha Mar 30, 2016 10:24pm

@PapaTango Your comment truly sums the mess India is in. India has been totally exposed in front of the world.

Truth Mar 30, 2016 10:30pm

@Sohail He is an Ex officer...not a current officer. A serving officer in defence is not allowed to be running his own business.

usman TORONTO Mar 30, 2016 10:47pm

I have amazing Indian friends living in Canada. I was shocked after hearing this story. Mostly top word news paper quote this developing story of Indian SPY caught in Pakistan for espionage mission. Pakistan Army have way more stronger proof which they are sharing with world top leaders countries. I guess India should SHAME, What they have been doing with neighbours.

Musa Khan Mar 30, 2016 10:52pm

I dont know is it possible to abduct an elder man from other country and bring him to our country for me it does not make any sense.

Common Pakistani Mar 30, 2016 11:04pm

@aryan we even wished that India is interested in developing itself but that that's not the truth and since partition it is has been the Prime objective of India to harm Pakistan which is evident with the chain of events happening across Pakistan.

atif Mar 30, 2016 11:38pm

To all my Indian friends who thinks india is never involved in any illegal activities you living in fools paradise. Every country is involves in all kinda activities in every country. So live with it.

Sarwat Mar 31, 2016 12:09am

@Rohit Singh Then, so was Pathan kot. Look things like these will just keep us in a tail spin. Both countries need to make sincere efforts.

Lafanga Mar 31, 2016 03:17am

@Np why would he lie about this when all his other confession about his naval service are correct. He is active duty because he was seconded to RAW in 2013 and not retirement from service. Read the facts again. No point in denying that he is a RAW agent.

Iqbal Mar 31, 2016 03:40am

@The Reluctant Fundamentalist

About time India's interference in Pakistan is thoroughly exposed.

Iqbal Mar 31, 2016 03:44am


You keep trying your consular access, meanwhile he'll continue to sing like a bird, exposing your nefarious designs.

The truth has finally come out and there is plenty more on the way......

The eagle Mar 31, 2016 04:18am

@Mirza lol...ya it was not bollywood style

The eagle Mar 31, 2016 04:19am

@Desi Dimag Yes it most definetly will

sayed Haider Mar 31, 2016 04:26am

@rajesh yep.....truth always hurt

The eagle Mar 31, 2016 04:29am

@Qamar yes I have to agree there

The eagle Mar 31, 2016 04:32am

@BN It's a video of a confession from a spy..Not a bollywood movie video...which you are only used to watching... Face it..You got caught with ur puts down...

Akil Akhtar Mar 31, 2016 04:36am

@Np NO counselor access for spies....

birchwoodbriggs Mar 31, 2016 05:36am

@Arsalan Mirza you're right.

schal Mar 31, 2016 06:00am

@Truth Does he does now that? He just does not care about the facts.

schal Mar 31, 2016 06:02am

@imtiaz syed He did not come to Pak. He was brought.

Farouq Omaro Mar 31, 2016 06:07am

Denials by both India & Pakistan in such cases are common. Stupid games being played by both countries.

KJ Mar 31, 2016 06:13am

If you notice, this event got reported, just before India and Pakistan leaders were supposed to meet in US. Why does this happen each time the leaders try to forge closer relationship.

Tamza Mar 31, 2016 07:45am

@The Reluctant Fundamentalist How soon after the arrest of ANY spy is the home country staff allowed to 'meet' him/her. Usually many months. So dont have a fit.

Akil Akhtar Mar 31, 2016 08:35am

@schal How do you know he was brought...oh just because the indian govt said so....LOL

rehan Mar 31, 2016 09:06am

Indians are in constant denial as if denying something repeatedly would make it go away. First , they wanted to see photograph , then they wanted details and finally they asked for the spy to be presented on TV. To each, their response has been one of complete denial.

rehan Mar 31, 2016 09:07am

@RM So how does a spy talk like ?

rehan Mar 31, 2016 09:17am

The resp0nse will be as "immediate" as has been India's response to cooperation with Pakistan JIT on Pathankot investigation.

rehan Mar 31, 2016 09:23am

@The Reluctant Fundamentalist hahaha...Good one but I don't think Indians would register your comment as they're currently in a pretty unstable state of mind themselves !

Sharma ka Verma Mar 31, 2016 09:40am

Indian politicians and public needs to have their head out of sand. The RAW is state within the state running its own game.

Zak Mar 31, 2016 09:55am

@Known Unknown poor guy framed for being Indian navy commander , in Baluchistan , wearing Baluchi shalwar kameez with fake ID and no valid entry documents. Guess he lost his way on sight seeing tour from Iran.

Zak Mar 31, 2016 09:56am

@Desi Dimag india is first to abandon its citizens and deny them. But this one caught with tons of evidence.

Zak Mar 31, 2016 09:59am

@Lafanga indians live in false made up world, so this too will be manipulated. They lie to their people. That's why they are in a mess.

Zak Mar 31, 2016 10:02am

@SiddharthaSingh another one who does not want to accept reality. He is a big catch for ISI.

Zak Mar 31, 2016 10:10am

@Abdulla Hussain hahaha. That's what I said. Pakistanis and indians are so different, this yadev looks so Indian, physiognomically. He is person from Gujrat roaming around in Baluchistan. He was bound to be caught.

Naim khan Mar 31, 2016 10:45am

@Just Actions he is business man has changed his name, he lost his way and came to Pakistan? Or Iran has handed him over to Pakistan? Or he might have been living in Iranian desert and cross the border in to Pakistan looking for water to drink?

Imran AB Mar 31, 2016 11:41am

Just pass on his family home address and details in India to the Indian media , they will uncover the rest of the story ....

rehan Mar 31, 2016 02:17pm

India strategy is to deny repeatedly and confidently. Doesn't seem to be working.

Goga Nalaik Mar 31, 2016 03:06pm

Disgusting atitude of India indeed.

Jainul Mar 31, 2016 03:19pm

Not a single person is rounded up that was receiving training or money from the spy! Wasnt that more important than releasing the story of a caught spy from India? Now all of the persons dealing with the spy will go in hiding!

Omer Mar 31, 2016 04:21pm

@Truth Unless he has a ex-officio passport with a muslim name and he is not a spy. If India is so confident they should answer how a fake passport was issued to him. How could he setup a business in Charbahar using the same passport and how did India accept that he was an ex-naval officer with a hindu name. Truth finds its own way

usman Mar 31, 2016 04:25pm

@Sunil indian passport with a fake name reveals every thing

usman Mar 31, 2016 04:25pm

fake name with passport of india revealed every thing.

SYED NASEEM AHMED Mar 31, 2016 04:54pm

Did India gave Ajmal Kasab Pakistan consular access as he was a terrorist
so do this Raw agent should also not be given any consular access as he was involved in terrorist activities according to his confession .

Syed Naseem Ahmed

terrorism Mar 31, 2016 05:43pm

India should be hold accountable for spreading terrorism in Pakistan.

anon Mar 31, 2016 06:03pm

@Indians: At least it's an actual human and not a pigeon

Pakistani Mar 31, 2016 07:54pm

@AJamal he was caught in pakistan but he operated from Iran.

Sandeysa aya hai Mar 31, 2016 09:00pm

@Mirza good one

Ameer Paul Apr 01, 2016 12:03am

Indian raw agent, a commander in Indian Navy is caught red handed spying in Pakistan. He emitted so many secrets that India can not deny it, but as usual it will try it's best to deny though unsuccessfully. Time is with Pakistan and not all subversive actions, but most by RAW are going to be doomed. Good work ISI, we are proud of you.