US drone strike kills six in South Waziristan Agency

Updated September 18, 2015


A terrorist hideout was also destroyed in the drone strike ─AP/File
A terrorist hideout was also destroyed in the drone strike ─AP/File

ISLAMABAD: At least six suspected terrorists were killed in a United States (US) drone strike in South Waziristan Agency (SWA) on Friday.

Sources said two missiles were fired from the Un-manned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), killing at least six suspected militants and destroying their hideout in the Sarokai tehsil of SWA.

Those killed in the strike are yet to be identified.

South Waziristan is among Pakistan’s seven tribal districts near the Afghan border which are rife with homegrown insurgents and are alleged to be strongholds of Taliban and Al Qaeda operatives, among others.

Based on averages within the ranges provided by the New America Foundation, the Long War Journal and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, there have been an estimated 522 US targeted attacks in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia since Sept 11, 2001, which have killed 3,852 people, of whom 476 were civilians.

In March, Pakistan successfully tested its first indigenous armed drone named Burraq, and its laser guided missile named Barq.

The drone had the ability to fly in all types of weather conditions and strike its targets with pinpoint accuracy.

At least three suspected militants were killed while a militant hideout was destroyed in Shawal valley of North Waziristan when Burraq was first used to carry out air strikes in September.