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LAHORE: Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar was sworn in as the 35th Governor of Punjab on Monday in a ceremony held at the Governor’s House in Lahore.

Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court, Justice Umar Ata Bandial, administered the oath of office to Sarwar.

Punjab chief minister Shahbaz Sharif, ministers at the federal and provincial level, government officials and a number of foreign guests attended the oath-taking ceremony.

Speaking to media representatives after the swearing in ceremony, Sarwar said Pakistan was currently beset by numerous problems, adding that people would have to be united in order to find a solution.

Sarwar expressed his resolve to work with all political parties for national progress. Moreover, he assured minorities that their rights would also be protected.

Stressing on the need for education, Sarwar said there were 10 million children in the country who were deprived of this basic right. “We will endeavour to send more than one million children to school,” said a statement issued by the newly-appointed governor.

Sarwar termed poverty, terrorism, unemployment and the current energy crisis in the country as major challenges. He said he would use his experience and contacts to bring in foreign investment to Pakistan.

Sarwar who is likely to have renounced his British citizenship comes from the Faisalabad district. He was elected as Labour MP for Glasgow Govan in 1997 and served until 2010.

According to a daily, HeraldScotland, Sarwar had turned the cash-and-carry business he started with his brother into a substantial business empire, making him worth an estimated £16 million. He also played a leading role in bringing the killers of Glasgow schoolboy Kriss Donald in 2004 to justice after they fled to Pakistan, using his connections to help arrange their extradition, it said.

Comments (26) Closed

sabeeh omer Aug 05, 2013 11:35am

I hope the DUKE OF PUNJAB brings some good omen home!

Reader Aug 05, 2013 01:28pm

MP one minute, Governor the next. Where does his loyalty lie and what does he really know about the problems in Pakistan? Seems he goes where ever sees an opportunity. I wonder if his son who now is an MP in the UK will take over the Governor ship when his dad leaves office? This article writes that "who has LIKELY renounced his British citizenship" seems to suggest that he may not have renounced it. Needs firm confirmation in this article.

Taha Husain Aug 05, 2013 01:45pm

What does Mr. Sarwar know about Pakistan or even Punjab, he has lived all his life in UK and even held political offices there. This is a shame that we could not find a leader capable to be Governor from Pakistan and within the Party in Pakistan.

I am a Pakistani dual citizen but strongly feel that this is not right as Pakistani's living and struggling in Pakistan should have the right to lead their people and not those like myself who opted to live abroad and even take citizenship to enjoy the topping on the cake for nothing.

I think this should end here and we should be and act as a proud nation, our politicians need understand and appreciate the values we uphold. Our leaders should be people who never had any political offices internationally nor should they have had any citizenship other than Pakistani in their life.

I must add that modern societies are built by modern political parties and leadership. Today the situation Pakistan is facing is due to such silly decisions and actions our political and military leadership.

Please wake up Pakistan!!

Mohaisin Sharif Aug 05, 2013 01:48pm

An imported Eid gift from UK to Pakistan by PMLN ....!

m h kayani Aug 05, 2013 02:17pm

Not a worthy person by any means, please check is record, his business dealing, and election irregularities here in Scotland above all false claims from HOC along with his educational ability the man is useless and corrupt, dishonest now on new gravy train of Pakistan along with corrupt politicians of Pakistan.

Rizwan Aug 05, 2013 03:16pm

Shame on you Nawaz Shareef, you did not find a decent man in Panjab that you had to imprt one.

Iqbal khan Aug 05, 2013 03:33pm

Why we need a governer ,its a waste of money.

Sinai Aug 05, 2013 07:20pm

Shame ful day for Punjab they have elected governor who has no loyalty. He gave up his citizenship for a lucrative post. Country which gave him every thing he betrays for his personal gains.

mohammad Ayube Chhipa Aug 05, 2013 09:02pm

A well deserved candidate for such a position.He will be a great asset for the country. he served very well for Scotland.My best wishes and prayers .

mohammad Ayube Chhipa Aug 05, 2013 09:07pm

Our very best wishes for Mr Sarwar on being appointed as the Governor of Punjab .Inshallah he will out perform others .He loves his country and ready to serve people please give me a big hand.He has achieved every thing in UK and ready to serve Pakistan.

Tanvir Aug 05, 2013 09:09pm

What a dishonor to the noble Pakistanis who stayed home and went through the rigor of serving it & its people with their utmost loyalty, sincere respect and meager incomes. Now this lord is the lord of both heavens of his dream - the UK and Pakistan. Connection, money and opportunistic greed pays! A Pakistni Governor must earn this honor through a life-long service to Pakistn and reflect as a real Pakistani in all respect.

Max Aug 05, 2013 09:31pm

This Guy Kicked out from UK as no scope in politics , Pakistan making him Gov of Punjab because he hosted Sharif when ever they came to UK now they giving him back the favor . Surprise no one can is competent enough in Pakistan to become Gov .

ahmed Aug 05, 2013 09:47pm

Seems like a ideal kind of person Pakistan needs at top levels of government.

W. Malik Aug 05, 2013 10:36pm

The post of governor should be abolished. It is a colonial, imperial and monarchical practice. Democracy only allows rulers elected by the people. Why media does not point it out?

A Pakistani Aug 05, 2013 11:21pm

Welcome Sir! Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar is a great example for overseas Pakistanis who want to do something for their motherland. Unfortunately, Pakistan has been bitten by imported PMs like Moeen Qureshi who was given NIC when he was sitting in the aircraft at Islamabad Airport in 1993 to takeover as caretaker PM. Then there was a bad experience of Shaukat Aziz, imported as FM in 1999 and the his benefactor Dictator elevated him to PM in 2004. Shaukat Aziz has been absconding since he left the Prime Minister House in 2007. The incumbent Governor Sindh Dr Ishratul Ebad is not a good example since he has been drawing state expenses from the British Government: while he was still in the Governor House at the expense of Pakistani taxpayers.

Kabir Aug 05, 2013 11:36pm

Governor Sarwar's Glasgow Central seat as Member of Parliament was handed on to his son, Anas Sarwar. No amount of spin can conceal the cronyism, corruption, and nepotism that such father-to-son appointments entail. Call me a cynic.

John Aug 06, 2013 12:23am

@sabeeh omer: May be just CASH and Carry (Cash it and carry it away) :)

Naeem Syed Aug 06, 2013 12:26am

The old boys club is at it again.

Sohail Jaffer Aug 06, 2013 12:51am

Good Luck Imported Lord, Duke of Punjab he will do nothing in his tenure will get back his UK nationality. A debt on Pakistan.

Rana Aug 06, 2013 12:53am

Mr. Sarwar had allegations of corruption against him as Labour MP in the UK, so don't hold your breath about him helping Pakistan or poor Pakistanis.

He is just another Sharif brothers 'YES' Man, like others in their party.

Muhammad Farooq Aug 06, 2013 04:03am

PM should be held accountable to explain his reason(s) for selecting some Pakistani origin businessman based in UK to be the governor of Punjab. Are there no capable administrators left in the country?

sja Aug 06, 2013 09:40am

@Mohaisin Sharif: a challenge for Immature Imran Khan to add to his list of businessmen he is after throughout his TSUNAMI in Politics of Pakistan.

SHAFIQ Aug 06, 2013 02:03pm

I am not a supporter of the man appointed as governor, but the idea seems fine. I can not remember any vocal opponent of the appointment ever objecting to the remittances of the over seas Pakistanis! Why is this so bothersome? He has paid his way in the party. He is more likely to see the poverty and the deprivation in ThePunjab than any rich pakistani who can not see the trodden under their feet.A good choice if only for valuing the contribution the over seas pakistanis make to the country. The ill informed who do not like the British citizen of the pakistani origin to hold this office can not see beyond their hidebound mullah generated opinions should see the countries like Israel where most of the citizens have dual citizenship their American support partly depend on their American citizens. Why can not Pakistanis open their eyes and see the real world for what it is. Most of us more often than not defending pakistan inspite of the ignorance of the opinion makers in Pakistan. Get real and come to the party.

A. Ercelan Aug 06, 2013 04:47pm

Stressing on the need for education, Sarwar said there were 10 million children in the country who were deprived of this basic right.

Rana Aug 06, 2013 05:29pm

This is the type of Governor Pakistan deserves, if you don't have the sense to vote for a good human being such as Imran Khan then you will get devils such as these in power.

Jamal Khan Aug 06, 2013 07:59pm

Why would he want the governorship of Punjab? No amount of money can give you the pomp and circumstance of the governorship. The blaring sirens and the motorcade, the garlands and the oversized medallion on the chest, the thousands clamoring to shake your hand not to speak of the governor's house of Mughal splendor, artificial lake with gondolas, a 'Shimla Pahari' and a zoo that can be had even by richest tycoons anywhere. A living nation would have consigned such colonial reminders to a museum a long time ago.