Publishing scam: HEC’s view

January 03, 2012


THIS is apropos of the articles ‘Publishing scam’ (Dec 26) and ‘Scourge of fake journals’ (Dec 1) by Isa Daudpota. The writer has raised serious concern over the status of a few dubious journals which have become publishing grounds for the HEC-approved supervisors.

None of the listed journals (African Journal of Business and Management (AJBM), Australian Journal of Business and Management Research, and the International Journal of Business and Social Research) are HEC-recognised journals. Of these, only the AJBM was initially recognised by the HEC because it was listed as an impact-factor journal on the ISI web of knowledge, which is an international yardstick to rate journals.

But it has now been taken off the list due to numerous complaints received. Therefore, if any of the approved supervisors publish in any of the non-recognised journals, these are not counted towards their performance.

Approved supervisors are required to maintain and update their profiles on the HEC website, which are reviewed after every three years. Those not meeting the HEC criteria (minimum three publications in approved journals, amongst others) are dropped from the list.

All complaints received are investigated by a committee with full integrity and transparency to achieve the ultimate objective of the HEC: to have Pakistan identified as a leader in higher education and research.

With a threefold increase in the world’s share of research publications in the last eight years, as per the international monitoring agency Scimago, it is quite an achievement.

AAYESHA IKRAM Director (Media), HEC Islamabad