PESHAWAR, Nov 16: The internally displaced persons of Bara tehsil on Wednesday announced to begin a movement, Tehrik-i-Mutasireen Khyber Agency, against the ongoing military operation in their tribal agency and for provision of basic facilities for themselves.

Chairman of the movement Shah Faisal Afridi told a news conference here at the Peshawar Press Club that the people of Khyber Agency, especially of Bara tehsil, had been leading a miserable life due to the prolonged curfew imposed 27 months ago.

He said all educational institutions and health centres in the agency had been closed due to the prolonged military operation, adding that the tribesmen were forced to vacate their houses on short notice and that, too, without necessary items.

Mr Afridi said IDPs in Jalozai camp were not provided with tents, food and non-food items, adding that many of the displaced persons had been living with their relatives in the rented buildings. Flanked by vice chairman of the movement Ibrahim Mandokhel and general secretary Iftikhar Afridi, he said majority of the people had so far not been registered as IDPs and thus, facing several problems.

He demanded early restoration of the registration process for the agency's all the displaced persons and provision of basic facilities to those living in camps. — Bureau Report