Defence Minister Ahmad Mukhtar. — Photo by APP

ISLAMABAD: Defence Minister Ahmed Mukhtar on Thursday said that US allegations over Pakistan's support to the Haqqani network were “baseless”, DawnNews reported.

Speaking to DawnNews, Mr Mukhtar said that the allegations levelled at Pakistan were contrary to the facts on the ground.

He further said that if the US had any information pertaining to the Haqqani network, then it should share that intelligence with Pakistan so the country’s authorities could act on it.

Mr Mukhtar expressed his concern regarding continual US warnings over action against the Haqqanis and said that Pakistan, a sovereign state, could not be bullied into situations.

Regarding Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief General Ahmed Shuja Pasha's visit to the US, he said that the government had sent Mr Pasha to the US on a special task.