KARACHI: Special children entertained

16 Jul 2002


KARACHI, July 15: Over one hundred special children were entertained with music for a couple of hours at a function held at a restaurant here on Monday.

The function was organized by noted artist and social worker Jimmy Engineer under his fun and food for the handicapped children project.

Children from Ida Rieu School and College for the Deaf and Blind, Darul Sukoon, Sisters of Charity, Mother Teresa’s Institute, Hope and Faith, Garage School, etc., were present.

Jimmy Engineer said he had started the project and was trying to line up about 20 to 25 hotels and restaurants which could entertain around 100 children at least once a month so that between 2,000 and 2,500 special children also had fun as a matter of routine.

He said one of the purposes of the programme was that in this way the issues being faced by these children were highlighted through the media.

He said in the Western societies many facilities were provided to the special people, whereas here they were not even given what was their due and as a result they faced many problems.

He urged philanthropists to extend assistance in whatever way they could to the organizations that are providing assistance to these people so that their lives could be made comparatively easier.

Rashid Lateef of the Pappasallis Restaurant said he was happy to see that special children were having fun at the function and were enjoying the environment. He said he had committed with the social worker that the restaurant would play host to the special guests once a month.

A music teacher at the Ida Rieu School, Saleem Qureshi, and his students, Sohail Ahmad, Zainab Waheed and Tasneem Maqbool, sang national and folk songs and a large number of children danced and enthralled their colleagues.