KARACHI, May 7: Approximately 50 children from an orphanage were entertained for over a couple of hours at a function organized at a restaurant in the Sindhi Muslim Housing Society on Friday.

The function for the children living in the Jamia Islamia Haji Sir Abdullah Haroon Orphanage Aashiyana was organized by a noted artist and a social worker Jimmy Engineer, who has been organizing such functions for the children for nearly three years now.

Magician Mohammad Aslam kept the youngsters captivated for over an hour with various tricks. The orphanage, located at the Shah Waliullah Road in Khada, Lyari, was set up in 1924 and usually housed around 45 youngsters besides providing them primary and secondary level education.

Many of the former orphanage inmates, owing to the quality education that they had received here, are leading successful lives and are serving in different fields, including civil service, police, judiciary, etc.

The orphanage is also planning to receive a batch of 25 children from the interior of the province soon so that poor and orphaned children from rural areas could also be provided with quality education.

Aashiyana's Laila Sarfaraz, who is also associated with APWA, urged philanthropists to contribute as much as possible, saying it would help the organization help the needy and the poor children.