Girls dragged in streets, hacked to death

February 24, 2007


SANGHAR, Feb 23: The cruel custom of ‘karo-kari’ claimed another two lives when two village girls were dragged in the streets and hacked to death by their uncles, accusing them of having tarnished the family’s honour. The girls — first cousins — were buried without any religious rites and the family declined to accept condolences.

The gory incident took place on Thursday in the village of Allah Bux Brohi, near Shahpur Chakar. The two uncles surrendered to police. They said they had done the right thing and felt no remorse.

They told journalists that they had been informed at about midnight on Wednesday that the girls — Farida, 18, and Hamida, 22 — were missing from their room. They went in search of them and found them in a banana orchard with two men who ran away.

The two uncles have been identified as Khamiso Brohi and Imamdad Brohi.