Umair Javed

Two glaring deficits

There is no large-scale welfare mechanism that can reach adversely impacted populations. Published Mar 23, 2020 07:09am

Keyboard warriors

Associational politics and citizens taking responsibilities for the causes they care about is what sustains democracy. Updated Mar 09, 2020 07:38am

Vocation and education

To succeed as a consuming citizen, one has to rethink the meaning of education. Published Feb 24, 2020 07:04am

Violence as justice

Public opinion polling from the Gilani Research Foundation back in 2016 found overwhelming ... Published Feb 10, 2020 07:04am

The cost of stability

Party leaders need elected politicians to provide them with a veneer of legitimacy and to form a government. Updated Jan 27, 2020 02:23pm

Diarchy revisited

Most people underestimate just how entrenched a particular system or configuration of elite power is in Pakistan’s Published Jan 13, 2020 07:08am

Work and exploitation

As things stand, 73pc of all labour in urban areas, approximately 11.4m individuals, are associated with informal work. Published Dec 30, 2019 07:15am

The China ‘model’

It is worth clarifying some important features of China’s political economy before embracing it as an ideal. Updated Dec 02, 2019 08:19am

Structural transformations

Even when the data is usable, its presentation and access pose a challenge for users here. Updated Nov 18, 2019 07:25am

March of interests or ideas?

Is the JUI-F, specifically in its current incarnation, a vehicle for procedural democracy? Published Nov 04, 2019 07:10am

Student anger

Grievances can accumulate over a long period of time. Updated Oct 21, 2019 07:57am

Administrative tussles

The conversation on reforming local bureaucracies has bubbled over in an antagonistic manner. Published Oct 07, 2019 07:16am

Justice awaited

Junaid Hafeez’s case is yet another litmus test for all those claiming to uphold justice in this country. Published Sep 23, 2019 07:05am

India as an example

The social foundations of Modi’s authoritarianism make for deeply unsettling prospects about the region’s future. Published Aug 26, 2019 07:00am

PTI's one year in Punjab

The government's success in implementing its agenda will remain contingent on how it deals with its own contradictions. Updated Aug 23, 2019 03:11pm

‘Managing’ the internet

It doesn’t take much to see that the China or Bangladesh or Burma model occupies many important minds. Updated Jul 29, 2019 07:45am

Unrooted politics

Ultimately,what we’re left with is a situation in which control of the state is being determined by hidden transactions. Published Jul 15, 2019 07:01am

Conflict or compromise?

While the idea of a ‘charter of economy’ might sound great at first, there are several practical and moral ... Published Jul 01, 2019 07:14am

Managing a political project

We’re left with the careful curation of political space and, ultimately, of desirable outcomes. Published Jun 17, 2019 06:51am