A clean and neat house makes everyone feel fresh and light, but adding a little decoration to it can enhance the beauty and its charm. Moreover, if you add a personal flair to it, the place gives immense pleasure and self-satisfaction.

So, today’s DIY craft is all about adding into the beauty of your corner or your house. The main thing you need for this craft is an old, useless compact disc (CD). Let’s start!

Things you need:

  1. Two CDs

  2. Scissors

  3. A marker

  4. Thread

  5. Hot glue


  1. Put one CD over the other to create a crescent shape, picture 2.

  2. Draw the crescent over the bottom CD and then cut it carefully, see pictures 3 and 4. (It is recommended that you take help from the elders in cutting the CD).

  3. Don’t throw the remaining CD, for we need it to draw stars, at least three on it. Cut out these carefully and from the scraps cut small diamonds or shape of rhombus, pictures 5 and 6.

  4. Cut four to five-inches of thread, make a loop and tie a knot, then dab hot glue on the back of one of the stars and paste thread on it, see picture 7.

  5. Paste this thread on the top backside of the moon, picture 8.

  6. Make three similar thread strings by pasting stars and rhombus, then paste them on the back of the moon, but now at the bottom side, picture 9.

  7. Trim the remaining thread, picture 10.

Our beautiful moon and star chime made from the CD is ready.

Note: I have used one star and one rhombus on the threads. You can add more into the thread string.

Published in Dawn, Young World, July 24th, 2021


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