Hyundai’s ‘Made Cooler by Hyundai’ campaign: Revolutionising car comfort in Pakistan

'Made Cooler by Hyundai' not only enhances car comfort but also turns vehicles into brand advertisements.
Published May 2, 2024

Hyundai has introduced its latest initiative, ‘Made Cooler by Hyundai,’ aimed at providing relief to Pakistani drivers with the innovative Nano Cooling Film. This breakthrough solution promises to revolutionise driving by reducing interior temperatures by an impressive 10 degrees Celsius while adhering to tinting laws.

‘Made Cooler by Hyundai’ not only enhances car comfort but also turns vehicles into brand advertisements. With stickers endorsing Hyundai on cars of all brands, even competitors become advertisers for Hyundai — a novel marketing move in Pakistan. While attracting attention, the campaign also tackles the discomfort caused by high temperatures during commuting.

Unlike traditional tints, Nano Cooling Film is transparent and complies with regulations, ensuring legality while keeping cars cool. By lowering interior heat, it also enhances passenger safety and comfort by reducing emissions from plastic components.

To kick off the launch, Hyundai hosted a special event at Hyundai Central in Lahore, chosen for its scorching summer temperatures. Media personalities, including social media influencers like Shahveer Jaffery and Zil e Subhan, Suneel Munj, Abrar Hassan had Nano Cooling Film applied to their vehicles.

Since this campaign aired, Hyundai has received countless requests to learn more about the application process. However, for now, everything is in the testing phase, the pricing is not decided yet, there is a lot to cover between now and the go-to-market phase for the brand and the product.

What sets Nano Cooling Film apart is its nanostructure, maximising heat dissipation for superior performance. Unlike traditional tints, it emits internal radiant heat outside, effectively reducing heat while maintaining transparency. Hyundai’s experiments have shown significant temperature reductions compared to conventional tints or untreated vehicles.

Looking ahead, Hyundai plans to further develop Nano Cooling Film for future car models, ensuring a cooler, more comfortable driving experience for Pakistan and beyond.

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