BAGHDAD: Representatives of the Palestinian Resistance Central Committee in a meeting last night [Sept 12] with King Hussein presented the Jordanian monarch with a written proposal for ending the conflict between the guerillas and the Government, Baghdad Radio said today.

In Beirut, travellers arriving from Amman said the capital had been quiet for the past two days but that clashes between the Palestinians and the Army were continuing in Irbid, Karak and elsewhere in the country.

Baghdad’s announcement of a meeting between the King and the resistance body came several days after the Central Committee presented King Hussein with seven demands. If the King accepted the demands, observers in Beirut said, it would mean the end of the Hashemite dynasty.

Meanwhile differences among the Palestinian groups were made clear, the observers said, by the destruction of three hijacked airliners held at Zarqa and the removal to an unknown destination of remaining hostages by the extremist left-wing Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). The Central Committee has suspended the PFLP membership....

Published in Dawn, September 14th, 2020