RAWALPINDI: President Yahya Khan today [July 28] called for a “much greater sense of responsibility” from journalists in this most difficult period of the country’s history. Talking of the national Press in his broadcast to the nation, the President said that by and large the Press had displayed “admirable dedication” to the principles of democracy. He offered congratulations on “courageous editorials” in some papers.

However, the President was “not very happy with the manner of reporting news items”. In nor­­mal times, he said, a newspaper might be jus­­tified in playing up sensational items but, he emphasised, “these are not normal times”. Pre­­sident Yahya said, therefore, we have all got to go “beyond the call of duty and sacrifice considerations of profitability to national service”.

[Meanwhile, as reported by an agency in Lahore,] The President, Gen Agha Mohammad Yahya Khan’s broadcast to the nation this evening [July 28] has been greatly welcomed by various political parties in the country. The Council Muslim League Chief, Mian Mumtaz Mohammad Khan Daultana ... lauded the President’s resolve to restore democracy without the least delay.

Published in Dawn, July 29th, 2020