MUNSHIGANJ: The Awami League chief Sheikh Mujibur Rahman today [March 30] emphasised that there should be specific provision in the future constitution of the country prohibiting transfer of wealth from East Pakistan.

Addressing a public meeting at Munshiganj, about 15 miles from Dacca, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman said hundreds of crores of rupees had been transferred from East to West Pakistan through banks, insurance companies and other agencies thus dealing a crippling blow to the economy of East Pakistan. Crying a halt to transfer of money, the Awami League chief demanded constitutional safeguard against it, and said there should be a provision that no money could be taken of East Pakistan without permission.

Sheikh Mujib said his struggle was not directed against the people of West Pakistan but only against those exploiters who had thrived at the cost of the people. He exhorted the masses of West Pakistan to launch a struggle against those exploiters and assured them that the Awami League would help them (the people) in realising their just demands.

Published in Dawn, March 31st, 2020