NEW DELHI: Three representatives of the All-India Newspaper Editors’ Conference and two journalists belonging to the Government of India are expected to accompany the Govern­ment of India’s Delegation to the San Francisco Conference … which opens on April 21.

The Musalmans, as usual, are out of court. It is obvious that the representatives of the All-India Newspaper Editors’ Conference will not confine their activities to cabling to this country news of the San Francisco Conference. They are rushing Pandit Kunzru, Mr. Shiva Rao and Mrs. Pandit to launch anti-Muslim propaganda in the United States … These worthies… have done their best or their worst to misrepresent the Muslim point of view in the States.

Another propaganda squad will shortly be on its way to America. By lecture tours, by Press conferences and by all other techniques known to the anti-Pakistan Pandits, these purveyors of propaganda will enlighten the American public about “the real facts” in this country: some of the facts being that India is solidly behind the Congress; that the League represents hardly anybody in this country and that the demand for Pakistan is confined to a few members of the League’s Working Committee.

Published in Dawn, March 28th, 2020