For kids, skipping lunch breaks the whole week to save money to order a large pizza on weekend is savings, and for parents, it could be saving the whole month to spend their money on health, education, entertainment and any unforeseen circumstances for the family.

I believe saving is an art. It’s easy to make up your mind to save money, but it’s difficult to stick to the plan when you see something you really want but don’t need right now. A beautiful dress in a shop, the launch of the latest version of the phone you are holding right now, sales or buy-one-get-one-free offers — all these are very tempting to spend our money on.

But hold on, we have to think! Do we really want the thing with which we are getting the other one free? These are some factors that always distract us while we save.

Have you ever thought why do piggy banks have either a lock or to access the money we have to break it? It’s only because it is difficult for us to get rid of our desires, so savings should not be in easy access.

Now, the point is why do we save money? Saving with a goal to put aside a certain amount is not only interesting, but challenging too. I find it pretty wise for a kindergarten kid to save his pocket money given by granny till evening to buy an ice cream because that shop opens in the evening. Where, when and how much to spend is a matter of choice and it is here that one needs to be careful. For instance, buying an expensive bag when you are short of money is not wise but it is perfectly fine to get the bag if you have planned and saved for it.

Saving could be long-term and short-term, but when you get something after a wait of few hours to years, it is really worth it because it increases your attachment to the product or the memory you made out of that saving.

Charity, dream car, medical assistance, holidays and destination wedding are few out of the long list of things that you can get in future for yourself when you save today. It’s not what you earn, but how much you save that makes you rich.

Published in Dawn, Young World, February 15th, 2020