Winter woes

Globally weather is becoming unpredictable and whether in highs or lows, the temperature is crossing all previous records. This winter season in Pakistan is causing prolonged cold spells in many parts of the country. It is tragic that more than a hundred people have so far died due to severe cold.

There are many countries which experience months of snowfall but life moves on at its usual pace most of the time. It is tragic that in our country even temperatures in the single digit can cause so many problems for people because we do not have an efficient heating system in most homes and the cost of electricity is so high that people cannot afford to buy electric heaters and use.

Many people turn to burning wood and coal to keep warm and this in turn leads to many health and safety issues. It is my request to the government to give the citizens some relief by offering subsidised rates of electricity during peak winter and summer months so that people do not suffer.

Saleem Afridi,


A gift for safekeeping

This refers to the story “A gift for safekeeping” (YW, January 11, 2020) by Iqra Aslam Memon. The story was about the importance of trust. It is true that once broken, trust cannot be regained.

Being dishonest displeases both human beings and God. So being trustworthy is one of the best qualities that a person should try to have and it will lead to success in life.

Misri Sathio,

Tando Muhammad Khan


This is with reference to the story “A gift for safekeeping” by Iqra Aslam Memon. Some wise person has rightly said, “Trust takes years to built, seconds to break and forever to repair.”

If one of our friends gives us something for safekeeping, so certainly they trust us more than their other friends. We should try to honour their trust.

Young World has always been my favourite magazine. There is something interesting in every page that makes a reader keep reading it. I wish the magazine keeps printing such meaningful stories.

Hammal Naeem,


Reading is a wonderful hobby

This is with reference to the “Reading is a wonderful hobby” by Tanzila Asim Zafar (YW, January 11, 2020). The opinion shared by the writer was extremely motivating and she well-explained how spending leisure time on social media and gaming is a waste of time. Instead, we should occupy ourselves with books as that will prove more beneficial for us.

I want to Young World for printing such nice articles for us to read.

Mehirjaan Baloch


Published in Dawn, Young World, January 25th, 2020