Cook-it-yourself: Peach mocktail

October 12, 2019


Photos by the writer
Photos by the writer

Using in-season fruits in any recipe brings a lot of flavour and freshness that cannot be matched by any canned or preserved fruit. And drinks from fresh fruits are very cooling and refreshing in hot and humid days, so that’s why here is another easy and yummy drink that you can make all by yourself.

Peach mocktail is a bubbly and sparking drink that uses just three ingredients — peaches, sugar and a white carbonated drink — if you don’t count the ice cubes as one, and is ready in no time at all! But, of course, there are many different things that you can add to suit your taste buds and mood, such as any other fruit, a few mint leaves, a teaspoon of lemon, black salt, any other drink or juice. And yes, you can peel and cut the peaches and then freeze it in an air tight container, and use it, but then you should skip the ice cubes.

The sky is the limit!

You will be using a food processor or blender, so if you are not allowed to use electrical appliances, please take the help of an adult in blending everything together.


• 1 large cup or three peaches, peeled and sliced

• 1 tablespoon sugar, or to taste

• Any carbonated drink

Photos by the writer
Photos by the writer


This much amount of peaches should be enough for two glasses if you like the drink pulpy and thick, otherwise you can make about three glasses easily.

Put peaches, sugar and ice cubes in a food processor or blender, and blend for a couple of minutes or less until the peaches are nicely blended.

Pour into glasses until almost half full, pour a white carbonated drink slowly as it will bubble up and spill if you do it fast. Serve immediately.

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