Website review: My life somewhere else!

October 12, 2019


Hey kids, have you ever wondered how it would have been if you were born in some other country? For instance, how much electricity you have had access to, or how much money your parents would have spent on your education or health care -- in other words, how your overall life would have been if you had been born in some other place?

Perhaps you have never thought of this before, but for the sake of information, tells you how your life would have been at some other place.

Mylifeelsewhere gathers huge data of almost all the countries from around the world with which you can compare your country. According to the site, you cannot find all the data and statistics elsewhere on the web; the aim to develop the site was to assist others in gathering information regarding the quality of life, cost of living and more across the globe.

You can navigate on mylifeelsewhere in either of the two ways; first, by selecting from the three main tabs “Quality of life”, “Cost of living” and “Size comparison” on top right side of the home page. Second, by choosing from the five categories that are the titles of the five continents with a long list of countries in each. Selecting any country from them opens a new page with the comparative data of that country with yours. You will be amazed to see the comprehensive statistics the site shows you, without lengthy or detailed material, everything is written very brief and to the point.

You may be wondering about the reliability of the data. Usually, the data is quite accurate, but sometimes due to it being hard to access and not fully provided by the agencies, including Eurostat and The World Bank, the data takes time to update. However, the site creators are confident that the information they provide has a higher level of accuracy than many of their competitors.

So if you are curious about other places and have ever wished you were born in some other place in the world, check out

Published in Dawn, Young World, October 12th, 2019