Monsoon rains in various parts of country cause trouble to citizens

Published July 25, 2019
A rescue 1122 worker helps a motorcycle owner get his vehicle out of the water. — Photo by Adnan Sheikh
A rescue 1122 worker helps a motorcycle owner get his vehicle out of the water. — Photo by Adnan Sheikh

As monsoon rains continue to fall all over the country this week, citizens are facing major issues, including unannounced power outages and water clogged streets.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (MET) has predicted heavy rainfall and thunder Thursday (today) and Friday in most parts of the country because of unusual weather developments on the east and west of the country. Meanwhile, hot and humid weather is expected to continue in south Punjab and most of Sindh.


Water levels in various nalas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad have been on the rise due to continuous rain in the twin cities. Water levels have risen by 8.30 feet in Nala Lai. Under the Katariyan Bridge, the water level has risen by up to 7.5ft, while under the Gawalmandi bridge, the level has risen by six feet.

The water level in the PWD Nala has also risen, causing water to flood the basements of various houses along its banks.

The MET department has predicted heavy rainfall to continue today and tomorrow.

The district administration claims to have a solid plan in case of a flood-like situation in the area. Rescue 1122, the army, the cantonment board and other departments have been put on standby.


After heavy rainfall in Lahore resulted in a widespread power breakdown, Lesco has been able to restore 110 electricity feeders, while work on 70 others is yet to be completed.

Rescue 1122 workers have also come out to help people whose vehicles have been stuck due to accumulating rainwater on the streets and roads of the metropolis.

Storms have also caused many trees around the city to be uprooted, while water has reportedly entered houses in various localities. WASA staff is also using heavy equipment to remove water from streets and houses.

According to the MeT department, rains will continue for the next 48 hours.


After sporadic rains on Wednesday night, the MeT department has announced that Karachi will receive more showers in the next 24 hours.

The most rain recorded in Karachi last night was 3ml, which fell in Gulshan-i-Hadeed. Since yesterday, various parts of the city have received soft showers.

The highest temperature expected in the next 24 hours will be 33 degrees, while the lowest is expected to be 28 degrees. Humidity in the city is expected to rise to 70 per cent.

A weather system from Rajasthan is expected to fully impact the city once it reaches here on July 27. Other parts of Sindh will also be affected by the system.

The heaviest rainfall is expected on July 29 and 30.


Peshawar has been receiving intermittent rain with heavy winds since Wednesday night. The MET department has also predicted heavy rainfalls in various other parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, especially Chitral district.

The PDMA has issued a list of precautions for the district management and other related departments. Emergency staff has also been called for in all relevant departments.

PDMA predicts a rise in water levels in various lakes and nalas of Chitral. Tourists have been warned against visiting far-flung areas of KP.

In light of the situation, a statement issued by Chief Minister Mahmood Khan directs concerned government departments to remain on high alert during monsoon period and take care of the people living in remote and mountainous areas.

He has also ordered the cancellation of leaves of staff members of concerned departments during rains and directed that both health workers and Rescue 1122 personnel should stay on high alert.

Last week, at least 14 people, including eight children, were killed and 53 suffered injuries in rain-related incidents across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.



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