April 20, 2019



This is with reference to the letter published in the Mailbox by Uzair Ahmed (YW, April 6). I want to let the writer of the letter know that this story was originally written by me in the month of November 2018 and was sent to the YW in the same month; however, it was published quite late, which gave Mr Uzair the reason to accuse me of ‘stealing’ the idea.

I, being a regular reader of Young World, have read both the stories mentioned by Mr Uzair which are “Alone during a thunderstorm” (January 26, 2019) and “Haunted house” (March, 2), and found a great similarity in their themes and that of my story, “Home alone” (YW, March 16). This is a mere coincidence and has nothing to do with ‘repeating’ or ‘merging’ someone’s theme or story into mine.

While both the stories mentioned were published before mine, it doesn’t mean that I, who sent the story quite earlier, have taken the idea from these two. Moreover, I would advise Mr Uzair to always make sure of the exact details and facts before accusing someone of plagiarism.

Anusha Randhawa,
Hyderabad Cantt

The art of people management

This is regarding the article “Social skills: The art of people management” by Maham Waseem (YW, March 30). We face many people with different types of nature everyday; we have to talk to them whether willingly or unwillingly. The article described the ways to handle such situations.

One of the things that I liked most in the article was the way the writer presented the art of dealing with an introvert and how one can make them speak.

Tanveer Ahmed,


“The art of people management” by Maham Waseem was very nicely written. There are many people around us who are difficult to deal with. They include our friends, classmates, relatives and sometimes siblings as well. But as we can’t afford to avoid them, it is necessary to understand such people and deal with them in the most suitable way.

The writer did a great job in providing some solutions and techniques to deal with such people.

Perkash Kumar Patel,
Shaheed Benazir Abad

Test your vocabulary

This is with reference to the website review “Test your vocabulary” by Asif Ali (YW, March 30). I was quite happy to read this website review because it was a useful website for the young generation.

Learning new vocabulary everyday is not only amazing, but knowing how much one knows is a brilliant way to enhance one’s reading skills. Kids should visit such websites in order to test their knowledge and polish their skills accordingly.

Arisha Ali,

Published in Dawn, Young World, April 20th, 2019