Of a KE meter

February 12, 2019


I DO not know what K-Electric has against me and my family. But I would like to know. Last November, they started replacing our meters without informing us. While installing a meter at our house, their team removed a tile using a chisel without our knowledge. While we objected, they installed the other meter — this time using a drill machine. However, they didn’t stop there.

When the power supply was restored, the lower portion of our house was still without power. Reason: the connection to the new meter was faulty as the wires were loose.

After many meetings with the power supplier, K-E fixed the problem and replaced the meter. Since its replacement, we have not been received any bills. We called, emailed and made online complaints several times. However, K-E didn’t respond. We continued to follow-up for our bills.

On Feb 7, we received an email from K-E stating that our account number had been inactive and in order to re-activate it we need to visit the customer care centre along with our CNIC, last paid bill and ownership evidence. It is really unfortunate that we had been running after K-E for our bills and they — without any investigation — declared it inactive.

When we told them about our power supply status, they finally issued a bill on Feb 10.

Amazingly, the bill was calculated on the maximum unit rate as the units were high. Although, we have paid the bill it is really annoying that instead of issuing us the bill regularly they did not respond to any complaints or emails.

Abdul Rasheed Siddiqui

Published in Dawn, February 12th, 2019