The federal government anticipates the creation of a million jobs under the Kamyab Jawan Programme, an aggressive small and medium enterprise lending scheme which is expected to stimulate job creation and economically empower the youth.

Kamyab Jawan, which falls under the Prime Minister's Youth Programme, is a collaboration with the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (Smeda).

A Youth Affairs Department official, Abdul Rasheed, was quoted by APP as saying that Smeda would find the top business ventures in local and international markets to facilitate young Pakistanis.

He said that Smeda would impart vocational and technical training to the youth, while the department would extend maximum support for the improvement of technical and vocational training.

Rasheed added that Smeda would also educate and facilitate the youth to provide training to others in the development cycle.

The PM’s Youth Affairs initiative will extend its facilities to the maximum possible number of youngsters in order to create more employment opportunities in the marketplace, Rasheed stated.

The United Nations Development Programme's 'Pakistan National Human Development Report' estimates that more than 29 per cent of the country’s population consists of young people between the ages of 15-29 years.

The Youth Empowerment Programme (Kamyab Jawan Pakistan) aims at creating opportunities for knowledge, skills and leadership development of the youth to further "Agenda 2030".

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Youth Affairs Usman Dar last month chaired a meeting of the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics to discuss the launch of the National Youth Development Index (NYDI) survey, which seeks to "capture data, for the first time in our national history, on almost 100 indicators to gauge education level, employment status, health conditions, social engagement trends, and overall well-being of young people aged 15-29 at a district-level across Pakistan," according to the adviser.

The PTI in its manifesto promised to create 10m jobs in five years as part of its plan to boost economic growth. It intends to target key sectors such as SMEs, housing, tech, education, the green economy and tourism.