DACCA: President Mohammad Ayub Khan was elected unanimously President of the Pakistan Muslim League for another term at the Council meeting of the party here today [Feb 8]. The re-election of President Ayub was greeted by the Councillors with prolonged cheers and thunderous slogans of “Muslim League Zindabad” and “Ayub Khan Zindabad”. One Councillor from East Pakistan stood up in the seat to congratulate the President on the re-election.

The President of the East Pakistan Muslim League, Nawab Khwaja Hassan Askari, proposed the candidature of President Ayub. The President of West Pakistan Muslim League, Mr Ahmad Saeed Kirmani, seconded the proposal. Kazi Kader, a Councillor from East Pakistan also joined Mr Kirmani in seconding the President’s candidature.

There was no other contestant and the Secretary General of the Pakistan Muslim League, Sardar Mohammad Aslam, who was conducting the proceedings, declared President Ayub elected.

About 600 Councillors and special invitees from East and West Pakistan attended the Council meeting held on the lawns of the Presi­dent’s House under a decorated pandal. ... The Council, after the election of the President, heard him talk on the problems facing the country and the challenge that faced the party.

Published in Dawn, February 9th, 2019