The National Assembly on Tuesday echoed with a debate about the lack of freedom and safety faced by minorities in Pakistan as MNA Khaleel George discussed the matter of alleged lynching of Christian schoolboy in Vehari last month.

"Sheron Masih lost his life because he drank water in the same glass as the other boys," George said, adding that this is a moment of deep reflection for the nation.

"Our school curricula need to be revised to reflect interfaith harmony. The minorities of this country feel alone at the moment."

While expressing grief on Sheron Masih's death, Shazia Marri said, "Mashal Khan also lost his life as a result of intolerance within an educational institution."

"This mindset is fast becoming prevalent in our institutions and society, while the state has shut its eyes," she added.

"No liberal feels safe in Pakistan. The question is Why is the National Action Plan not being implemented?", Marri asked.

Speaking on the matter, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf's Asad Umar voiced said, "It is our responsibility to take care of this nation's minorities," adding, "The real danger is this mindset that promotes violence in the society."

"The ones maligning the name of religion and Pakistan by falsely calling this Islam need to be brought to justice," Umar said while demanding strict action against the forces promoting violence in the society.

Last month, a class IX student of the Government MC Model High School, Burewala, died when his class fellows punched and thrashed him on the school premises.

Sheron Masih, of Chak-461/EB, wanted to leave the school during recess for home but his classmate Ahmed Raza, trying to be a good cop, tried to stop him.

He kicked and punched Sheron, who collapsed on the school premises and later, he was received dead at the Burewala Tehsil Headquarters Hospital.

Sub-Inspector Kashif said that Ahmed had thrashed and kicked Sheron. The victim's family claims the attack was religiously motivated.

On Monday, the National Commission on Human Rights (NCHR) took notice of the killing and sought a report on the matter from the district police officer concerned.

NCHR chairman retired Justice Ali Nawaz Chowhan expressed concern over the boy’s lynching allegedly by his Muslim classmates, an official statement stated.

“The NCHR will protect and promote human rights of all minorities without any discrimination and condemn such acts of violence not only at school but everywhere,” it said, quoting Chowhan. Minorities, it added, were equal to other citizens of Pakistan.

He said the incident was reflective of the school’s poor administrative control as it was not able to perform its functions faithfully.

Chowhan asked for a detailed report from the Vehari police officer under Section 9 of the National Commission for Human Rights Act 2012 over the killing.