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Pakistan conducts first flight test of Ababeel surface-to-surface missile

Updated Jan 24, 2017 06:52pm


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Pakistan on Tuesday conducted a successful test flight of the Ababeel surface-to-surface ballistic missile (SSM), the Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) said in a statement.

Ababeel has a maximum range of 2,200 kilometres and is capable of delivering multiple warheads using Multiple Independent Re-entry Vehicle (MIRV) technology, an ISPR press release added.

"The test flight was aimed at validating various design and technical parameters of the weapon system," it said.

Ababeel is capable of carrying nuclear warheads and has the capability to engage multiple targets with high precision, defeating hostile radars, the ISPR elaborated.

Surface-to-surface Ababeel ballistic missile. -AFP
Surface-to-surface Ababeel ballistic missile. -AFP

"The development of the Ababeel weapon system was aimed at ensuring survivability of Pakistan's ballistic missiles in the growing regional Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) environment," read the press release.

The Ababeel test came on the heels of a successful test of submarine-launched cruise missile Babur-III earlier this month.

"The successful attainment of a second strike capability by Pakistan represents a major scientific milestone; it is manifestation of the strategy of measured response to nuclear strategies and postures being adopted in Pakistan’s neighborhood," the military had said after the Babur-III test.

The missile, launched from an undisclosed location in the Indian Ocean from an underwater, mobile platform, had hit its target with precise accuracy, the Army had said.

Babur-III is a sea-based variant of ground-launched cruise missile Babur-II, which was successfully tested in December last year.


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Comments (172) Closed

Zahid Jan 24, 2017 04:06pm

Wonderful news..

zash Jan 24, 2017 04:12pm

Now before my very concerned neigbours or my liberal countrymen start to say "how are these missiles gonna feed poor" i have to tell them these missiles are mandatory for your existance and about feefing poor .......PLZ ask your beloved elected leaders as feeding poor is there job not job is defense which the army is doing......

IsaBhai Surat wala Jan 24, 2017 04:18pm

Congratulations from India....

MSmr Jan 24, 2017 04:18pm

Just keep continue greatness in advance and not allow any either internal OR external enemy to dictate behaviour ...

Hasan Jan 24, 2017 04:22pm

Pakistan took minimal measures to restore deterrence equation, by successfully testing MIRV missile, Ababeel. The system has been developed to defeat Indian Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) shield. The test will definitely restore deterrence stability and regional peace is critical.

Kamran Jan 24, 2017 04:23pm

look at it roar away in the sky.

NABEEL BHATTY Jan 24, 2017 04:18pm

Such a beautiful name for a missile.. Carrying abundant philosophy and impact!!

Warraich Jan 24, 2017 04:18pm

What is the difference between Shaheen 2 and Ababeel missile system. Any word on MIRVs?

Hasan Jan 24, 2017 04:23pm

The missile is based on Shaheen III but has an enlarged cone section to accommodate multiple independent reentry vehicles (MIRV). This is meant to reduce the likelihood of interception by an anti-ballistic missile system.

Azad kashmiR Jan 24, 2017 04:23pm

As a proud Kashmiri in Pakistan this brings us great joy. Pakistan is on the right track towards economic growth and infrastructure while not giving hostile neighbors a second to think about misadventures which could cost deadly. This comes just after Pakistan successfully launched the Sub launched Babur 3. Thanks to the scientists, engineers and the armed forces themselves! Good work

majid Jan 24, 2017 04:30pm

congrats to all of you...great job...

pakistani Jan 24, 2017 04:27pm

well.i not missiles.lover but being pakistani i congratz pakistan army team...above that india and pakistan should.start dialogue and reach some sensible.agreement to save some resources and energy for future out nations can collobiratr and grow.together...

Tahir Baloch Jan 24, 2017 04:29pm

Keep it up Pak Army Zindabaad.

HS Jan 24, 2017 04:34pm

Congrats! May we prosper in eradicating poverty, illiteracy and corruption as well

Asif Kashmiri Jan 24, 2017 04:30pm

Well done Pak Armed forces

GAK Wazir Jan 24, 2017 04:31pm

A very effective step for the invincibility of country's defence.

Asif Kashmiri Jan 24, 2017 04:33pm

@zash very well said

Masoud Jan 24, 2017 04:41pm

WOW! what a great news. Keep it up, Pakistan needs to be very strong. The name Ababeel is of historic value, wonderful achievements.

Farrukh Jan 24, 2017 04:42pm

Pakistan's as usual successful missile test is a lesson for many.

Congrats my countrymen!

Michel Cousins Jan 24, 2017 04:40pm

Another great message from great Country Pakistan to the world, "Don't ever mess with us, even in Dreams". Great people, great Army. The only thing which is missing ( great politicians). Pakistan Zindabad

ali Jan 24, 2017 04:41pm


Pakistani Jan 24, 2017 04:51pm

Pakistan has the capability to test an ICBM but is delaying the test. These are all good tests and missiles but cannot wait when they finally decide to test the ICBM.

Ahsan Ali Jan 24, 2017 04:58pm

We need health , education and law and order.

FOREMAn Jan 24, 2017 04:53pm

A comprehensive message clearing all the doubts in the minds of all the concerned and worried.

amed Jan 24, 2017 04:54pm

We live in hostile region, unfortunately we have no other option otherwise money could have been better spend on education , health etc. Congratulations to Pak scientists.

A Jan 24, 2017 04:59pm

@zash "I have to tell them these missiles are mandatory for your existance and about feeding poor ...'

It is obligatory to think about poor first ...but not actually mandatory to even pay attention to the belligerent neighbour ...but we are ignoring our Poors and giving undue importance to the neighbour in practically everything and every minute of the day .

kaxim Jan 24, 2017 05:03pm

Congratulations to PAK ARMY

Princess_of_DHUMP Jan 24, 2017 05:06pm

Whoever chose the name Ababeel is a genius!

IMTIAZ ALI KHAN Jan 24, 2017 05:05pm

Proud of Armed forces and scientist so much talent, but now we have to focus on poverty in India/Pakistan. Too many of my people are sick and not doing well due to poverty.

@IsaBhai Surat wala Thank you for the congratulation brother :). Now lets try to feed our poor people agnis and hatf. We must stop this Arms race. Again thank you for kind words Always praying for India and Pakistan for prosperity and Shanti to my people of Indo/Pak :)

Aftab Jan 24, 2017 05:09pm

Congrats. but "ababeel" not sounds impressive name.

CURIOUS MIND Jan 24, 2017 05:06pm

A beautiful name and what a great flight,congrates Pak Army, you make us feel proud everyday. ABABEEL meanings is SWIFT in English, just for those who do not understand Urdu.

Shahid Jan 24, 2017 05:12pm

I wish we had made advancements in other technical fields too. A country capable of building A-bombs and high tech missiles still exports only leather, textile and footballs same as they did in 1950s.

RAJA CHILL Jan 24, 2017 05:19pm

Congrats to the teams involved.

Wasif Arshad Jan 24, 2017 05:20pm

Kudos to the Team and Army on achieving this mile stone. Loving It...

anjan Jan 24, 2017 05:19pm

Congratulations to the Pakistan team. Anjan from India

qwerty Jan 24, 2017 05:22pm

@Warraich Multiple warheads. They separate during flight at different times and can hit multiple targets. Like Cluster Bombs, only these ones are missiles.

HH Jan 24, 2017 05:31pm


Human Jan 24, 2017 05:27pm

@CURIOUS MIND : Operation Ababeel was the code-name for the military operation planned by Pakistani Armed Forces to capture the Siachen Glacier in the disputed Kashmir

Usman Khan Jan 24, 2017 05:31pm

Superb! Bravo

baffling mind Jan 24, 2017 05:32pm

its so discouraging for all the engineers and scientists who have worked hard to develop this missile that they are mentioned nowhere and everyone is praising army like they have developed this.....

sardar Khan Tarar Jan 24, 2017 05:32pm

Awsm..Pakistan progressing in all fields..Proud of it..Good news for Pakistan all around.. See political stability can do wonders..

Zahid Jan 24, 2017 05:33pm

pakistan needs to focus on its navy the most

ghaznavi Jan 24, 2017 05:44pm

I believe we have now proven that we cannot be defeated without mutual destruction. Now let the peace talks begain

salman Jan 24, 2017 05:39pm

Wow missile based on MIRV technology ? :D Thats a massive news coming in after submarine based cruise missile test. Damn MIRV based missiles are virtually impossible to be knock down by ABM systems like S400. Pakistan is on the roll lately.

Renegade Jan 24, 2017 05:43pm

Hater will be haters! Proud to be Pakistani

CURIOUS MIND Jan 24, 2017 05:44pm

@HUMAN. Thanks for the info, I did't know the operation name was ABABEEL.

Masoud Jan 24, 2017 05:45pm

@Ahsan Ali: Your enemy is spending billions on arms, considered the 2nd biggest arms buyer yet you want to concentrate of defence later, less priority, strange. Give yourself a test, tonight sleep with your house door left open.

Masoud Jan 24, 2017 05:46pm

@sardar Khan Tarar: Political stability is also coming soon.

Masoud Jan 24, 2017 05:49pm

@baffling mind: This is a package appreciation good for all.

NKAli Jan 24, 2017 05:48pm

Waaah Pakistan, Waaah! Zabardast! Ababeel is having a range of 2200 kilometers and is a MIRV missile. But what can we say about the civilian rulers? Can we say 'Waaah!' to them? Salams

vion Jan 24, 2017 05:50pm

congratulation from india

Masoud Jan 24, 2017 05:51pm

@Shahid: Don't look with narrow angle glass. Importance of Pakistan is much more than many rich & big countries.

Umer Jan 24, 2017 05:55pm

My Romanticism for Pakistan grows everyday.

Masoud Jan 24, 2017 05:52pm

@Pakistani: Lined-up

MohammaD latif Jan 24, 2017 05:52pm

@zash : absolutely wonderful comment : poverty comes after existence: look at Iraq: Libya : they had every thing but no nukes look what happened to their existence : got wiped out : wealth and being well off won't save you from these war monger thugs so you could be poor but live as freem human being is rule one

khanm Jan 24, 2017 05:51pm

strong economy is better than weapons..The ever more sophisticated weapons piling up in the arsenals of the wealthiest and the mightiest can kill the illiterate, the ill, the poor and the hungry, but they cannot kill ignorance, illness, poverty or hunger.

viv Jan 24, 2017 05:57pm

@SALMAN you are wrong that MIRV are virtually impossible to be countered by S-400.Yes it can do it but with more missiles to spend for each MIRV. You can say it will make ABM systems more expensive to operate and it depends on economics of enemy country (India) if it can bear so much of expenses for ABM. The only missiles which S-400 cannot tackle are ICBMs due to its travel in outer speed with great speeds (10-15 Mach)

Masoud Jan 24, 2017 05:52pm

@Azad Kashmir: All Kashmiris including those staying in IHK are true Pakistanis, Pakistan admires their love.

Masoud Jan 24, 2017 05:54pm

@zash: rightly guessed, I can already see such post with Pakistani names

Satish Jan 24, 2017 06:05pm

Congrates, keep it up boys!

Zealot Jan 24, 2017 06:11pm

Well done Pakistan,Brilliant work!!!

naqeeb Jan 24, 2017 06:15pm

Now its India turn to have some kind of test...i think

Mazhar naqvi Jan 24, 2017 06:15pm

Wonders..... long live pak n pak army

Mansoor Jan 24, 2017 06:19pm

May I humbly point out that with this test, we have said good bye to 10 hospitals the size of Shaikh Zayed, lahore. The cost of running 100 secondary schools of international standards for 1 and immunization of whole nation against communicable diseases 5 times round. What a country with solid exterior and bleeding interior. Priorities and who is minting money where.

Fahd Jan 24, 2017 06:24pm

In November we heard of JF-17's CM-400AKG Hypersonic Aircraft Carrier Killer Missile. Then Submarine cruise missile launch showcasing second strike capability and now MIRV missile a defense shield buster. Three important development in Pakistan defense capability.

Umair Jan 24, 2017 06:21pm

@Warraich It contains multiple warheads on single missile. Capable of deceiving any anti missile shield. technology confined to some very rare club of country members.

PATRIOTIC Jan 24, 2017 06:25pm

Well done Pakistan.

TQS Jan 24, 2017 06:36pm

It is a good news. Pakistanis feel more protection and strong . Pakistan and its 200 million people want peace in this region but India is making problem . Its aggressive attitude towards pakistan is bulldozing the peace efforts of Pak govts . Now Ababeel missile is a real and befitting answer to India,s IBM. Inspite of Indian aggression on LoC and working boundary , Pakistan is not retaliating fiercely , just to avoid the war but it does,t mean that Pakistan is not able to give befitting answer in same Indian language ! We again say that every pakistani want to live in peace with Indian neighbour , with equality . On this great occassion , Ababeel missile is fantastic success of Pak army . Salute to every struggling element in this great effort . You all people are pride of every pakistani .

John Jan 24, 2017 06:43pm

Congratulations to the Scientists behind the success.

Masood Khan Jan 24, 2017 06:44pm

Many congratulations to the nation. Loved the name "Ababeel"!!!

Ouzzy Jan 24, 2017 06:53pm

@zash nailed it

Mast Jan 24, 2017 06:50pm

Marvellous !! The name Ababeel, its historical significance.

All my friends who suggest we should feed the poor must understand 'Defence is Vital' especially in this hostile environment. Our history is to strengthen our defence even if we have not got enough to feed ourselves. This will give a clear message to belligerent neighbour who want to rip you to pieces.

sahid_kashmiri Jan 24, 2017 06:54pm

Is any missile Pak developed to keep economic deterrent that day by day degrading as compared to Indian economy?

Ejaz Jan 24, 2017 06:49pm

Another step in the wrong direction and India is to blame for it.

Ouzzy Jan 24, 2017 06:51pm

@Ahsan Ali those want come in handy when your getting attacked and dont have any defense. An example?, look what the mongols did too baghdad. Baghdad was the centre for learning etc.

Raj Jan 24, 2017 06:51pm

Congratulations from India....

Ouzzy Jan 24, 2017 06:55pm

@khanm do u remeber what the mongols did to baghdad?, baghdad was rich etc. But they had no defenses. Whts a rich economy going to do when youve got no1 to lrotect it. Whats the point in having palaces when youvr got no guards too protect it. Any1 can come in and take everything.

Tariq Rashid Jan 24, 2017 07:03pm

@MSmr To put simply we can't allow or bear dictation from anybody its not in our blood..

Tariq Rashid Jan 24, 2017 07:00pm

Congratulations everybody on this great milestone. Pakistan Zindabad..

Zulfiqar Jan 24, 2017 06:58pm

Well done. Congratulations to Pak army and nation.

Tariq Rashid Jan 24, 2017 07:01pm

Its habit of Pakistan army to reply to the enemy erratic behaviours with professional manner by conducting successful missile tests as they say action speak louder than words...

D-Nawaz Pakistan Jan 24, 2017 07:06pm

Wonderful work. Proud of you all engineers and scientists. These are the unsung heroes of Pakistan.

Desi Dimag Jan 24, 2017 07:14pm

Congratulation Pakistan.

Arif Jan 24, 2017 07:23pm

Fine. Now let's focus on education and creating jobs for people. Not to mention, do something about cleaning Karachi for a change.

Jawad Khan Jan 24, 2017 07:25pm

Great Job Pak Army!

Seedoo Jan 24, 2017 07:26pm

@zash You live n a paranoid world. I choose not to. Whose existence are you talking about? In today's world, land means little. If your country cannot produce the intellectual capital that the world desires, all the land does not mean much. People desire respectable earning, clean water, sanitation, access to healthcare, education, and law and order. I am sure this missile will provide all the above to us, correct? I am sure if you are given a Green Card to the US, you will not think twice about the existence of Pakistan and will gladly immigrate to the US in search of better opportunities like millions of Pakistanis have.

Abu Fatima Jan 24, 2017 07:26pm

Superb ... Excellent name as well.

DJ Jan 24, 2017 07:38pm

@zash Totally agree with you as building economy and eradication of poverty is the prime function of any Government.Army and our Scientist are there just to safeguard the borders and make our nation invincible.First priority should always be self defense.

Mustafa R. Jan 24, 2017 07:39pm


'Such a beautiful name for a missile.. Carrying abundant philosophy and impact!!'

Certainly a beautiful conotative name, but the Iranians beat us to it, they already have a missile named Ababeel. I would have named it Sij-jeel, particularly in reference to it's multiple war heads.

syed Jan 24, 2017 07:43pm

it would be nice to see if they can spend some money on space research and launch our own satellite

Zealot Jan 24, 2017 07:43pm

@zash defense act as a deterrence against enemy,defense saves idealogy of nation,identity of people and let people sleep with Ease at Night INCLUDING YOU,OTHERWISE TAKE A LOOK AT DEFENSELESS KASHMIRIS,READ GAWKADAL MASSACRE,KUPWARA MASS RAPES AND INCIDENTS LIKE THESE,ALSO LOOK AT PALESTINE,SYRIA AND AFGHANISTAN....


Mustafa R. Jan 24, 2017 07:46pm

@Ahsan Ali;

'We need health , education and law and order.'

Military strength would give us time to work on our internal problems by keeping our internal problems internal. You just saw how the most educated and prosperous country in South Asia, Sri Lanka became a vassal state.

Mustafa R. Jan 24, 2017 07:49pm


'I wish we had made advancements in other technical fields too.'

Military industry is run by a very different group of people.

Mustafa R. Jan 24, 2017 07:54pm


'strong economy is better than weapons..'

I suppose you are among those rare Pakistanis who haven't lost a mobile phone to an armed robber.

Vaidyanathan Jan 24, 2017 07:52pm

V good. Congrats.

Khwarazmi Jan 24, 2017 07:56pm

Great news! Now please please please test a ICBM with MIRV which can be fired from a submarine. Pakistan needs atleast 3-4 nuclear submarines which can hide in the Indian Ocean. This will give us real strategic deterrence as oppose to Babur-3 which is at best a stopgap solution.

Thought Jan 24, 2017 07:55pm


Khwarazmi Jan 24, 2017 07:58pm

@Ahsan Ali Yes agree, we need health, education and law and order which all fall under the civilian institutions. The military is delivering on what comes under it. Next time: use your vote wisely.

Osman Jan 24, 2017 07:59pm

Good job.

Rakesh Jan 24, 2017 08:01pm

Really appreciated to Pakistani scientist. It is really great to achieve MIRV technology in first flight.

Minhar Jan 24, 2017 08:06pm

@A missiles are there for the defence of are is the job of are army to defend us from the, education is the job of the keep giving vote to nawaz sharif our country will keep growing poorer

Pakistani Jan 24, 2017 08:04pm

Congratulations to Pakistan Army and to the brilliant team behind Ababeel.

Syed Naseem Ahmed Jan 24, 2017 08:09pm

Our Country would be best in the world if corruption eliminates or atleast come down to bear minimum . Our Scientist are doing a great Job and we feel proud for them . God bless them long life and prosperity .AMIN

CA Jan 24, 2017 08:05pm

Wow! Good job!!!

Jason Jan 24, 2017 08:18pm

Not that I am against development, but we plan to use this exactly "when"?

Sabz Ali Jan 24, 2017 08:16pm

Long Live armed forces of Pakistan

N_Saq Jan 24, 2017 08:18pm

Unless India drops their belligerent attitude, Pak has no choice but to be ready and develop these preemptive weapons for the defense of the country. Remember a strong defense goes hand in hand with economic development, so that no one can threaten you and take away your economic share or carry out subversive activities to destroy your economic interests i.e. CPEC. With continuous military development Pak has put everyone on notice that not to mess with her economic interests. KUDOS to Pak Army in doing a great job for securing the future of Pak in this State of corrupt and looters.

GHEUNTAAK Jan 24, 2017 08:27pm

I must say... pakistan is doing quite well with missile tech...

Ali Jan 24, 2017 08:32pm

India defied the world to develop nuclear-weapons. Pakistan was forced to counter that with its own nuclear weapons capability, given India's conventional weapons advantage and war mongering. Now both can destroy each other with nuclear strike. This Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) status will prevent war.

If Indian leaders follow Mahatma Gandhi's great vision of "peace and friendship", a billion and half people of the subcontinent could live in peace and friendship. PM Modi must stop threatening smaller countries. Pakistan stands for peace and friendship with all, especially between the two countries.

Nasir Jan 24, 2017 08:30pm

@Ahsan Ali Might respects Might my dear friend, if you don't show your Might then see what happend to the countries (Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria) in your neighbourhood. Would these countries had the defence strength of China, Russia, Britain, India. Would any country dared to attack them, kill its citizens, exploit its natural resources? When your safe only then you can have good education, infrastructure, respect, wealth etc...

Muhammad Saleem Munshi Jan 24, 2017 08:34pm

@Jason This is just a deter ant against Mutually assured destruction. Everything would go up in smoke and fire of radiation if ever used on both sides.

Mohammad S. Khalid Jan 24, 2017 08:41pm

@Ahsan Ali

and strong defense as well

SHIVA Jan 24, 2017 08:48pm

@ghaznavi With whom? Get out of this non-sense attitude that you are under threat always.

Anwar Sadiqque Jan 24, 2017 08:45pm

Good job.

BAXAR Jan 24, 2017 08:48pm

@khanm "strong economy is better than weapons." Maybe, but all strong economies got strong defense first. There must be a reason

SHIVA Jan 24, 2017 08:53pm

@TQS Well both sides tell the same about weapons are only for deterrents. If both are for deterrent who is really the offensive here? Now you can support your country in this argument and I'm sure any Indian will support his. But what are both countries achieving doing that? Nothing. Waste of money and resources. Wonder what will the future generation eat? Missiles for breakfast?

Sarwar, USA. Jan 24, 2017 08:52pm


Mohammad S. Khalid Jan 24, 2017 08:50pm

Hospitals and Schools will not go to border to fight India. Strong Army, Navy, and Air Force will fight India.

Pakistan must stay alert on border keep the defense strong. Congratulation Pakistan.

Manish Jan 24, 2017 08:53pm

Congratulations from India ,

Karthik Jan 24, 2017 09:04pm

Congratulations to Pakistan scientist.

two 2 tango Jan 24, 2017 09:08pm

The game of cat and mouse is going on in subcontinent!

A huge shock for Indian war planners. Their investment in S400 is in tatters now due to this countermove by Pakistan.

Najmi Jan 24, 2017 09:27pm

How long we continue showing missiles to each other country. When we think of our general public in both sides of the border. How many generations have to go through this game. Can we sit together and come to a conclusion to end this menace and live in a harmonious environment.

TechScribe Jan 24, 2017 09:32pm

Congratulations. We have Aakash, various variants of Agni, Brahmos and missile shields to counter you. Now that we have built all these let's trade a few of them. Peace talks are no good considering the investments we are making into these things.

Joe Jan 24, 2017 09:43pm

Why is that not a single Satellite has been launched till date. Is it very complicated job.?

IMTIAZ ALI KHAN Jan 24, 2017 10:19pm

@N_Saq Truth in your words. Pakistan Love you my beautiful Indus Valley Land!

Ashfaq Jan 24, 2017 10:19pm

India also tested a missile called pinaka. Anyone has any info on that. How is it different from agni, brahmos, etc

irfanmba Jan 24, 2017 10:27pm

For God Sake, please stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Give us better education system, health facilities, better food to eat.

irfanmba Jan 24, 2017 10:31pm

@Najmi glad to see that sensible ppl still exist.

irfanmba Jan 24, 2017 10:26pm

@Seedoo u rocked. well done. sensible person.

sunny sIalkoti Jan 24, 2017 10:33pm

Well done Pak Armed forces

Salman Jan 24, 2017 10:44pm

Way to go Pak army and our scientists! Great news for the nation

IMTIAZ ALI KHAN Jan 24, 2017 10:44pm

@TechScribe Good one friend, sadly this is what we have come up to. None greater than Om Shanti Om! Take care dost.

aazad Jan 24, 2017 10:56pm

Great !!! Long live Pakistan

Saif Jan 24, 2017 11:03pm

Congrats to pakistani brothers from India. Its good to compete on technology and building strength. If you want to be world powers, we must acquire latest technologies and weapons. India is also following Usa and china footsteps. Good to see paksitan in the right direction to follow India.

Khan Jan 24, 2017 11:10pm

@NABEEL BHATTY Congratulations. 75% of our budget is sucked in military. Good news.

Steve Boston Jan 24, 2017 11:21pm

Congratulations Pakistan. Great achievement. Move on to next level, eventually US has to respect Pakistan for its achievements.

Dita Jan 24, 2017 11:44pm

@Mansoor dear either you don't know the price of missile or amount involved in construction of hospital as big as Sheikh Zaid. Don't just assume and base your comments on lies. If we want to give our nation a good health a good education and a bright future we have to stop corruption and not stop building defence technologies. Even by the lowest estimates, we can save 250 billion annually by eliminating corruption. As per NAB 7-12 billion of corruption on daily basis. Decide yourself corruption or defence technologies, which has to stop?

Waseem Jan 25, 2017 12:26am

With the current situation and the orchestrated Arab spring. It's not India we should be worried about but the united states and Britain they gave destroyed all of the middle east.iraq, Egypt, Libya and the million dead in Syria. Which country did Libya ever harm? Or Egypt.

changez khan Jan 25, 2017 12:38am

I Love my great and the most powerful Pakistan.

Waqas Ahmed Jan 25, 2017 12:32am

@IsaBhai Surat wala Thanks

Bahadur Jan 25, 2017 12:32am

First of all congratulations! This is necessary in today's hostile environment. I wish both countries would unite in a 'no aggression' pact and spend less on defense and spend more money on education. Pakistan needs to pay little more attention to education as education will allow them to build necessity like this in future.

Waqas Ahmed Jan 25, 2017 12:40am

@Warraich Missiles with MIRVS can hit multiple targets as it can carry mulitple warheads

Waqas Ahmed Jan 25, 2017 12:39am

@Seedoo When you've a hostile neighbour six times larger than you and been planning right from the start to dismantle your country then YES, you do worry about your existence and plan to defend it. STOP living in your fantasies and embrace the real world we live in.

King from india Jan 25, 2017 12:43am

Sincere congrats to the team which did it!!!

Ateeq Jan 25, 2017 12:45am

Pakistan Zinda Bad

Gerry D'Cunha Jan 25, 2017 01:03am

A poor country like Pakistan, spending billions of dollars on missiles whereas the poor people of Pakistan are lack of food, medicines, education,clean water, clothing, housing, proper roads, transport etc. Our enemies wants Pakistan not to prosper but spend our hard earned country cwealth on defence. When will we understand our enemies motives?

V Pathak Jan 25, 2017 02:01am

Indian here. Congratulations guys !!

layman Jan 25, 2017 02:42am

Both India & Pakistan should stop arms race. Resolve all their outstanding issues through talks. Just consider the poverty level,the resources scarcity,basic healthcare,and social security.

Shakil USA Jan 25, 2017 05:11am

Great achievement. God Bless Pakistan.

Raj Russell Jan 25, 2017 05:23am

Great Job! , At one point of future, I expect India, Pakistan and China join together to lead the world. Some say, it will not happen at all, but quite possible !

abu sulaiman Jan 25, 2017 05:53am

@MohammaD latif, agree with u.

Hamid Jan 25, 2017 06:27am

This is a truly astounding scientific achievement! Other countries spent a decade and billions of dollars testing multiple satellite launch system technology before moving on to design of MIRV missile systems and they perfected this technology only after multiple failures. In comparison, we got there in one shot which is nothing short of a technological miracle! The team behind this deserve to be recognized as national heroes. With this technology in the bag, we must now leverage this development to enter the market for multi-satellite launch facilities while strengthening our defence.

DR. Farooq Khan Jan 25, 2017 06:45am

I am a patriotic Pakistan but let me say that I don't believe in wars. This is not a moment of joy. The money we spent in developing this technology could better be used for the economic and infrastructure development. We failed to ignite research and industrial culture in our country. Instead, we have become a country which is always hailing military development. Nuclear and other such weapons are not joke. They destroys everything indiscriminately and are not even justified ISLAMICALLY.

SRW Jan 25, 2017 06:59am

@two 2 tango "A huge shock for Indian war planners. Their investment in S400 is in tatters now due to this countermove by Pakistan."

This is laughable. Both nations are spending huge money and being a smaller and economically weaker nation Pakistan has to be wise enough in making peace else we all still remember Soviet which managed to produce more war heads and missiles than what US war planners might have imagined

SUBASH MISHRA Jan 25, 2017 07:10am

Congratulations to Pak team.

LCS Jan 25, 2017 07:17am

Squandering the country's resources while there is rampant poverty, illiteracy, corruption and lawlessness is hardly worthy of celebration. How many lives have these weapons improved or saved?

Farrukh Jan 25, 2017 08:30am

@Warraich Dear brother, the difference between Shaheen 2 or 3 and Ababeel is that Shaheen missiles are only capable of carrying single warhead at a time, but Ababeel has(MIRV), Multiple Independent Re-entry Vehicle technology which enable Ababeel to carry up to 4 to 5 nuclear or conventional warheads at same time. This is the difference. Hope this is useful.

Raj Jan 25, 2017 09:42am


Khurram Ansari Jan 25, 2017 09:47am

@zash Excellent

Prashant Jan 25, 2017 09:49am

Congrats from India. Welcome to the club

Faisal Jan 25, 2017 10:11am

Pakistan Zindabad. Well done the Scientists of Pakistan. You make us proud always.

Raghav Jan 25, 2017 10:18am

@N_Saq I wonder when Pakistanis will stop obsession with India. India went nuclear only to safeguard its sovereignty and entire world is privy of India’s policy on use of nuclear weapons. In its history of 5000 plus years India never initiated a war with anybody and all wars waged are only thrusted upon it and hence had to fight. Whether Pakistanis agree or disagree, India will always have an upper hand and superiority over them in every aspect – economy, military, living standards, culture, sports etc. Your obsession to have parity with India will never be a reality. If only Pak leadership especially army could follow Mr. Jinnah’s vision, Pakistan today would’ve been a lot better place without a tag of “a hub/hotbed for global terrorism”. The sooner you realize the better it is.

Human Jan 25, 2017 10:23am

@Mansoor : do you think if technology advancement was not done... the schools and hospitals would have shaped up.... No... that would have pocketed by either politicians

the defence program is needed by any country to gain the importance... why is usa now showing soft conrner to india... think...

Pak Patriot in Dxb Jan 25, 2017 11:01am

Alhamdo Lillah. However, how nice it would be to spend on education & poverty alleviation rather than this.

SAM Jan 25, 2017 11:57am

@Prashant Yes sir the exclusive club of USA, Russia and China only. This is a club of the countries who do real tests and have videos to prove it. No other country has release a video . If your country is claiming to be a club member please kindly show us a video.

Human first Jan 25, 2017 12:19pm

Why this pool of talented scientists is not used for making developments in automobile,medical,agricultural,Infra and other scientific sectors.These sectors are more important for overall development.

Ahmed Bilal Jan 25, 2017 03:30pm

I think its time to explore space as well. Pakistan should make use of all its Astro-physicists, like Professor Hoodbhoy, Dr. Mariyam Sultana, Dr. Salman Hameed & Dr Narges Malavala Guys do something.....

DR. zaid ahmad al-muhaisen - jordan Jan 25, 2017 04:46pm

good job

aslam shaikh1 Jan 26, 2017 03:26pm

After Babar III and Ababeel, no one would dare attack us.

Rabia Jan 26, 2017 06:10pm

Congrats PAK ARMY!!,,, another feather in the cap!.. This will establish secured environment for us & would help India focus on resolving kashmir issue. We need to focus on developing a stron TRIAD now.

MaNn Jan 27, 2017 03:15am

Sigh. Maybe someday we will hear about Pakistani Scientists and Armed Forces launching 1st rocket capable of carrying Pakistani Astronauts to space. Not anytime soon I guess.

white noise Jan 27, 2017 03:29am

cant fix the energy crises, but here are your millions for a missile boys !!!